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Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai prepares to host expo is set to hold from 1st Oct 2021 to 31st March 2022, Expo 2020 Dubai will welcome guests from each angle of the world, as it carries together the globe in one domicile to reimagine tomorrow.

Come, be a Part of SomethingTruly Extraordinary

Since 1851, World Expos have been inspiring people across the globe with incredible ideas and innovations, that have shaped the way we live today. The hope is to build a brighter future through human ingenuity.

Think of it as the best minds coming together to dream up a happier, healthier tomorrow. And as the oldest and largest show (yes, it’s bigger than the FIFA World Cup and Olympics put together), the World Expo helps countries put their best foot forward by showcasing achievements in the technological, scientific, cultural, social, and economic fronts.

Thomas Cook invites you to be at the centre of all this imagination and creation, with an exclusive and exciting package dedicated to families!

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Expo 2020 Dubai Structures

Travel into the FutureInventions

Some futuristic experiences at Expo 2020 Dubai

  • In Alif – the mobility Pavilion – see the future of Space Travel & cars of the future.
    Also see jetpacks & Hoverboards in Action. At the Korea Pavilion – experience mixed reality
  • In the Czech Pavilion – see a building that creates water from Air, in Germany – ride the worlds first ropeless elevator and see robotic band play Beethoven.
  • In the UK experience the future of Artificial Intellegence.
  • In Belarus – see the 4D Printing machine that prints Human Cells.
  • At Expo 2020 Dubai – Be a part of the Making of a New World

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Al Wasl Dome for Expo 2020 Dubai -1

Did you know, some of history’s most memorable moments have taken place at a World Expo?

Yes, the very first telephone was introduced at the 1876 World Fair in Philadelphia. Even more impressive, the Eiffel Tower was presented to Paris at the 1889 World Fair. To add to this, the 1901 World Fair in Buffalo witnessed the launch of the revolutionary X-Ray Machine.

On to a more delicious note, the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis unboxed the magical Ice Cream Cone. For almost two centuries, the World Expo has wowed and wooed holidaymakers with spectacular inventions, launched every 5 years at an exciting new destination. Headed by the Bureau International des Expositions, the purpose of this fair is to foster collaboration, connection, imagination, and of course, a shared vision for a better day.

Thomas Cook is your ticket to exploring 169+ years of sheer human brilliance. Are you ready to jet set into a world where innovation meets purpose?

Experience the wondermentof Expo 2020 Dubai

Every Expo is built around a theme that focuses on creating harmony between man and nature. Expo 2020's Dubai overarching theme is “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future through Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity”.

For 6 whole months, travellers get to deep dive into a world of science, technology, art, culture, and wellness. With programmes that inspire collective and meaningful action, the idea is to address the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

For families, Expo 2020 is the ultimate experience playground filled with interactive events and educational activities from across the globe. Acrobatic shows, live music performances, 360-degree projections, grand parades, innovative dining experiences, there’s nothing quite like Expo 2020 Dubai.

And Thomas Cook helps you navigate this with perfectly curated 1-day itineraries comprising of bespoke guided tours, delectable culinary trails, riveting entertainment sets, engaging play areas, and more. Led by an expert tour guide who will usher each member of the family into a space of their liking, Expo 2020 Dubai packages for family promise adventures galore.

  • Ride the world’s largest Elevating platform.
  • Groove to a Beethoven inspired robot band.
  • Play among the penguins.
  • Dine in a green oasis.
  • Explore a sustainable city.
  • Take a mission to mars!
  • Dubai Expo is a place of unlimited possibilities. For the planet and its people.
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