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10 Best Cafes in Rishikesh Known for Not Just Food but also Scenic Surroundings!

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Rishikesh, a serene town on the banks of the river Ganges, has recently acquired repute as the ‘yoga capital’ of the world. This holy city, embraced by the sacred Ganges and cradled by the Himalayan foothills, draws thousands of visitors from around the world to discover the holistic benefits of yoga.

This influx of visitors is why Rishikesh brims with countless cafes to cater to the tourists and locals. There are plenty of eating joints and cafes at every corner of the city, offering visitors a variety of cuisines and beverages to choose from.

To provide you with a tantalising glimpse of what awaits, we’ve meticulously handpicked the ten most exceptional cafes in Rishikesh. These establishments promise a culinary journey and an immersive experience complete with cultural richness set against its breathtaking natural beauty.

Read on to learn about the 10 best cafes in Rishikesh that are not just famous for their food but also their scenic surroundings. Join us on this epicurean adventure!

The Beatles Cafe – Get Into the 60s Vibe

The Beatles Cafe, also known as the Chaurasi Kutia Ashram, holds a special place in the history of Rishikesh . This ashram, located on the eastern bank of the Ganges River, gained worldwide fame when it served as the retreat for the legendary Beatles in 1968.

During their stay, The Beatles composed many of their iconic songs, drawing inspiration from the serene surroundings and their immersion in transcendental meditation. The ashram, though abandoned for many years, has recently been reopened as a tourist attraction, allowing fans to walk in the footsteps of the legendary band and explore the history and spiritual legacy of this remarkable place. While it’s not a traditional cafe, it’s a must-visit destination for any Beatles enthusiast visiting Rishikesh.

With its sixties vibe, the walls of this cafe brim with posters and graffiti of the legendary band members looking at their audience and smiling. The vibe of the whole place is rustic yet quaint, making it the perfect hangout spot for both young and adult yogis.

The cafe offers a postcard view of the town when you stand on the balcony of the cafe – something you must do when you visit this cafe!

The cafe offers chai, coffee, fresh cakes, pizzas, salads, fries, and burgers. The place serves gluten-free, vegan food along with Indian, Italian, Continental, and Asian cuisines.

The Beatles Cafe is not only one of the best but also the most famous cafe in Rishikesh. So, make sure to give it a visit, at least when visiting the holy town situated on the Himalayan foothills.

Location: Paidal Marg, Tapovan

Average cost: INR 600 for two 

Opening hours: 11.30 AM – 9.30 PM; 12 Noon – 9.30 PM (Sunday); Tuesday Closed 

Must-try food: Rice crepe, pasta, masala tea, burger, fries, vegan options

Little Buddha Cafe – A Pretty Riverside Cafe

One of the most stunning Rishikesh cafes, Little Buddha is a quirky and cosy space for people of all ages. The place is not at all lavish, and yet there is something quite whimsical about it.

Once you climb the stairs and enter the cafe, you’ll come across monochromatic Buddha graffiti splashed on the wall. The windows are decorated with cane drapes, and the whole area is dotted with bamboo table sets.

Just like Beatles Cafe, Little Buddha also offers a breathtaking view of Laxman Jhula hanging over the River Ganges and, thus, serves as the quintessential spot to relax or chill with friends.

Little Buddha Cafe is known for its diverse menu, which includes dishes from around the world. With a whopping 11-page food menu, you can find items such as Israeli, Italian, Indian, and Tibetan cuisines, among others. Popular options often include falafel, hummus, pizzas, momos, and a variety of vegetarian and vegan choices.

Location: Tapovan, near Laxman Jhula

Average cost: INR 700 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 8 AM – 11 PM (All days)

Must-try food: porridge, cold coffee, lassi, shakes, pancakes, rice, pasta, vegetarian platter, salads, etc. 

Cafe Karma – A Simple Place with the Most Fragrant Food!

From huge windows opening to a gorgeous sunset in a scenic riverside location, dim lights setting forth a relaxing mood, to the aroma of delectable snacks filling the room, Cafe Karma invites the locals and tourists both to put a calming end to a busy or hectic day!

