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The “New” of New Zealand

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Top 10 Places To Visit In New Zealand- The Land Of The Kiwis

You have every reason to visit New Zealand. It’s packed to the brim with sweeping mountain ranges, frosty glaciers, thick forests, dramatic coastlines and geothermal wonders. Its essence is breathed into life by the Maoris. Charm and welcome are baked into the soil, they dance in the air, they’re captured in the Kiwis’ smiles. The cities add their noisy melody to New Zealand’s song. Rare birds, animals and marine life reveal themselves here. New Zealand is magical and marvellous. Like we’ve said – you have every reason to visit New Zealand.

What if we gave you even more?

Reasons, experiences and places you didn’t know about. Well-kept secrets, little-known corners and sights and sounds unique to this land. This country may be 700 years old, but it will continue to surprise. Today, let’s take a trip down a different path and discover the New in New Zealand.

Waitomo Glow-worm Caves

Waitomo-Glow-worm-Caves - New Zealand
Image Source : theculturetrip.com

We expect the dark, damp and musty when we enter caves. What we don’t expect, is a fairyland. This cave system, which accepts a stream of water into its bowels, is covered in a sky full of stars. Like the night sky pulled under the ground, the domes of these caves are lit by the soft glow of thousands of glow worms. Take a kayak, go tubing or canyoning on the ribbon of water that passes through these caves.

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The Wanaka Tree in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Image Source : stuff.co.nz

There’s something so still, so silent and so beautiful about a single tree rising from a still lake. It’s that image and serenity that hits you when you visit Lake Wanaka. The barely rippling lake is framed by lush trees and the spearing Southern Alps. Take a walk along the beach-like shore of the lake, swim in the slightly chilly waters, spread a blanket out and have a picnic. Wait for the sun to start its slumber to sunset, when the light is low and colourful. The tree waits at the foothills of Mount Aspiring National Park. Don’t forget to take a picture; after all, this is one of the most photographed trees in New Zealand.

Eat a Traditional Maori Feast – Hangi

New Zealand - Traditional Maori Feast-Hangi
Image Source : flickr.com

In the land of the Maoris, one must eat like the Maoris – at least once. Hangi – the Maori method of underground cooking involves digging a large pit, placing stones in the pit and lighting a fire. In areas like Rotorua cooks use the hot springs in the area to heat the stones. Baskets of meat, starches and other food are placed on the hot stones and then covered with earth for hours, after which the baskets are uncovered. Today, there are modern ways to cook via the Hangi method, without the soil, leaves or stones. However, the food that emerges from the pit is tender, smoky, roasted and undoubtedly delicious.

Tunnel Beach

New Zealand Tunnel Beach, Dunedin
Image Source : jennyfaraway.com

To reach Narnia, you have to step into the cupboard. To experience Tunnel Beach, you must walk this tunnel. Five miles away from Dunedin, Tunnel Beach gets its name from the tunnel built by a local politician John Cargill in the 1870s. You’ll need to trek for a while to reach the tunnel, which leads you down the 72 steps to the beach. This is not for the claustrophobic. The narrow tunnel is dark and will echo back your voice to you but breach the tunnel, and you’ll find massive sandstone cliffs, rock arches, caves and a beach that is breath-taking in its beauty.

Whale Watching at Kaikoura

Whale Watching at Kaikoura
Image Source : kaikourawhalewatching.com

Want to meet the kings of the sea? There’s an almost 95% chance that you will at Kaikoura. Sperm Whales, Fur Seals, Penguins Hector, Common and Dusky Dolphins, Southern Right Whales, Humpback, Pilot and even the rare Blue Whale danced, glide and leap out of the water. Take a day trip from Christchurch, board a catamaran and get ready for your closeup with one of the resident sperm whales.

Take a Weta Workshop Tour

Image Source : weekendnotes.com

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Then you must know that the films were shot on New Zealand’s sweeping landscapes. What about the creatures and props that made that world? You’ll find that at Weta Workshop – and then some. Take a picture with the life-size trolls from The Hobbit, learn about the special effects made for Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. This is movie magic at its finest.

Continue your Lord of the Rings tour with a visit to Hobbiton – where the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit were filmed.

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Go Glacier Hiking at the Franz Josef Glacier

Image Source : flyingkiwi.com

Calling all hikers, trekkers and adventure sports enthusiasts. The Franz Josef Glacier is calling. You can hike across it or take in the view from a chopper – its gorgeous either way. An excellent venue to stretch the muscles, not to mention the absolutely breath-taking views, this trail is an absolute reward for your hard work. Not to mention, the very real reward of soaking in the hot glacier pools after a long day of exercise.

Spike that Adrenaline in Queenstown

Got the chills for those adventurous thrills? If yes, then make your way to Queenstown. Trust us, your appetite for adventure will be sated by a veritable buffet of activities offered here. White water rafting, bungy jumping, rock climbing, paragliding, skiing, mountain biking, jet boating… the list is as endless as your energy. Make sure you hire experts and work with well reputed professionals, as these sports do come with a certain amount of risk.

Geothermal Gorgeousness at Rotorua

Image Source : stuff.co.nz

Dramatic colours, dramatic location (the pacific ring of fire) and dramatic geysers shooting sprays of steam in the air. Add boiling mud pools, wide volcanic craters and the hiss of thermal springs and you’ve got an orchestra of natural sight, sound and touch. This area also offers adventure sports like luging, trekking, sky diving and mountain trekking. Rotorua is also a great place to learn about Maori culture.

Horse Trekking

Image Source : unicorntrails.com

There’s something quite romantic and freeing about horse riding. Galloping along the beach or riding your way through a deep mountain valley. New Zealand has an internationally recognised equestrian industry, which means you’ll be riding on well-trained, reliable and friendly horses. You could take a coastal horse trek or ride past snowy dormant volcanoes – regardless of the setting, it will be epic. Most companies offer half day, full day and overnight packages, including all the gear required and camping equipment for overnight trips. Why opt for the bus when your noble steed awaits?

Explore the Steampunk Capital of the World

Image Source : newzealand.com


Oamaru was once a humble farming town, three hours south of Christchurch. Today it has the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of steampunk enthusiasts in the world. Step into a new world, where science fiction and history intertwine. Where the machines are powered by steam. This is no place for slick modern technology. This is your chance to indulge in galleries, shops and even modes of transport that are tied to the Steampunk world. It’s a chance to experience a different world of fashion, design and steam – all with a sassy twist.

These are just a few incredible and unique experiences that New Zealand has to offer. Glowing caves, steampunk towns, hot springs, glaciers, horses, bungy jumping and slow roasted food are all vastly different, but join together to create an experience that’s unique, new and unforgettable. So, try something a little different this year. Wander over to our New Zealand packages and start planning a brand-new holiday.

Table of contents

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