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Colleges in Canada with Great Scholarships for Indian Students

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Indian students who are dreaming of doing something big in life, being successful, or having a wonderful and secured future consider studying abroad. But studying abroad is no small feat. Unfortunately, there are many bright students who are unable to grab this opportunity due to financial problems.

Thomas Cook believes that every student must get the opportunity to fulfil his/her dreams. One of the easiest ways to get enrolled in your dream Canadian college and study there without exceeding your fixed budget is – getting a Scholarship and using Forex Cards for transactions.

Thus, we have added information on scholarships for Indian students in Canada that are considered the best. As we provide students with beneficial Student and Education Forex products, we have also included information on how our forex products can make your abroad education affordable.

So, do read on to know how you can make your dream of studying in Canada come true with the opportunities that are present right in front of you:

Education Forex

We, at Thomas Cook, are known for our Education Forex and Student forex services and programs that were crafted to help students who are considering studying in colleges in Canada. Out of the many facilities provided by us, the Study Buddy program can surely help you in several ways if your dreams are held back due to financial reasons. Some of the benefits that you will receive via the Study Buddy program are:

  • Receive tuition fees and application fees remittance effectively
  • Receive university remittances within 24 hours in 4 easy steps
  • Receive aid in making transactions for living expenses
  • Receive and reload your Forex Prepaid Cards within 2 hours

Benefits provided by Thomas Cook via our Student Forex Cards:

  • Load multiple currencies in one card and get to enjoy a locked exchange rate for transactions
  • The cards will be protected with the help of a PIN and chip making them a safe and secure way to protect and use your money abroad efficiently
  • There are many different payment methods for buying forex online from Thomas Cook including Net Banking, Debit Card, and Credit Card


A scholarship is a type of fund which is granted to a student based on his or her academic achievements or other achievements. As many students want to pursue their studies in Canada because of the opportunities it can provide, here is the list of a few colleges which provide scholarships in Canada to International students depending on their merits:

HEC Montréal

The Canadian public business school, HEC Montréal offers courses in management, marketing, finance, accounting, and economics. A student can select courses in technology, global business, human resources, etc. as well. The pricing structure is reasonable and will depend on the subject chosen. The college does offer full scholarships to a large number of bright students.

The college offers different scholarships in Canada as well and the ones that you can apply for are:

  • Entrance Scholarship: It is eligible if you are applying for the first time in any subject.
  • B.A. Scholarship: It is eligible if you are applying for a full-time B.B.A. program
  • Admission Scholarship: it is eligible if you are enrolling in the M.Sc. program for the first time
  • Jean Chagnon: If you are applying for Ph.D., MBA, or M.Sc. in this college, then check out this special scholarship

George Brown College

There are three additional campuses of this public college in Toronto. As the tuition costs are low, it’s on a lot of students’ favourite lists. It can provide you with a variety of amenities and freedom. You can choose from 35 diploma courses, 31 advanced diplomas, and 8 degrees. Furthermore, the college has committed to funding potential international students and future leaders. As a result, an eligible student can achieve a scholarship from here and focus solely on his or her studies without distraction.

The GBC scholarships for Indian students in Canada that you can apply for are:

  • Foreign Student Scholarship: International applicants who attend full-time can submit an application for this particular scholarship. You can choose any program under it but your academic performance has to be at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • Scholarships from Scotia Bank: Applicants who require assistance with their studies can apply for the Scotiabank scholarships. Any candidate in any degree and academic year is eligible to apply.
  • Post-Secondary Study Scholarships: If you want to apply for a post-graduation or certificate program, then you are eligible for this scholarship. However, to be qualified, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Seneca College

Seneca is a public college that is conveniently located in Toronto. You can also try for another location as it has campuses spread throughout several Canadian provinces. This college offers different full-time and part-time programs. For applicants who are international students and struggling financially, the college itself sponsors scholarship programs. No nationality is a bar for the scholarship application, making them perfect for you.

Now let’s take a glance at the scholarship programs available:

  • Seneca Entrance Scholarship: This scholarship is available for international candidates who intend to register for a diploma or graduation. To be eligible for the program, you need a GPA of 3.
  • Scholarships on Renewable Degrees: This scholarship is open to international applicants for the degree program. Your selection for it will depend on your performance in the 12th grade.

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe is one of the best colleges in Canada. It has all the potential to be your dream college because of its flexible approach, excellent management, and welcoming surroundings. The university provides about 200 certifications, degrees, and diplomas for different programs. So, you can choose from business, human services, arts, technology, health care, and more. Finding potential in students is its primary goal. Therefore, the institution offers financial aid programs for gifted students who cannot afford to pay the tuition fee.

Let’s look at the list of Fanshawe College scholarships in Canada next:

  • Joy Warkentin Entrance Scholarship: If you are interested in degree programs, then you can apply for this scholarship. They will consider your secondary school grades to check if you are eligible.
  • MAGIL Construction Award: Consider this one if you are interested in Construction Engineering programs. In the first year, you have to maintain a GPA of 3 as it is a competing scholarship
  • Kate Gielen Entrance Award: Do apply for this if you are interested in interior design courses. However, you must take a full-time curriculum and have good grades.
  • Women Entrance Scholarship: This scholarship is only granted to women applicants. You are eligible for it if this is your first time applying to this college.


Public colleges offer many scholarship programs to students. Private colleges have limited scholarship programs as compared to public colleges in Canada. So, if you want to get admitted to a good college then it would be better if you prefer a public college instead of a private college. Hopefully, this informative list curated by Thomas Cook can help you to get around paying a huge tuition fee and daily expenses when studying in Canada.

Visit Thomas Cook today and find out how our Education Forex products are helping so many students to fulfil their dream of studying abroad. We can help you to resolve all your financial issues by introducing our beneficial Student Forex products and programs to you.

Table of contents

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