One of the best cafes in Rishikesh, the cafe specialises in vegetarian and vegan dishes, catering to a variety of dietary preferences. You can expect a menu featuring a range of wholesome and healthy options, including salads, soups, sandwiches, and Indian dishes.

Our recommendation is its hazelnut cold coffee served with Hakka noodles. There is seating available outside as well, so you can order food and enjoy the view of the holy Ganges!

Location: Main Badrinath Highway, Tapovan

Average Cost: INR 500 for two people (approx.)

Opening hours: 8.30 AM – 10.30 PM  (All days)

Must-try food: Hakka noodles, pasta, sandwich, hazelnut coffee, etc

Freedom Cafe – The Name Says It All!

Freedom Cafe, known as Om Freedom Cafe, beckons with its vibrant entrance adorned in cheerful colours—reds, greens, and yellows—infusing a sense of joy from the moment you arrive. Step inside, and you’ll find an interior reminiscent of a laid-back Goan cafe, complete with wooden furnishings, tropical vibes, hanging plants, and a welcoming, unhurried atmosphere.

Here, you’re free to linger as long as you like—whether it’s reading a book, taking a leisurely nap, striking up conversations with fellow patrons, or even indulging in creative pursuits without disturbance.

On the menu, you’ll discover an array of delights, from bruschetta and burgers to Mexican favourites, toast, and delectable desserts. Notably, Freedom Cafe stands out as one of the few establishments in Rishikesh cafes, offering egg-based dishes alongside its extensive vegetarian offerings. Don’t miss their Yogi special breakfast—it’s a delightful must-try.

So, whenever you find yourself seeking freedom in Rishikesh, be it for solitude, creative expression, or culinary exploration, make your way to this charming oasis of colours and tranquillity.

Location: Tapovan

Average Cost: INR 700 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 8 AM – 11 PM (All days)

Must-try food: A variety of pizza, Mexican snacks like tacos and burritos, garlic toast, fried rice, Nutella pancakes, yogi breakfast, smoothies, etc. 

Bistro Nirvana – Unlike Other Cafes in Rishikesh 

The best cafes in Rishikesh are known for their simple decor and tasty food. Bistro Nirvana, however, takes the game up a notch with its lavish settings, interesting design, and, of course, scrumptious food.

The cafe offers both indoor and outdoor settings, so most tourists prefer sitting outside soaking in the spiritual energy of Rishikesh as they enjoy an array of food options, from soups, appetizers, and sizzlers to pizzas, pasta, noodles, and fresh sandwiches. You can choose from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Israeli, Continental, and Italian dishes.

Nirvana is one famous cafe in Rishikesh that also serves non-veg food to those interested. So, if you have been in Rishikesh for months and crave chicken, this is the place to be!

Location: Tapovan 

Average cost: INR 700 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 8.30 AM – 10.30 PM (Tuesday to Sunday); Monday closed.

Must-try food: Cheese cromosoque, Pad Thai noodles, shawarma, teekha paneer tikka, etc. 

Cafe De Goa – The Most Magical View

Cafe De Goa may not be as popular as The Beatles Cafe, but it takes the trophy for the best balcony view of the River Ganges. One of the best cafes in Rishikesh, this is one place to visit on a rainy day or cool evening, listening to slow music and enjoying the lovely views of Tapovan.

Cafe De Goa is known for its fresh and cheesy pizzas so you can choose Israeli cuisines, especially Hummus and Pita, so make sure to order the same. The place also serves eggs, salads, curries, rice, vegetable steaks, and more.

The place also offers several flavours of tea, such as masala, lemon, mint, organic, jasmine, and tulsi. Not a tea fan? Get a filter coffee, cappuccino, or hot chocolate to keep warm on a rainy or winter day.

Location: Near Laxman Jhula, Tapovan

Average Cost: INR 600 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 8 AM to 10 PM (All days)

Must-try food: Masala tea, filter coffee, hummus and pita, variety of breakfasts, french toast, etc. 

The Pyramid – An Egyptian-themed Cafe!

