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Top 20 places to visit in Alleppey

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It is not important to count the reasons because of which Kerala Tourism has earned the tagline of God’s own country. The culture, the varying landscapes, the unique festivals are few of the factors that bring travellers to Kerala over and over again. Cochin, Munnar, Wayanad, Vagamon, Palakkad are just a few of the places belonging to this beautiful state. But the name that is highly recognized and probably is the most beautiful will be none other than the places to visit in Alleppey.

Known as the ‘Venice of the East’ Alleppey Tourism offers sights of lush green villages, the tranquil backwaters and the cinematic beauty of the houseboats in Kerala travelling throughcMararikulam Beachugh automatically comes to the mind. But do you know that Alleppey is way more than that?

Here are some of the best places to visit in Alleppey –

1. The Alleppey BackwaterBackwater-places to visit in Alleppey

Among all the places to visit in Alleppey, the backwaters are the most beautiful. The setting seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale. Like the chapters talking about babbling brooks and the paradise-like beauty surrounding it, Alleppey backwaters come with a similar charm.

There are a number of activities that you can take part in during the Alleppey sightseeing of the backwaters –

  • Houseboat ride
  • Shikhara Ride
  • Kayaking
  • Village walking tour
  • Local food tours

Most of the travellers prefer staying around the backwaters and wake up to the golden sunrise over the river. Travellers love Alleppey houseboat packages to experience the backwater life in its truest sense.

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2. Vembanad Lake Vembanad Lake-places to visit in Alleppey

Vembanad Lake offers luxury cruises for the visitors coming to Alleppey or exploring Kerala in general. This lake is the station where a number of luxury Alleppey houseboats stand and is one of the best places to visit in Alleppey. A charming way to experience the beauty of this lake is by getting Alleppey houseboat packages for a night or two. The houseboats offer a number of experiences apart from stay –

  • Birdwatching tours
  • Local sightseeing with guide
  • Authentic Kerala cuisine experience
  • Parties and anniversary arrangement
  • Destination wedding

3. Mararikulam BeachMararikulam Beach-places to visit in Alleppey

According to National Geographic’s survey, Mararikulam Beach is one of the calmest beaches in India. The magazine calls it a Hammock Beach and is hardly populated unlike a lot of beaches in Kerala. Beach lovers come here to witness the gorgeous sunset and sunrise with uninterrupted views of the nature.

4. Alleppey Beach

Alleppey Beach-places to visit in Alleppey

Alleppey Beach is one of the most scenic and tranquil destinations in the city. Despite being a commercial beach, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Alleppey. The beach is buzzing with tourists all the time. Kerala Tourism offers a number of adventure sports like paragliding and Jet Ski rides. One can also spend their time at Indian Coffee House and indulge upon some great non-veg and South Indian food.

5. Kayamkulam lake

Kayamkulam Lake-places to visit in Alleppey

Popular among the tourists, Kayamkulam Lake offers a number of adventure sporting activities. The lake is well maintained and a part of it is converted into a lagoon. Alleppey tourism administration offers Kayaking, Yatching and Broadwalk. This lake is also the venue of the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race organized by Kerala Tourism. This festival draws a number of tourists on an annual basis.

6. Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple-places to visit in Alleppey

Image Source

One of the oldest temples in Alleppey, Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple has been inviting the devotees of Shree Krishna on a yearly basis. The temple’s architecture and the calmness in the area make it one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Alleppey.

The interiors of the temple offer a lovely, relaxed time and the visitors love coming and meditating in the complex.

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7. Sree Nagaraja Temple

Sree Nagaraja Temple-places to visit in Alleppey

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple is one of the popular temples of South India. This temple is dedicated to the revered serpent gods. This temple is a prime example of art and craftsmanship. The complex is adorned with 30,000 images of snakes.

This temple is counted among the holiest places to visit in Alleppey. Mannarasala Temple attracts a number of women seeking fertility. One of the most unique aspects of this temple will be the turmeric paste that claims to have a number of curative powers.

8. Pathiramanal

Pathiramanal-places to visit in Alleppey

Pathiramanal is an island located a few km away from Alleppey. Regular boats and Alleppey houseboats take tourists on a trip as a part of places to visit in Alleppey package. It is located between Thannermukkam and Kumarakom and comes under the Muhamma panchayat.

