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The most Exciting & Enticing Things to do in Nainital

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Nainital is a place which deserves mention in the mythologies as well as the epics. This town, which once served as the summer capital for the United Provinces including the Uttar Pradesh, is indeed difficult to understand because of so many composite elements it has got. Surrounded by Lake Nainital, the charming lake it shares proximity with many underrated but whimsical hill stations around. Today, Nainital has been evolved into a famous tourist destination with the prime attraction of the lake on which the waters glide with shimmering shine and many coloured yachts delightfully crossing it. This lake is known to host many yachting competitions on the national level as well and besides that, many other engaging activities for the tourists are also held during their stay. With this list of these immaculate things to do in Nainital, you can be poignant in your trip.

Things to do in Nainital

1.Go Boating

If you’re a making a visit to Nainital, this comes first in the list of things to do in Nainital that you shouldn’t miss.

Things to do in Nainital

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  • Distance from Airport: 69 KM from Pantnagar Airport.
  • Operating Hours: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Duration: 90 to 120 minutes
  • Famous for: Photography, Sightseeing, Water Sports, and Boating.
  • Cost: INR 100 toll fee, INR 150-500 for Boating based on the type of ride.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

If you’re in Nainital, you have to go and check the lakes that are located around. Naukuchiyatal, the lake that has 9 corners is a must among them followed by Bhimtal, the lake with a small island in the middle, Sattal, the collaboration of seven lakes, Khurpatal, the hoof lake are definitely the must. Each lake is a located at a shorter distance from the other and it only takes around half a day to cover all these lakes. Depending on your route, you can stop for lunch alongside any of these lakes that have both smaller and bigger eateries associated.

Things to do in Nainital

Among all of them, Sattal has its own charm because of the fact that fishing is allowed in this place but is a perfect getaway for people who are seeking peace in nature. Amidst the surreal beauty, you can also visit few other isolated lakes like the Ram Tal, Sita Tal, and Panna Lake and also the aquarium at Bhimtal with a wide type of fishes all around. According to the mythology, the lake is known as one of the green eyes of Sati, Lord Shiva’s wife and therefore is the most visited in India which inspired several writes in one way or the other. Therefore, one can not only sightsee but enjoy a delightful boat ride with reflections of the environment in the water creating an unearthly appeal during the nights.

2. Eat at Sonam’s & Chandni Chowk

Savour the taste at this local eating joint in the busy bazaar as the second best among things to do in Nainital.

Things to do in Nainital

  • Distance from Airport:4 KM from Pantnagar Airport.
  • Operating Hours: 9:00AM–10:30PM
  • Duration: Based on what you eat.
  • Famous for: Northeastern Food
  • Cost: INR 300 for two
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

As the name suggests, Chandni Chowk is not one of those busy roads in Delhi, but indeed is a fascinating restaurant on the Mall Road, Nainital. The interiors and the architecture have been inspired from the Chandni Chowk in order to beguile people and the trick has worked for it. The tourists in massive number barge in on seeing something out of the box and something which gives you belly full of food at an affordable price. Along with the local food, this place serves Punjabi cuisine as well along with Dilli ki Chaat. The best part about it is the moving mannequins that look like cooking items with the interior depicting the busy street of Delhi with traffic signals as well.

On the other hand, we have Sonam which makes your stomach gurgle. Along with the plate of hot momos, you can find almost everything here including dumplings, soup, and thupka as well which you won’t find anywhere else in India. With the first bite of moms, you will know why the place has gotten such a huge fan following even when the joint is so small and country like making it a must among things to do in Nainital.

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3. Enjoy Shopping at the Tibetan Market

Smile, Select, Bargain, Buy, Smile again and you have some really beautiful things in your bag.

Things to do in Nainital

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  • Distance from Airport:9 KM from Pantnagar Airport.
  • Operating Hours: 9:00AM–10:30PM
  • Duration: A whole evening to cover everything.
  • Famous for: Scarves, bags and ethnic wear.
  • Cost: Based on what you purchase.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

The delights of the shopping for both men and women come alive at the infamous Tibetan Market, which is located in proximity to the Naina Devi Temple. This market is filled with vibrant colours, patterns, and textures that come in the form of different wearables. Known widely as the Bhotia market among the locals, it is a perfect place to lay the hand on greater deals at cheaper prices. You will find many items that you can own which are of high quality if you are proficient in the art of bargaining. The market contains some really stylish scarves, bags, warm winter clothes, shawls, mufflers and ethnic clothes of the region, however, as I said bargain is the key and you can be bestowed with the riches and colours of the trendy clothes on you in the Tibetan Market.

Things to do in Nainital

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This market is basically at the farther end of the flats forming an L shaped paradise and the best part is that unlike other markets, it doesn’t dishearten men. They can as well find good jackets, sweaters, and shirts here. Save up few bucks on your trip to Nainital and fulfil this among the things to do in Nainital to take memories home along with you in the form of clothing, jewels and artifats which you might find here and there. Make sure that you visit it in groups to avoid the high prices and fraudsters as well.

