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Where (Art) Thou? – 6 Destinations To Appease Your Artistic Palette

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From the satin bow on your ballerina flats to the silver sequins on your denim jacket, art imbues every aspect of one’s life. The lipstick stain on your coffee mug – perfect, plum and pouty. The quirky coaster that sits below it, prismatic and animated. The unfinished wall that pierces you with its coarse gaze, shabby yet très chic. The plate of fresh fruit that sits in front of you, mimicking a finely landscaped garden. The buoyant yellow taxis that greet you as you step out, chaotically synchronised. The tune that sings out of the radio, bitter-sweet and melodious. The carefully crafted words that jump out of your novel, dark and comical.

Isn’t this all art?

If you’re an appreciator of all forms of human creativity and imagination, then you’ve got an eye for art. Understanding and interpreting its various forms, mediums and expressions requires knowledge and patience. But forming your own meanings and creating your own stories, requires just the will to look further. To a layman, a series of dots and diagonal lines means absolutely nothing. To a creator and a curator, it could mean absolutely everything.

We strongly believe that it is the eye of the beholder that creates the meaning of a piece of art. And so, we urge all of you to start enjoying and pursuing this hobby with a little more passion and zest for all things beautiful!

Thomas Cook gives you the opportunity to do just this. Not only will it facilitate your passage to exotic locations across the world, it will provide you with specialised itineraries to meet your cultural needs. A perfect combination of experiencing and learning.

Here’re six destinations in the world that will excite, inspire and intrigue the artist in you.


Goreme Open Air Museum - Artistic Destinations
Image Source : pointandshootwanderlust.com

Grandiose rock formations dot the pear landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey. Majestic cave churches and chapels, carved out of soft volcanic rock, spear mightily into the gentle blue. Tall, imposing and exquisitely vast… But this is the mere beginning. Upon entering these towering monastic grottos, you will be enchanted with beautiful Byzantine frescoes that continue to thrive in colour and freshness. Goreme Open Air Museum exemplifies one of the rarest and most impressive artistic achievements the world has ever witnessed. A UNESCO world heritage site since 1984, it offers art connoisseurs the opportunity to glimpse exemplary rock hewn architecture and fresco technique. We’d recommend that you visit the following – Nunnery, St. Barbara Church, Apple Church, Snake Church and Buckle Church.

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Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Image Source : amsterdam.info

The Dutch have left their mark in the world of art, through their landscape, still life and genre paintings. This golden age has been superbly captured in the dazzling Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam. With masters such as Rembrandt and Bartholomeus van der Helst on display, you will have the pleasure of gazing at the most iconic pieces of art from the 16th century. Perhaps one of the most special museums, however, is the Van Gogh Museum. Art lovers will be delighted to discover that it houses the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work. You can marvel at 200 paintings, 400 drawings and 700 letters by the legend himself. From the amber glow of ‘Sunflowers’ to the coarse look of ‘The Potato Eaters’ you will be transported into different settings and universes.

Milan, One of the Best Artistic Destinations Around the World

Duomo di Milano
Image Source : duomomilano.it

Leonardo Da Vinci is a name that reverberates in the annals of Renaissance art and for that matter, art in general. Santa Maria delle Grazie is a Dominican convent that safe keeps a priceless artistic treasure. One that the world nearly lost. During World War II, most of the walls of this 15th century church were destroyed. But as luck has it, one remained intact. The precious wall that held ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci. A painting that holds deep historic, religious and spiritual significance. When in Milan, you must also visit Duomo di Milano – one of the largest cathedrals in the world that took 600 years to complete. You must take a moment to appreciate the statue of Saint Bartholomew who stands magnificently, with a sombre expression.

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Vatican City

renaissance frescoes vatican
Image Source : www.bbc.com

Vatican City is the headquarters of the revered Roman Catholic Church. Not only is it home to the respected Pope, it is a treasure trove of rare, wonderous and awe-inspiring art. In-fact it houses the glorious Sistine Chapel, which was painted by one of the most renowned figures in the history of art – Michelangelo. It is said that Michelangelo preferred sculpting to painting, which is ironic considering what he went on to paint with the magic strokes of his brush. He produced one of the most profound and extraordinary works of fresco art, in the history of Western art. You can explore a total of 13 Vatican Museums and gasp at the gorgeous Renaissance frescoes.

New York

The Temple of Dendur
Image Source : world.wng.org

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a time warp of 5000 years, showcasing art from the most ancient of cities to the most contemporary moments in time. Of particular brilliance is its Egyptian collection. You must view its most prized possession – The Temple of Dendur, which was built by Governor Petronius in 15 BC. Furthermore, the Greek and Roman art work and sculptures are equally enthralling and mesmerising to behold. There are approximately 7,000 art objects spanning six millennia. The MET is synonymous with its diversity, quality and quantity of creative expression. An art lovers haven, purely because it holds something for every personality.

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If you’re a true admirer of art, you will appreciate all formats and mediums through which it can be captured and expressed. Chicago’s Crown Fountain at Millennium Park showcases modern interactive art at its finest. Jaume Plensa, a Spanish Catalan artist, is responsible for this technological and aesthetic stroke of expertise. The installation is essentially 2 towers from which LED screens depict images and videos of Chicago residences. Each tower has a nozzle through which water sprouts out. Experiencing this alternate form of imagination and creation is a wonderful way to accept contemporary work. Yet another amazing space to visit is the Art Institute of Chicago, where the likes of Picasso, Monet, Renoir and Seurat will greet you.

This is just a mere snippet of what our fascinating and enriching world has to offer. No matter the continent, country or city, art has a way of finding itself to you. From abstract to landscape, portraits to still life, oils, acrylics and watercolours… you can’t escape it. And, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

If we’ve piqued your artistic curiosity just enough, head onto the Thomas Cook website and start painting your next vacay right away. With around 140 years of experience and expertise, we know exactly how to guide your inspired journey. So, place your trust in us and smile like the Mona Lisa!

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