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Celebrate International Days of Love Throughout the Year

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Love is in the air, and you both have grand plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with roses, chocolates, wine and a candlelight dinner. Then, a last-minute crisis at work or family commitment crops up making you give up on your romantic plans. Is that it for the year then? Would missing Valentine’s Day, take all the romance out of the year? Or, can you use this opportunity to discover other days across the globe to celebrate the year? Fortunately, a number of countries around the world, dedicate a different day from the traditional Valentine Day to celebrate love. Each of these international days of love come with their own unique traditions, which are inspired by different cultures, beliefs and expressions of love.

Celebrate International Days of love

 So, for those of you who may have missed celebrating it on February 14th, you no longer have to wait a whole year to make up for it. Other than a special day celebrating love, these exotic and romantic destinations also offer a number of fun activities you can enjoy together. This could be your chance to visit the best holiday destinations for couples around the globe. So, this article is for those who are romantics at heart! Cozy up together and read on to plan your very own memorable love day. And don’t feel guilty, if you are tempted to celebrate love twice over every year, once on traditional Valentine’s Day and another at one of these romantic getaways. Afterall, there is no such thing as too much romance, right?

Saying it with books and roses – Barcelona

In Barcelona, and in fact most of the Catalonia area, the whole nation joins in to celebrate love on El Día de Sant Jordi or “St George’s Day” that falls on the 23rd of April, every year. The day also, happens to be Catalonia’s national day and is a public holiday.  Commonly, known as El Dia de la Rosa – “The Day of the Rose” or El Dia del Llibre – “The Day of the Book,” couples express their love with the exchange of gifts, usually, roses and books. Hence, the Catalan saying “A rose for love and a book forever”.

 The city of Barcelona is a visitor’s paradise with its famous monuments, diverse cuisine, art and culture. During this time of year, it vies with some of the top romantic destinations around the globe, transforming itself into dreamland for couples with the streets dotted with stalls selling roses and books. Bookstores and cafes organize readings of classics and all sorts of performances are held in the public squares.

Love wrapped in a kerchief – Valencia

If your heart is set on Spain, and you are busy in February, the region is spoilt for choices when it comes to romantic getaways.  In Valencia, the most romantic day of the year is the 9th of October, when they celebrate both the Day of the Valencian Community, as well as, the Day of Saint Dionysius (Sant Dionís), known locally as the patron saint of lovers. This public holiday is marked by many festivities and colourful costume parades held in the main plaza of every town and village.

A charming custom has men offering their ladyloves a Mocadora (Mocaorà) – fruit-shaped marzipan handcrafted by local confectioners and wrapped up in a handkerchief. The women, in turn, save the handkerchiefs that their partner has given them every year, as a tangible way of proving how long they’ve been together. In the summer months, the beautiful region of Valencia with its cathedrals and beaches, is perfect to celebrate love – especially, if you are newlyweds and happen to be looking for a memorable honeymoon destination. A romantic boat trip on the sea to catch the breath-taking sunset together will be a memory you will cherish forever. (Also Read: 9 Romantic Destinations across Globe)

Share a kiss for yearlong happiness – Czech Republic

Czechs traditionally celebrate the 1st of May, not only, like the rest of the world, as International Labour Day, but as a “Day of Love.” In keeping with old beliefs, young couples share a kiss under a blossoming cherry tree to ensure a year of good health and happiness. Traditionally, Praguers across the city, get-together at the statue of Romantic poet Karel Hynek Macha on the capital’s Petrin Hill.

The quaint city of Prague with its castles and cathedrals and charming streets and cafes easily tops the list of the best holiday destinations for couples wanting to celebrate their love.

Labour of Love – Brazil

Since the Carnival (the biggest Brazilian celebration) is held in the same month as the traditional Valentine’s Day, Brazilians celebrate Lovers Day (Dia dos Namorados) on the 12th of June. While couples exchange the usual gifts of flowers, chocolates, cards and plan romantic meals, the city hosts large scale musical concerts and performances to mark this day. Festivities continue the day after, which is dedicated to paying homage to Saint Anthony, the patron Saint of Marriage.

If your wedding is planned this year in the auspicious Summer months, then this could just be your perfect choice as a honeymoon destination.  Other than the chance to celebrate Lovers Day with the locals, this diverse country with its white-sand beaches, tropical islands, imposing waterfalls, music-filled metropolises and charming colonial towns offers everything to make your honeymoon extra special.

Love is equal – South Korea

South Korea is truly dedicated to the cause of love. The 14th of every month is dedicated to couples finding a reason to celebrate love. Be it Rose Day in May, Wine Day in October or Movie Day in November. Or the somewhat bizarre, Kiss Day in June and Hug Day in December!

In Korea, on Valentine’s Day, it’s up to women to woo their men with chocolates, candies and flowers. But a month after, on the 14th of March, popularly, known as White Day, the tables are turned.  It is then the man’s turn to reciprocate with flowers, chocolates and special gifts. The name stems from the giving of primarily, white gifts, like white chocolate and lingerie. Though over the years, dark chocolate and gifts in all hues have come to mark a man’s affection for his ladylove. If gender equality is what bonds you as a couple, then surely, all other romantic destinations would pale before this.

Carve her a love spoon – Wales

What if getting away all of this year proves tough?

The good news is that you still have a chance to make a great beginning to both the year and your love, thanks to the Welsh. In Wales, on the 25th of January every year, Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh patron saint of lovers, is celebrated.

Couples express their love with cards, candlelit dinners, and intricately carved wooden “love spoons.” It is believed that as early as the 17th century, Welsh men carved intricate wooden spoons as a token of affection for the women they loved. Patterns and symbols were carved into these love spoons, each signifying a different meaning. Horseshoes for good luck, wheels symbolizing support and keys, literally meaning, keys to a man’s heart! Ladies, head out to this picturesque countryside with your gallant man for a classic celebration of love! And, perhaps you may return with your own love spoon keepsake.

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