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5 tips for easier international travel

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If you happen to be a world traveler or are planning to leave a mark on other parts of the world, preparing yourself is a must. Travelling to another country can be quite exciting, however, it can be full of surprises. While some surprises can take you to the moon and back, there are a few that might make the journey an unpleasant one. By following the pointers below, you are guaranteed to experience easier international travel!

International Travel Tips

  1. The six-month passport rule


Some countries might not let you enter if your passport expiry date is less than six months. In case you happen to get stuck for some reason overseas, a valid passport can be helpful. So do make it a point to renew your passport about nine months prior to the expiration date.

  1. Do your homework

Travel Plan

Before setting foot on foreign soil, studying the weather, popular destinations, hotels and restaurants can be very useful. This will not only help you pack your bag but also let you prepare in advance for certain fun and excitement that awaits. Have a word with the travel agents, read personal blogs, the more you know about the place, the more relaxed your trip will be. This is a must for an easier international travel!

  1. Google Maps

Touring new destinations can make you feel clueless and lost, especially when it comes to the local language and a sense of direction. While a map can be quite handy when it comes to directions, technology can be of greater help. Use google maps to get around, take screenshots if you need for reference. You can later find the photo, zoom in, and follow the path. It’s not ideal, but it’s a workaround.

  1. Buy Foreign Exchange (Forex)

Buy Foreign Exchange

Travelling abroad means dealing with different currencies. Carrying just an ATM card, credit card or any other card might not be a smart choice. However, choosing from a combination of foreign exchange (forex) solutions will make your travels easy. Most travel agencies recommend you carry your money in a prepaid card and as currency notes. It is advised that this be in the 70:30 ratio, 70% on the card and 30% in cash for emergencies.  Those of you looking for a highly secure and efficient method to remit money abroad is to make use of outward remittance. If you happen to have a friend or family member abroad, transferring money via wire can be safe and perfect.

  1. Medicines

Medicines - International Travel

When you are travelling abroad, ensure that you carry all the necessary medicines. It is likely that the new country you are visiting might not allow or sell a certain medicine. So make sure to stock up on the right medicine which can last you your entire trip. Even if you happen to get the medicine you desire, it is likely the dosage might differ.

While the above list may vary from person-to person, these five tips are guaranteed to ensure an easier international travel!

Table of contents

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