Many locals consider The Pyramid as the best cafe in Rishikesh and have solid reasons for it. The first reason is its stylish roof that resembles the Pyramids of Egypt! Most people spend minutes admiring the structure before walking in.

Next, it’s the vibrant interiors, hand-painted Buddha on the walls, colourful carpets, and hanging lamps that people love – they give out healing energy. The food is under the budget of most visitors and is pretty tasty for the price.

What makes this cafe truly unique is that you can book a tent for rent with your friends and enjoy camping in the main town! How incredible is that? Also, the place is not jam-packed, like other cafes in Rishikesh, so you can really have a chill-out session with friends or solo.

Location: Laxman Jhula Road, Kirmola, Tapovan

Average cost: INR 400 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 8.30 AM – 3 PM and 6 PM – 10 PM (All days)

Must-try food: Pastries, pizza, fries, veg platters, etc. 

Pure Soul Cafe & Organic Kitchen – Hit Among Vegans!

If you are vegan or health conscious, Pure Soul Cafe & Organic Kitchen is the best cafe in Rishikesh for you! The place is spacious, well-lit, and offers both terrace and indoor seating.

Most people choose to sit on the terrace and enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayan foothills as they wait for their meal. This cafe is a hit among vegans for its gluten-free options and sattvic food, with many reckoning that they consumed soul-like food at this cafe.

So, make sure to try canned juices with their special Himalayan yogic breakfast comprising cereals, low-fat yoghurts, fruits, porridge, and more. Since it only offers organic food options, you will not find pizza or burgers on its menu.

This Rishikesh cafe is thus strictly for those seeking gluten-free, vegans, and vegetarian people. So, if you want to try light and healthy food, head over to this cafe in Rishikesh.

Location: Badrinath Road, opp. Balaknath Mandir, Tapovan

Average cost: INR 600 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 7 AM – 10.30 PM (All days)

Must-try food: Tofu with Himalaya herb rice, Yogic breakfast, etc. 

9. Ganga Beach Cafe – Right Next to River Ganga!

Have you visited any cafes in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh? If you have, then Ganga Beach will instantly remind you of those with its hand-crafted wooden furniture, fairy lights, vibrant walls, and laid-back culture.

The highlight of the place is certainly its location on the banks of the River Ganga, with the cool breeze and picturesque settings bringing a sense of calm to the mind and freshness to the soul.

Clearly, the place is a favourite hangout place for teenagers and young adults but also serves as a peaceful stop for solo travellers or spiritual seekers. When it comes to food, you can order dumpling sizzler, hummus with pita, and Italian special pizza.

Even though the place is well-visited by locals and tourists alike, Ganga Beach has received some mixed reviews about the food.

Location: Tapovan 

Average cost: INR 500 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 7.30 AM – 11 PM (All days)

Must-try food: Fresh juice, rice biryani, hummus and pita, pizza, etc. 

Tattv Cafe – Charismatic Mountain Views 

Tattv is another famous cafe in Rishikesh known for its multiple cuisines, appetising desserts, and classy furnishings. No wonder it has a 4 rating with impressive reviews on several apps!

Just like other best cafes in Rishikesh, most visitors prefer sitting outside rather than indoors, but Tattv offers jaw-dropping views of the mountains that envelop the whole town. Trust us when we tell you that the backdrop is quite unique compared to other cafes in Rishikesh!

It’s not just the setting or the views but also the succulent food that makes Tattv Cafe a crowd-puller! Some of our best bets would include a falafel plate, hummus with pita bread, baked macaroni, Tattv special pizza, and cornflakes with cold milk.

Location: Badrinath Road, Near Police Chowki, Laxman Jhula, Tapovan

Average cost: INR 600 for two (approx.)

Opening hours: 8 AM – 10 PM (All days)

Must-try food: Oat porridge, bruschetta, Italian soups, pizza, etc. 

The Takeaway

While it is easy to explore the famous Rishikesh cafes, you may need help with reaching some hidden gems with unique flavours. Our special Rishikesh tour packages promise to take you to the best cafes in Rishikesh, including the ones that bloom away from the public eye. So, connect with our trip curators today!

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