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10 Places to see in Goa that are Not Beaches!

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Yes, you read it right! While most people relate Goa to the beach and enjoying some cocktails, we thought there are way more things beyond what meets the eye in Goa. Celebrations are confined to one of the hundreds of beaches to explore in Goa, explorations are restricted to the top 10 places to see in Goa of interest that search engines throw out and activities are limited to water sports on the beaches.

Goa is a phenomenal small state in India and if you intended to set out and explore, there are myriads of things to see and discover and experience in the cute hippie state. With Valentine’s Day approaching as well, we thought this would be the perfect time to point out some offbeat experiences you can indulge in with your lover. Check them out!

10 Places to see in Goa that are Not Beaches!

1. Chorao Island:

Chorao-Island - 10 Places to see in Goa that are Not Beaches!

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Tucked away from the mainland of Goa is this quaint little village – more like an island with its own boundaries of backwaters. The place is very less popular amongst the conventional tourists but is famous amongst the migratory birds. Home to some of the most friendly locals, Chorao Island has a small hillock overlooking the Goan skyline. According to legends, the Chorao hilltop witnessed the appearance of the statue of Christ the King overnight that was considered stolen. A different side of Goa you should explore with your partner.

2. Scenic Drive through Paddy Fields:

10 Places to see in Goa that are Not Beaches!

Goa and rental bikes go hand in hand and it isn’t false that Goa is best explored on bikes and cycles. But how many of us actually take the roads less traveled and experience a shade of Goa hidden from all its glory? If you are in for some scenic rides in Goa, take your bikes and head to Pomburpa and reach Panjim via the inner routes. With your partner with you, the interiors of Goa appear just as beautiful as your company, making it one of the best and personal rides you would ever take in your life. From paddy fields to roads along picturesque backwaters and lush green meadows, you have to see this Goa on the Valentine’s Day.

3. An Abandoned Monument: One of the best places to see in Goa

corjuem_fort_main - 10 Places to see in Goa that are Not Beaches!


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It is not until recently that women are receiving the freedom they are entitled to in the first place. Back in those days when restrictions on women stepping out of their houses for exploration were high, a rebel called Ursula e Lancaster decided to shatter conventions and set out on adventures by dressing up as a man. However, along with the outskirts of Corjuem Fort, she was recognized and captured. The walls of the fort are now abandoned and you can see the place covered with plants and creepers but still manage to look beautiful. Completely silent and eerie, you would understand how women were silenced back in those days.

4. Bubbling Lake:

 10 Places to see in Goa that are Not Beaches!

Another aspect of Goa comes in the form of a secluded pond in Sanguem. The speciality of the pond is that when you clap sitting along the pond’s steps, you can actually see ripples of waves being created over the water surface. You don’t even have to touch it! Scientifically, it is because of the generation of methane beneath the waters due to decaying vegetation that causes this effect. A beautiful phenomenon that makes it worth the ride with your lover!

5. A 1000-year-old Temple:

temple-mahadev-mandir - 10 Places to see in Goa that are Not Beaches!

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One of the hidden gems in Goa, the Mahadeva Temple built during the times of the Kadamba dynasty is an example of architectural marvel in the premises of the Mollem National Park, another must-visit location in our list of places to see in Goa. Over a thousand years old, the temple stands tall and imposing despite it being built a century ago. Home to several indigenous species, the national park is a must-visit with your lover, where you will stumble upon this temple as a bonus.

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6. Harvalem Waterfalls:

Harvalem Waterfalls - 10 Places to see in Goa

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Did you know that there were waterfalls in Goa as well? Apart from the majestic Dudhsagar, there is a comparatively small yet idyllic waterfall called Harvalem located in Sanquelim. The waterfall is fierce and looks surreal with a Shiva temple called Rudreshwara near the falls. Very less crowded and no food court or eatery nearby, Harvalem waterfalls is the perfect place to celebrate togetherness and love.

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7. Mondovi River Cruise:

Dibru – 10 Places to see in Goa

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You would have seen the cruise boat when you crossed the bridge but probably weren’t aware of the beauty of the cruise. Perfect for romantic getaways, the cruise is all about the waters, the boat and the two of you. With the setting sun right in front of you, the river peacefully takes you through the gushing waters. If you are in Goa during full moon, you can also take a moonlight cruise. The cruises are operated by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation and you can choose from a number of different cruises.

8. Dolphin Spotting:

10 Places to see in Goa

Yet again an activity not many people are aware of. With your lover, you can hire a boat from Sinquerim, Aguada or Panjim jetty and set out to spot adorable dolphins in their territories. The sight gets beautiful when you find baby dolphins swimming with their parents. If you are lucky, you might also be given the permission to take a dip and have a closer interaction with them.

9. Spelunking in Goa:

Lamgau Caves - 10 Places to see in Goa

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Yes, we did not believe you could actually indulge in spelunking in Goa when we first came to know about the caves here. Apart from beaches, Goa is home to several caves that are surreal and mystical. The beautiful part is that several of the caves are manmade and still manage to retain the look and feel of a natural formation. When you are in Goa for the Valentine’s Day, do check out caves like The Lamgau caves, Arvalem caves, or the Rivona caves with your lover. They are some of the most mysterious places to see in Goa. 

10. The Oldest Goan Fort:

The Oldest Goan Fort -- 10 Places to see in Goa

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You would have read about or been to Chapora Fort, made famous by the Bollywood film Dil Chahta Hai. But did you know that there is another fort in Goa that takes the credit for being the oldest? Called the Cabo De Rama, the fort was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese and is one of the oldest places to see in Goa. The fort was subjected to repeated acquisitions and conquering by emperors from different dynasties and today, it stands abandoned with very less crowd. However, the views of the sea and coastline it offers are magical, making it the perfect place for couples.

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Surprised to have read so many offbeat experiences and places to see in Goa in our very own backyard? We are sure the actual surprise is when you see this places personally this Valentine’s Day in the company of your beloved. As much as magical the place is, it is sure to be memorable and a place of repeated visits from now one when you catch a glimpse of the other side of Goa we have compiled. Have a blast!

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