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10 Reasons Why Mauritius Is Every Couple’s Favourite

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Surreal beaches sprinkled with white sands, Mauritius offers the ideal romantic spots for couples looking for that perfect getaway. If you are looking for a private time with your better-half blended with many adventure activities, Mauritius will offer you an unmatched experience. Whether you want to go for a stroll down the beach, take a soothing spa, enjoy water sports, or the nightlife, you will be pleasantly surprised with the plethora of offerings Mauritius holds under its kitty. So, in case you are unsure of the destination to go to with your partner for your honeymoon, here is a list of 10 reasons why Mauritius is a favourite among every couple.

1. The Beach Outings – Romance & Adventure

Mauritius beach

A romantic getaway and an array of beautiful Mauritius beaches. That sounds like a super chic combination for a honeymoon in Mauritius. It is never a complete honeymoon without a stroll together with your partner on endless beaches laden with beautiful white sands, or sun bathing as you lean back just spending time with each other speaking out loud even when you say nothing at all. There’s parasailing and skiing to spice up your honeymoon with some adventure.  In case you are wondering what the best time for a Mauritius honeymoon is, then make sure you visit either during April to June or September to December. Try and avoid visiting during February and March for there are heavy rainfalls during this time.

2. Rental Cars – Take her out on a drive

Rental Cars - Mauritius

Mauritius boasts of many wide spanning motorways and coastal roads, that are just too good to miss. There’s no fun riding down these rides hopping behind cab driver and always knowing there’s someone else around when you and your partner are having ‘you’ time in peace. Instead, what if you could rent a car and take her for a drive down the road at your will? Take her shopping or just for a nice peaceful drive through the long scenic coastal roads to tell her how much she means to you. It can’t get any better than this, with a romantic spin during your Mauritius holidays.

3. Marine Life and Wildlife – A Delight for Nature Lovers

Marine life, Mauritius

There’s much to look for beyond the beaches in Mauritius. You can get a chance to catch a glimpse of the whales and the ever full of life dolphins. If that’s not enough, get set with your scuba gear and delve deep in to the waters, take glass bottom submarine trip or just go for an underwater sea walk. It’s amazing to see the plethora of marine life that lies beneath Mauritius. If the marine life isn’t enough, then there are mountains and valleys to go hiking and then there’s Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens for you to stroll through the flora of Mauritius along with your partner.

4. A Pinch of Adventure – For those sporty couples

Adventure sports - Mauritius

Serenity of the beaches is one thing during your honeymoon; but how about adding some adrenaline rush to add some spice? Mauritius offers you that perfect opportunity where along with the tranquillity of the beaches, you can go sky diving for a lifetime experience. How about holding hands with your partner or even kiss them as you are right in the middle, descending towards the ground, enjoying a panoramic view of the island. In case sky diving is not your thing, then you can even hire a private seaplane or take a tour in a chopper. There is a lot more to do for those sporty couples like parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing and a buggy or a quad bike ride.

5. Chamarel ‘The colourful’ village – The eye candy

Chamarel ‘The colourful’ village - Mauritious

This village is one of the feature attractions in Mauritius for its colourful surface, with a mix of different colours. The spot is famously known as “Seven Coloured Earth” for Mauritius Tourism. Make sure to add this location on your Mauritius honeymoon packages.

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6. The Treasure Island: Ile aux Cerfs – Treasure your experience of Mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs, Mauritius

This is another popular Mauritius destination that you just cannot miss. Located off the Eastern coast, there is a lot to do at Ile aux Cerfs. It is widely known as the Treasure Island for its scenic views, beaches sprinkled with sands laden with palm trees, the shore kissed relentlessly by the turquoise blue water waves. You can just lie back and relax by the beach, make a BBQ with your beloved, and even go parasailing. There is a plethora of Mauritius resorts here overlooking the ocean where you can just sit back with your partner and indulge in some exotic cuisines over a romantic meal.

7. The Local Shopping – She will love it

Shopping in Mauritius

Honeymoon is all about a special experience and doing things that give happiness to your beloved. So, undoubtedly shopping would be one of those things that make her happy. Mauritius offers great shopping outlets at reasonable pricing, good quality and varied range. You never know, and she might end up buying something seductive specially to wear out with you, for being such a gentleman.

8. Indulge in Some Sinful Exotic Cuisines – As you gaze deep at each other

Exotic Cuisines - Mauritious

There is an array of cuisines to try in Mauritius be it street food or fine dining. You will find a good mix of India, African, Chinese and Creole influences in the flavours. If you are trying out some street food, then make sure you do try the dholl puri served with hot chili paste. There are many restaurants and resorts that offer set-ups for you to enjoy a private fine-dine experience with your beloved.

9. Elate Your Honeymoon with the Spas – As soothing as it can be

You just can’t get enough of Mauritius, and then there are spas to further elate your honeymoon. Can it get any better than you and your beloved being glossed with some signature Mauritian spas and massages?

10. Grand Bassin – The lake with an Indian tadka!

Grand Bassin, Mauritius

This lake is located up high in the mountains embraced with lush greenery. One interesting fact about the lake is that it has an Indian connection. It is believed that the waters beneath the lake communicates with the water of the holy river Ganga. This lake will make you feel like you are far away from all the worldly hassles, and that will give you that perfect alone time with your beloved.

So, where are you heading for your honeymoon? Does Mauritius sound exciting enough to you? Do share your comments.

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