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Five most exciting trekking trails in India

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India with its multiple territories and areas permit explorers stunning spots to climb and trek. Here are five most thrilling trekking trails in India that would be the choice of substance for any courageous travel addict.

Snow Leopard Trek, Must Visit Trekking Trails in India

Located in Ladakh, this trail is arranged in the outer Himalayas with its mountains, which run from 3000- 4000 meters in stature; accommodate an energizing and bold trail. This trail additionally provides for you, a chance to experience Hemis Nationwide Recreation place, which is a thin air secured spot planned in the year 1981. Travel to Ladakh today and enjoy nature at its best.

Frozen River Trek

Strolling on the frozen stream of Zanskar is an ultimate experience for any adventure lover. Known as the “Chadar trek,” this solidified sheet was the only accessible path finished and done for Zanskaris in winter, when all different ways are shut because of heavy snow fall. The trail through high passes makes for a great experience. It is spotted in Ladakh at an elevation of 11,223 ft.

Kedar Kantha Trek

This well known trail in the northern district of Uttrakhand and secures a range of 958 Rectangular Miles. The rise in the spot stretches around 3800 meters. This makes it an unquestionable go to spot when trekking or hiking. The trail gives an extraordinary chance to experience the visual elegance of the Himalayas, and the removed towns of Gharwal Himalayas. A trip to Uttarkhand is a priority for any nature lover.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

Chopta Chandrashila is a big attraction amongst the most popular trekking trails in India. It is both a pleasure to the eyes and the heart. Chopta is spotted at the rise of 2900 m.

This area is for the most part called the ‘Scaled down Switzerland’ of Uttaranchal. This trail is an unquestionable requirement for individuals with a taste for experiencing the darlings of scenic beauties.

Dodital Trek

At a rise of 3307 meters above ocean level, in the northern piece of Uttarakashi, this trail is an unquestionable go to site during early winters. Trekking on this Dodital trail provides you with a chance to trek through the scenic wildernesses of Oak, Rhododendron, Fir and Deodar.

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Table of contents

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