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7 Reasons to Love the Philippines

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The palm fringed pristine white beaches, turquoise waters and natural lagoons line the heavenly islands of Philippines. We give you reasons to make the most of your Philippines holidays.

Things to do in Philippines

1. Diver’s Dream:

The giant tropical bowls make a blip on a diver’s radar. But the real reason to come here are the dive sites, a short boat ride away, and trips to islands nearby such as Cadlao, where one can swim in lagoons resembling emerald-tiled pools.

Boracay Island Philippines - Reasons to Love the Philippines

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2. Foodies delight:

Grilled and barbecued meat with rice and some pickled papaya salad are highly recommended. Apart from this, most restaurants serve up sweeter and greasier versions of fast foods like burgers, pizzas and fried chicken.

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3. Exotic lodges:

From heavenly beach-side bungalows to soul soothing hotels, the Philippines have something for every traveler, at every price. Another thing is that, it’s easier to simply show up and pick a lodge rather that booking in advance. It is observed that there is always far more lodging available than an internet search will ever reveal.

Malapascua Exotic - Reasons to Love the Philippines

4. Quirky transport:

Another thing you have to do in the Philippines is ride on a jeepney. The U.S troops left old military jeeps back in World War II. The Filipinos revamped the back, added two more benches, gave them a colorful and unique design, and just like that, the Philippine jeepney has become a cultural sign of the country.

5. Zesty locals:

The hospitable Filipinos are most kind and heartwarming. They always seem happy and smiling, which makes for a welcoming start. But the enthusiastic lot love to sing and dance whenever an occasion needs celebration.

6. Money matters:

Holidays in the Philippines is not too heavy on the pocket. You can enjoy king size privileges for very little. However sometimes lodging can be expensive, but the food and local transport tend to balance it out. Even though attractions have a minimal admission fee, they tend to be very low.

7. Massage miracles:

One of the best things to do in the Philippines is pampering your body with a good massage. From luxury spas to massage ladies on the beach, you will find them almost everywhere, ready to give you a good knead.

So make sure your international tour packages comes complete with a trip to Philippines.

Table of contents

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