Pathiramanal is safe haven for the migratory birds. This is the reason why photographers and travellers love coming here. You can also hire a speedboat from Alleppey to reach the island.

  • Some of the popular species of birds found in this area are –
    • White Throated Kingfishers
    • Stork Billed
    • Black Drongo
    • White Breasted Waterhen
    • Jungle Myna
    • Asian Palm Swift

A trip to this island is one of the most scenic things to do in Kerala.

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9. Canal Bazar

Canal Bazar-Alleppey

Canal Bazar is the most popular market area in Alleppey. It is well known for its shops selling various varieties of spices and plantations grown in Kerala. Canal Bazar’s hustle bustle makes it one of the best places to visit in Alleppey for shopping lovers. Its vibe brings photographers looking to document the chaos in their pictures.

  • Some of the must-buy items here are
    • Coconut Oil
    • Cardamom
    • Coir products
    • Groundnuts

Canal Bazar is open from 11 AM till 8 PM.

10. Kuttunad Backwaters- One of the beautiful places to visit in Alleppey

Kuttunad Backwaters-places to visit in AlleppeyAlleppey is divided into a number of water bodies. Among these settlements, Kuttuanad’s backwater is considered in the list of most tranquil places to visit in Alleppey. The natural beauty surrounding Kuttunad is unlike anything you’ll ever witness.

The best way to explore the beauty of Kuttunad is by hiring a Alleppey boat house.

11. Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace-AlleppeyLocated in Kayamkulam, Krishnapuram Palace offers a glimpse into the beautiful architecture that is spread all across Kerala.

The history of this palace is relatively unknown but it is evident that it was a thriving centre of art and culture once upon a time. One of the main attractions of the palace is the museum which houses 49 square meter single mural painting which is titled as Gajendra Moksham.

Apart from the museum, the lovely garden surrounding the palace is something that one must spend their time at.

12. Arthunkal Church

Arthunkal Church-places to visit in AlleppeyArthunkal Church is also known as the Saint Sebastian Forance Church. It is one of the must visit places in Alleppey. Arthunkal Church is highly regarded among the members of Christian community and is located in Cherthala Town. Its reverence makes it one of the important places to visit in Alleppey.

Arthunkal Church is an illustrious example of Portuguese Architecture. It was built in 16th century by the settlers who came here for trade. It is also famous for its annual festival called as Arthunkal Perunnal.

13. Champakulam Handicraft MarketChampakulam Handicraft Market-places to visit in Alleppey

Located at a distance of 15 km from Alleppey town, Champakulam is popular because of its handicraft market. One can hire a local auto rikshaw or a bus to visit Champakulam. The main item sold here are the coir products. The skill craftsmanship is responsible for many artistic items that you can purchase and take home.

  • Some of the must buy items include –
    • Silk products
    • Spices
    • Cardamom
    • Baskets
    • Mugs
    • Rags
    • Carpets

14. Karumadikkuttan- One of the beautiful places in Alleppey

Karumadikkuttan - places to Visit in AlleppeyLocated in Karumadi near Alleppey, Karumadikkuttan is famous because of The Buddha statue constructed using Granite. It is named so because of the black granite used in the construction. One of its most unique aspects is the missing left side.

It was recovered by the ASI and is now kept in a protected enclosure near the Karumadi Canal. Locals believe that the statue has healing powers.

15. Our Lady Of Assumption Church

Our Lady Of Assumption Church-places to visit in AlleppeyLocated in, Poomkav, Our Lady Of Assumption Church is more than 150 year old Church which was declared holy by the Vatican recently. The history of the church dates back to the year 1860 and is visited by more than 50,000 devotees on a daily basis.

The Church observes holy week from 1st April and number of visitors increase during this time. What separates this church from other counterparts is that many rituals here have its influence from Hindu rituals.

16. Pulickattil Handicrafts

Pulickattil Handicrafts- places to visit in AlleppeyCounted among the best shopping destinations of Alleppey, Pulickattil Handicrafts is one of the top attractions between art lovers. This store is located in Mullackal area and it opens early morning and is abuzz with tourists up to late night.

