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‘I do’ Times Two – Celebrate Your Second Honeymoon at These Gorgeous Locales

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“Everything is better the second time around.” The second bite of that sumptuous-scrumptious burger. The second lick of that soft-swirling mousse. The second chug of that cool-cascading sugar-cane juice. The delicious seconds that we hold on to, oh-so tightly, savouring each moment until it inevitably passes us by…

But who says we can’t freeze these moments for just a little longer?

Now think about this – the second time you fall in love with your spouse. The magic of experiencing it all again. The precious laughs, the silly grins, the cute jealousy. The blissful feeling of finding someone to write your life’s story with. Imagine reliving this? Re-opening the time capsule of love, love and love.

In line of this romantic notion, here’s presenting you the chance to rekindle the eternal flame. Thomas Cook wants you embark on your second honeymoon so that you can master the exquisite art of falling back in passion. So that you have the opportunity to enjoy those sublime second times.

Take a look at these destinations with heart, that will have you smitten as a kitten!

Greece, Your Perfect Second Honeymoon Destination

Navagio beach in greece island

Cerulean seas and jagged cliffs coming together – almost poetically. White washed homes, with pockets of blues-yellows-pinks, twisting and turning in serpentine directions. Fresh fish and lobster being treated with the most subtle of flavouring. Greece is a personification of everything good and pure. The perfect setting to rekindle your romance, for the very air tingles with adoration. Afterall, this island country is home to Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty. Tour the mystical ruins and exquisite architecture of ancient Athens. Explore the gorgeous boutiques and sea facing cafés on the glittering boulevards of Santorini. Stroll along the Victorian streets and escape to the stunning and secluded beaches of Plaka. Drink in the stars; not only through your glass of bubbly but from the skies above. Live-love-laugh, amidst exploding sun rises and melting sunsets.

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Corocora camp - Colombia
Image Source : lostworld.com

Coffee, Cumbia and Cobbled stones… Colombia is a multisensorial country that is apt for individuals who are celebrating love. Traverse the 16th century lanes of Old Town, at romantic Cartagena. Amidst the beautiful pastel coloured buildings, you will discover a treasure trove of restaurants. Gorge on the best Colombian fish you will ever chance upon. Go glamping at Corocora Camp, where you can spend your days horse-back riding, bird watching and sipping delicious glasses of champagne – from your luxurious tent. Visit Medellin – the city of eternal spring. Experience its ethereal flower festival and get swept away in the swirling petals of love and enchantment. So very fitting for honeymooners! Last but not least, head to Caño Cristales which is known as ‘Liquid Rainbow’. Swim amidst sparkling pools of yellow, green, blue, red and black.


Oslo, Norway - Second Honeymoon

The land of crystalline mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords – steeped in the mysticism of the ancient Vikings, Norway is a fascinating and beautiful country to tread. What better way to bind your love forever than to make a wish at the Northern Lights? Head to Tromso and marvel at the fluorescent auroras that create whirl pools of colour in the sky. Cozy up in a sled and enjoy a glass of hot cocoa as you treat your eyes and heart to a visual fiesta. Stroll along the Old Wharf in Bergen and glimpse the charming and colourful wooden houses. Tour the impressive museums and expansive emerald parks in Oslo. Don’t forget to dig into tender potato dumplings, pickled herring and desert cookies! You must also visit the quaint and hilly village of Flam. This delightful hamlet will remind you of the cartoon – Heidi!

Italy, Your Second Honeymoon Destination

Italy - Cultures And Heritage
Italy – Cultures And Heritage

It is said, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. But why stop at the man? We believe that the journey to love begins with the sensorial and aromatic art of eating together! And what better place to feed your heart and belly than Italy? Eat and love your way through this passionate country, for your second honeymoon. Share a plate of delicious spaghetti and a glass of chilled wine, as you take in Rome’s encapsulating cityscape. Take a traditional cooking class and learn how to knead dough and roll sheets of pasta, in Tuscany’s idyllic countryside. Take a moonlit canal ride in vibrant Venice; pack a picnic basket of bread, cheese and olive oil. Immerse yourself in Florence’s Renaissance art and architecture, whilst eating yummy gelato. Italy castes a love spell on all those who visit!

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Zanzibar, One of The Best Place to Celebrate Your Second Honeymoon

zanzibar - Second Honeymoon
Image Source : PandoTrip.com

Situated on the east coast of Africa is the exotic and beautiful Spice Island – Zanzibar. A heady blend of history, culture and cuisine with an explosion of geological wonders, Zanzibar promises to excite, entice and enrich travel experiences. You will discover the most un-touched and isolated beaches that sing to the symphony of nature; beaming, brilliant, blissful. You will notice the most alluring and mesmerising Arabic architecture that will remind you of Arabian Nights. A destination that will warm the cockles of your heart and convince you to embark on many adventures with your significant other… Zanzibar is a hidden oasis. Make sure you snorkel to the picturesque Tumbatu Island and observe the sea green turtles as they make their way to the shore. You must also explore the colourful bazaars that nurture fragrances of vanilla and nutmeg. It is truly wonderful!

New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Immense landscapes that have no beginning, no end; just infinite and unfathomable natural beauty. New Zealand is a photographer’s inspiration and a honeymooner’s haven because of its glassy bays, sage coated mountains and bejewelled farmland. The backdrop of many a classic film such as The Lord of the Rings, this postcard-perfect nation is akin to a master’s painting. Home to the world’s most spectacular lodges, you can enjoy a snug and sublime atmosphere with your partner. Tour the idyllic and scenic cities of Queensland, Auckland, Christchurch and Rotorua. Engage in fly-fishing, star gazing and long romantic strolls. And, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can opt for sky diving, canyoning and bungee jumping.

Having read through our list of (love)ly destinations, what do you think? Which place has tugged at your heart’s strings? For a little clarity and expert advice, head to the Thomas Cook website and switch to the romantic state of mind!

Table of contents

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