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New Flight Guidelines for Domestic Flyers

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Civil Aviation Ministry has recently released new set of guidelines for flights. This includes permission for airlines to serve pre-packed snacks, meals and beverages on domestic flights. New guidelines also state that any passenger who refuses to wear a face mask in a flight can be put on the no-fly list by the airline.Here are the details of new guidelines you should know:

Flight guidelines

Flight Guidelines for Masks

As announced by DCGA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) refusal to wear a face mask on board a flight could put a passenger on the no-fly list.

Flight Guidelines for Meals

Airlines have been allowed to provide meals on board. Airlines may serve pre-packed snacks / meals / beverages as per the policy of the Airlines. This depends on the duration of flight time subject to the following conditions :-

  • In all classes, tray set-up, plates and cutlery used will be completely disposable with no re-use, or cleaned disinfected rotables will be used.
  • Used disposable trays/crockeries /cutleries shall not be re-used. Used rotables shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before re-use.
  • In all classes tea/coffee/ non-alcoholic beverage services will be served in disposable cans/containers/bottles/glasses.
  • There will be no pouring service.
  • Beverages will be served in single use disposable units.
  • Crew shall wear a fresh set of gloves for every meal/beverage service.
  • The passengers would be informed of the above practices for strict compliance before the start of catering services by way of passenger announcements.

Flight Guidelines for IFE (In-flight Entertainment)

Wherever available, IFE may be switched on, subject to strict compliance of following guidelines:-

  • Wipedown of individual IFE with approved cleaning agents.
  • All IFEs will be cleaned and disinfected prior to boarding of passengers.
  • Disposable earphones or cleaned and disinfected headphones will be provided to passengers at the start of the journey.
  • Each seat will have its own dedicated IFE to be used only by the passenger occupying the seat.
  • Over and above standard SOP for aircraft interior cleaning, all passenger touch points will be carefully cleaned and disinfected after the flight.

The above guidelines are updated on 29 Aug 2020. Refer to India Travel Guidelines and International Travel guideline pages for updated information about a state or country.

Table of contents

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