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Unveiling Interesting Facts about World Expos

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Dubai World Expo 2020 Dubai is all set to enthrall audiences with a slew of futuristic inventions that will make life simpler, safer, and a whole lot more sustainable.

But before you fly off to the United Arab Emirates for an educational and entertaining experience, let Thomas Cook regale with you some interesting facts about World Expos.

Learn all about World Expo history and find answers

Learn all about World Expo history and find answers to questions like “where did the world exposition take place?”.

  1. The first World Expo or Great Exhibition was held in the city of London in 1851.The unique concept became popular and was replicatedall across the globe, demonstrating human brilliance and achievement.
  2. The BIE, Bureau International des Expositions, was created in 1928 to govern and regulateWorld Expos. Today, 169 countries are Members of the BIE.
  3. World Expo Sites are like mini cities that can be explored for days at an end. In fact, Expo 2020 Dubai is equal to more than 600 football grounds, covering a whopping 438 hectares!
  4. World Expos attract more visitors than the FIFA World Cup and Olympics put together. Did you know, approximately 25 million people are expected to attend Expo 2020 Dubai?
  5. The World Expo Museum in Shanghai, China is the only official museum and documentation centre in the world dedicated solely to Expos. It includes 8 permanent exhibition halls, 3 temporary exhibition halls, adocumentationandresearch centre, and acollection warehouse.
  6. Specialised Expos, officially known as ‘International Recognised Exhibitions’, are global events curated to respond to specific global challenges. Specialised Expos invite millions of visitors to journey through the chosen theme via engaging and immersive activities.
  7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, won the bid to stage the World Expo on November 27, 2013. The city made it to the final round of voting in Paris, beating out competition from Russia, Turkey and Brazil respectively.
  8. A big step towards inclusivity, Expo2020 Dubai will be the first World Expo held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.
  9. Expo 2020 Dubai’s theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, with over 200 participants from across 190 countries showcasing their new innovations.
  10. Three petals namely Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity, will make up the main districts of Expo 2020 Dubai. Visitors can look forward to over 60 live programs per day.
  11. Post Expo 2020 Dubai, 90% of the resources used for site construction will be repurposed to build beautiful heritage buildings. This stays true to the mission of sustainability.
  12. Expo 2020 Dubai will have its very own metro station, equipped to carry as many as 44,000 passengers per hour, per direction!

Now that you’ve gotten a little preview of the world’s greatest fair, get ready to experience the grandeur of World Exposition Dubai 2021 with Thomas Cook’s delightful packages.

Table of contents

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