4. Try Trekking to China Peak:

Known to be the highest peak, the China Peak in Nainital offers the views of town and Himalayas as well making it mandatory among the things to do in Nainital.

Things to do in Nainital

  • Distance from Airport:1 KM from Pantnagar Airport.
  • Operating Hours: Throughout the day.
  • Duration: Depends on the distance you have chosen.
  • Famous for: Himalayan Views.
  • Cost:
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5

Out of the things to do in Nainital and places to visit, you can view the sunrise only from the top of the peaks. Therefore, you should trek any of the peaks be it the China Peak or the Tiffin Top to get the best view of the Himalayan Range and you wouldn’t believe how beautiful it will appear to you. Catch a glimpse of the Himalayas from the China Peak and witness the most awe-struck sight in here. One of these places is only 4 KM away from the heart of the city while the other is around 30 KM away from the city and both of them will provide wonderful trekking. You can as well catch a horse ride to get there.

Known famously as the Cheena Peak by the locals, this is the highest peak in the Nainital which is why it is termed as the major tourist attraction. Almost all the tourists trek to the China Peak these days in order to gain a little dose of adventure and this trek is relatively easier and you will come across Cypress, Pine forest and Deodar in such cases. The rhododendron-strewn way is a delight and a bonanza among the things to do in Nainital for the China Peak trekkers and view from the trail is indeed fantastic as you reach the top. The panorama makes things gorgeous and you will get the adrenaline rush, once you’re done with the trek.

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5. Enjoy a Serene Sunset at Hanuman Garhi

The orange, yellow and red sun makes you feel that you’re in heaven as it goes down the west.

Things to do in Nainital

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  • Distance from Airport:6 KM from Pantnagar Airport.
  • Operating Hours: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Duration: For an hour or hour and a half.
  • Famous for: The view.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5

Make sure you visit the Hanuman Temple as a list of things to do in Nainital to witness the divinity of sunsets in the city. As much as we love this place, this is one of many things we get to see in Nainital that you will carry with you as you go back. This is not only romantic but extremely enchanting and is only around 4 KM away from the bus stop. You can take a taxi to the point. Just make sure that you reach there before 5 to enjoy a memorable sunset.

While most of the hill stations are known to offer the spectacular view as the sun descends down the hills, this one has a massive mountain which elevates the beauty of the sunset on a whole. The sun here doesn’t hide behind the mountains but on a whole disappears. Yes, it vanishes. At Hanumangarhi, you can see the sun being on the horizon and you can catch it disappear and if that’s not one of the enchanting views, I don’t know what is. Associated is a park with the temple, where you can take leisure in case if you are tired to wait for the sunset.

That being said, Nainital is one of the most beautiful places in India, belonging to Uttarakhand. It is quite famous for the breathtaking views and the lakes which is why it is officially known as the Lake District of India with almost 60 lakes in and around. Therefore, here’s a list of things to do in Nainital on your Nainital trip that you must definitely consider doing to get the best out of the place.

Frequently asked Questions about Things to do in Nainital

1.  What kind of adventure activities can we except in Nainital?

 One can experience the beauty blooming as wanders at the lakes of Nainital between the ferns and orchids. By visiting the Aamod at Bhimtal, you can even go for parasailing and rowing and a list of other activities you can choose from along with trekking to China Peak.

2.  Where do we camp at Nainital?

 You can experience the camping at the famous Camp Kyari, Siyat in Nainital which is basically an organic farm on the Kata bag hill slope. Take Safari tents along with sleeping bags and mats to have a stay amidst the meadows.

3. How far is Sherwani Hilltop from Nainital?

 An abode of devotion, calmness, peace, and serenity; it is only 2.0 KM away from the Nainital’s Mall Road and away from the crowd. Get rejuvenated in the pleasant atmosphere and the fresh air to escape the monotony.

4. What are the best Bird Watching locations in Nainital?

You can walk into Pangot, the bird watching resort and it is nothing less than a fairytale. The place has around 250 species of birds according to the Jungle Lore Lodge. The forest is dominated by Pine, Oak, and Rhododendron trees.

Nainital is a hill station in Uttarakhand which was founded by the Britishers who had been trying to escape the hot summers of India back then. Not only did it help escape the high temperatures, but at the highest point of 26,000 meters; this place has become the best to visit and witness the white serene beauty filled with peace, calm and tranquillity. The living population in this place was low and therefore the beauty stayed undiluted for most of the time with tourists paying holistic visits to the place to embrace the cooler climate of the place with woollen treasures. The hotels in this place are cheap, affordable and they can provide you with the best-optimized trip to Nainital. Lastly, this list of Things to do in Nainital is surely going to arm you for long days of fun, excitement and shopping!

Table of contents

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