17. Ayurvedic Massage Centres

Ayurvedic Massage Centres-places to visit in AlleppeyThe backwaters of Alleppey offer scenic and comforting charms that heal your soul. For those with tired body can also visit one of the healing spas of Alleppey.

There are multiple spas with offer a myriad of services for the visitors. A number of Alleppey resorts in Alleppey too have their own spas where the guests can pamper themselves.

Most of the massage services cost between INR 1000 to INR 5000. Some of the notable spas in Alleppey are –

  • Ayurbhadra Ayurveda
  • Matt India Ayurveda Centre
  • Samanga Ayurveda Wellness Centre
  • Santhisukham Ayurveda & Siddha Hospital
  • Visrutha Ayurveda Chikitsalayam

You can book an appointment through one of the hotels in Alleppey. Most of them have their personal contacts who visit the hotel for a personal session.

18. Revi Karunakaran museum

ReviKarunakaran museum-places to visit in AlleppeyThe art lovers can visit Revic Karunakaran museum for the family’s collection of elegant gems and stones. The museum is filled with many rare old art pieces. Some of the well-kept collections for display have the prices in millions and are deemed rate.

  • This museum has a number of surprises. Some of these include –
    • Mural painting
    • Crystal wares
    • Antique furniture
    • Tanjore paintings
    • Porcelain wares
    • Ivory works

19. Pandavan Rock

Pandavan Rock-places to visit in AlleppeyIt is believed that the Pandavas spent their exile in a cave near this rock. The rock is located in a picnic spot and you’ll see many local families spending their time.

The place is often sprawling with visitors on holidays. It is believed that the main towering granite rock is prehistoric. The interior of the cave is decorated with several etchings of flowers, leaves, human figures with bows and arrows.

One can also climb the top of the rock and observe the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

20. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary-places to visit in AlleppeyImage Source

Located in the distance of 32 km, Kumarakom is a paradise for the visitors who wish to drink upon the spectacular verdant and enjoy the sublime scenic sights of the region. This trip is not a part of the existing Alleppey Houseboat rates.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is popular for the spectacular sights of the migratory birds coming here annually. The mangrove forests offer awe-inspiring sights of the natural beauty of the area.

How to reach Alleppey

Air – Cochin is the nearest airport which is connected to a majority of Indian cities. From Cochin, you can catch a bus or a cab to travel further.

Train – Alleppey railway station is one of the biggest railway stations in India. Tourists who wish to start their journey to Kerala either come here or to Ernakulum station.

Road – Alleppey is connected by road via Bangalore, Chennai and Cochin. Regular buses run between these destinations on a regular basis.

Best time to visit Alleppey

Alleppey is an all year wonder. Winter season is the best to enjoy the lovely calm breeze of the backwaters. This is the time when most of the migratory birds visit the islands so it is the perfect time for the birdwatchers who wish to come here. This is the also the peak time when most of the hotels in Alleppey are booked in advance. You also need to get your Alleppey houseboat booking in advance during the season.

The monsoon is the time when Alleppey offers the most scenic views. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held during this time. Most of the tourist activities are shut down during this season.

Summer season ends in the month of May. During this time, the evenings are perfect for backwater excursions.

Hotels in Alleppey

Alleppey has several stay options ranging from cheap backpackers hostels, resorts and hotels. Some of them are –

  • Nomads Hostel
  • Artpackers
  • Paloma Backwater Resort
  • Deshadan Backwater Resort
  • Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort
  • Panoramic Sea Resort
  • Malayalam Resort
  • Citrus Retreats Alleppey
  • Hotel Picasso Castle
  • Wind’n’Waves

Most of the Alleppey resorts offer in house spa or arrange one for you on request.

You can also stay in houseboats. Alleppey houseboat rates vary from INR 8000 to 50,000. You can make Alleppey houseboat booking via your travel agent on through the websites.

With the best amenities and inclusions, Thomas Cook has curated special packages for the most luxurious vacation experience. Be it a honeymoon, adventure or an anniversary. With these packages, you will also get special Alleppey boat house accommodation. Thomas Cook ensures that you have a memorable vacation experience.

Check out the Alleppey Tour package  and enjoy the  beauty of backwater, temples and other  delights with Friends and Family.

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