Uttarakhand Tourism 

Uttarakhand, the North:Eastern paradise of India has many varied offerings. The awe:inspiring Himalayan Mountain Range crosses this region and the main city also hosts the very famous, “Ganga Aarti” every evening. The rich Jim Corbett National Park is home to India’s last remaining Bengal Tigers and a number of other rare species and tress. Rishikesh, the major yaga center here was made by the legendary American band the Beatles, here during their 1968 trip to India.

Few other places exhibit the extremities of India as perfectly as Uttarakhand. From low lying areas to hilly terrains with steep and high slopes that make you dizzy. From places with a lot of religious fervour to natural beauty in its most breath:taking form, Uttarakhand has it all. Located in the lap of natural tranquillity and picturesque beauty, it is one of the most scenic and peaceful states of India. The place offers plenty of activities for everyone coming here. The adventure lovers can enjoy, Zip:lining, Mountain Biking, Bungee Jumping, Skiing and even go on treks and hikes. Those interested in architecture and religion have amazing temples to check out all over the state. These temples boast of intricate designs and very artistic architecture. Uttarakhand offers all of this along with really amazing natural beauty, vast green landscapes and a really amazing weather to make the cocktail complete!

Quick Overview:

Currency: Indian Rupees (Rs.)

Population: 10.08 million

Time Zone: UTC +5:30

Area: 53,483 km

Capital: Dehradun, Nainital (Judiciary)

Official Language: Hindi

Capital's calling code: 0135 


Uttarakhand, in its entirety, is a place of saga and folklores in combination with picturesquely beautiful mountain landscapes. It also boasts of the second highest peak, Nanda Devi, with a whopping elevation of 7,816 m.  Its marked terrains are covered with impassioned peaks accompanied by soul:stirring freshwaters and rivers. Located on the Bhagirathi River, the Tehri dam (with a height of 261 m) is the highest dam in India. This location is fast growing into a hub for a number of water sports. Your Tourism in Uttarakhand would remain incomplete without visiting the spectacular pilgrimage sites that are situated on the elevated hitch:hiking trudges. 


These are the places where most of the Hindu epic tales were set in the past. The ancient history of this place is abreast with the legends of Hindu gods and goddesses, the rule of British as well as The Beatles alike. Sir Jim Corbett has been, as if, immortalized by having a tiger reserve after his name as he was the one to play a key role in its establishment. The Beatles had come here as early as 1968 and had written much of ‘’The White album’’ in Rishikesh. 

The story of their visit to the place transfigured Rishikesh’s holy land into one of the amazing focal points for unworldly claimants as well as yoga enthusiasts across the globe. A legend goes that sage Vyasa had scripted and penned the Mahabharata here as the five brothers, Pandavas, had camped in the region. 


Uttarakhand has a population of 10.08 million. Depending upon their place of origin, Kumaon or Garhwal, the people of Uttarakhand are also known as Kumaoni or Garhwali respectively. The state has a large portio of Rajputs while also has the highest number of Hindu Brahmins than any other Indian state. It has many scheduled tribes as well, including Tharu, Raji, Buksa etc. 


Hindi is the official language of Uttarakhand due the language’s origin tying back to the Indo:Aryan languages. It is spoken by about 88% of the natives, the language has many dialects in the area including Garhwali, Jaunsari and Kumaoni. Some Tibeto:Burman languages including Bhoti, Darmiya, Chaudangsi, Jad etc. are also spoken in the region.


Indian Rupee (Rs.) is the official currency of Uttarakhand.



Language Spoken


Currency used:

INR (Indian National Rupees)


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Cost & Money

Daily Costs

Budget: For a traveller low on budget it is easy to get by in less than Rs. 3000 per day approximately. The amount can suffice for an accommodation in dorm rooms, travelling through local buses and trains and food from small eateries.

Mid:Range: A daily budget of around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 9000 is sufficient for an accommodation in mid:range hotels, meals at decent hotels and tickets for most museums or historic places and travelling through local cabs or auto rickshaws. 

Luxury: A stay in a deluxe resort or hotel, meals in top restaurants, travel via train in first class or renting a car/ driver can all come under a daily budget of more than Rs. 9000 approximately.

ATMs are widely available but it is still wise to carry enough cash when travelling to farther areas of the state. Credit Cards are accepted at most big retail shops, hotels and restaurants. 

Tipping is usually expected although a small service tax is generally is already added to bills. Bargaining can be required in most places but some shops only sell goods at fixed prices and may not entertain haggling for price reduction.

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