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3 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Rio Carnival This February

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Sometimes, the phrase once-in-a-lifetime feels overused these days. More than being used in a sentence as part of a grammatical structure, the phrase is used as filler. To really do justice to the emotion this phrase brings in to the human mind, the event or an occasion it points to should indeed be once in a lifetime. And if there is one such event like no other, it has to be the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. If travelling is all about meeting new people, spreading love and happiness, understanding cultures and respecting them and evolving from within, the Rio carnival is the best reason to pack your bags towards a better yourself.

Rio Carnival

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Celebrated at a time when peak summer sets out to rule the sky, the carnival brings in excitement, color, entertainment and most importantly, the essence of carpe diem right in front of your eyes. The movies have shown enough of them and there have been plenty of music videos but nothing match to personally being there in the crowd and experiencing the enthralling activities unraveling before. Apart from the carnival, the entire city of Rio is nothing less than a paradise with its array of serene destinations, attractions and a sumptuous local cuisine. Throughout Rio, all you will find is happy people cheerfully waving hi at you and it’s like a never ending party every single day. If that’s not enough to get you leaving to the Rio carnival, here are some more reasons.

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1. Entertainment, Entertainment and simply Entertainment

One of the main purposes of the Rio carnival is getting together and in the streets, you will find people having the time of their lives. Tons of parties and events happen all through the night at various locations and you can bump into one of them to have the best time of your life. You can be part of the festivities and all you need to do is loosen up and wear the funky party shirt you have been hiding it in your wardrobe for years. There is no shortage of entertainment in processions, dance events, late night parties and celebrations. So if having a good time is your only motive, you know where to come!


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2. The Best Bands of Brazil

If you listen to world music, we are sure you must be familiar with the vibes and feel of Brazilian music and soundtracks. Even in their songs, they tend to give out laidback and happy emotions and when in the carnival, it’s time for you to take in some of the best forms of music. From popular bands and ace musicians to indigenous musical instruments, you can catch them all live on the streets and auditoriums. You can also listen to several independent artists and musicians who come out with experiential music and mesmerize you with their soundtracks and arrangements. Some of the popular artists or bands you can watch live include Suvaco de Cristo, Cardao do Bola Prita, Banda das Carmelitas and more.

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3. Other Live Performances

Well, music is not the only event you will be catching live during the Rio carnival. You have an array of events lined up for you during the festivities and one such interesting performance is the one on Samba, one of the most popular Brazilian dance forms. Renowned artists and dancers come down to the carnival to flaunt their dance style and lure you to shake your legs, too. You can watch a couple of YouTube videos on this dance form to match the grove. Who knows? You might be called by them for a quick dance session too! Besides, there are tons of food stalls and temporary eateries set up during the carnival that take care of your appetite. Serving cuisines from around the world to the most popular local delicacies, you are in for a treat at the Rio carnival.


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Additional Reason

As the photos so breathtakingly present, the performances are large-scale and the events are spectacular and come off as a visual delight. The energy is phenomenal and the crowd is simply out of the world. With lightings, sights and sounds, the carnival is one of a kind celebration you will find nowhere else in the world!

Factors to Consider While Visiting the Rio Carnival

It is one of the most popular South American events and that is a major reason why airlines and hotels are packed. So, if you plan to visit the carnival, we suggest you book your flights right now to avoid price surges and find accommodation within your budget. Flights from major Indian cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and more take you to Rio and the prices depend on each airport and the time of your booking. To get an immediate feel of being there, check out some of the videos on the carnival and we are sure by tomorrow morning, you will have booked your tickets! So see you there!

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Table of contents

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