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How the TC Forex App Helped Me Plan My Solo Trip to Sunny Spain

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A year ago, I decided to visit Spain. The island of Ibiza, San Fermin – running with the bulls, the palace of Alhambra… so many places to see and so many things to do. I wanted to visit small restaurants and sample some authentic croquetas. Stroll along the beautiful beaches of Costa Brava. Guess how the Forex App Came in use while my trip? Continue reading to know more.

But before I could do any of that, I needed a plan. Taking an international trip is a commitment. I needed to start saving, choose the most economical (and safe) places to say, and plan how much money I would need with me on this trip. It can be really intimidating and it’s easy to change your mind. But! I remembered those beautiful beaches and so I got started.

The first step is the toughest

Let me tell you, starting is always difficult. This was my first solo international trip. I was doing everything on my own. I had chosen my destination, I had bought my tickets and I had planned my trip. But what about the money? How would I make sure that I had enough with me on the trip? Where would I get the euros I needed for the trip? How would I carry the money with me while I was there?

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What if I lost all my cash?

foreign currency

You see, someone else had always planned these trips for me. I never had to do this alone.

Thankfully, I wasn’t alone.

I had an app that changed everything for me. The Thomas Cook Forex App. I didn’t even know something like that existed! Turns out that this app was the first of its kind. With a push of a button, I could now buy forex. I didn’t have to struggle with an agent, waited for endless hours at a bank or leave everything until the airport kiosk.

How I learned to navigate forex

The first thing I had to do was, understand forex. The rates change every day, and when you’re on a budget, you want the best deal. With the Forex app, I could track the currency rates on a daily basis. Furthermore, with the LIVE Rates feature, I was able to get the updated numbers whenever I needed this.

On top of this, the app also features a great currency converter. This way, I could find out the rate of the euro, convert it into rupees and see how much more I needed to save, or if my current budget was enough. Pretty soon, I was doing all my budgeting, calculating and buying on my way to work. All through one app. Pretty convenient, right?

Budgeting on a busy day

online money transfer

Some days ended up being really busy though. Planning your international trip happens in between work, friends, family and life in general. If I did have a busy day at work or was spending time with my friends, it got easy to get a little distracted. This is where “Rate Alerts” came into play! All I had to do was enable the feature and the app would send me notifications, texts and emails on the exchange rate. I just needed to input the details of my desired currency and I had a constant stream of alerts.

Finally, when I did find a rate that suited my budget, I was able to block it to avoid the ups and downs of currency exchange rates. I will warn you though, you can only block it for a limited period of time, so before you do, make sure you are fully satisfied.

A few last decisions

After this, I had a few final decisions to make. How should I carry my money? Although I had heard of traveller’s cheques, I wanted something a little lighter. I was also a little worried about carrying too much cash in hand. The third option was the Thomas Cook Multi-Currency Card. It was lightweight, accepted in a wide variety of stores and easily replaceable if lost.

Although I chose the card, the app gives you the option of all three – cheque, cash and card. All I had to do was buy my forex in the form of cash and card. The app allows you the option of having it delivered to your doorstep or locating the closest Thomas Cook branch, so you can pick it up yourself. (I’m a little lazy, so I chose home delivery!)

I know this can seem overwhelming when you’re planning a trip, but the difference for me was that I wasn’t doing this on my own. The app handled most of the work when it came to choosing and buying my forex. I had all the options available to me – I just needed to decide and buy.

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A post-trip surprise

With my budget settled, all I had to was pack lots of sunscreen, keep my documents safe and dream about drinking Sangria.


I had an incredible time in Spain. I’ve been back home for two days and I’m already planning my next trip. And in fact, I had a surprise when I opened my app. Thanks to all my careful planning, I still had money left in my forex card. I could save it, or I could sell it if I chose to – all on the app. It was like icing on the cake.

Anyway, this is my story of how I planned my trip to Spain and how the Thomas Cook app saved me! Now I’m off to choose my next international destination.

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What do you guys think about China?

Let’s start planning! Know more about the Forex App.

Table of contents

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