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Famous shopping destinations around the world

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There are only a few things that can relax your mind and senses like shopping does. Indulging yourself in a shopping spree once in a while can really replenish your heart and soul and re-energize it for days to follow. Thankfully enough the world that we live in is jeweled with many shopping paradises that showcases the perfect combination for retail therapy. In the list mentioned below we will take a look at the five best shopping destinations around the world which are located in some of the most glamorous cities.

1. Fifth Avenue, New York

In spite of the recent invasion of suburban malls favorites like Daisy Store, H & M and Abercrombie & Fitch, Fifth Avenue still continues to remain one of the most happening fashion streets in the world. It is home to many landmark departmental stores, designer boutiques and spectacular window displays. The shopping street glistens with the most vibrant display of colors especially during Christmas season. Any trip to New York is definitely incomplete without experiencing the pleasure of window shopping at Fifth Avenue.Fifth Avenue Building - Shopping Destinations

2. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

This place is perhaps one of the glitziest shopping destinations in the world. This is the place where rich and famous visit to get hands on designer haute couture fashions to flaunt on a Hollywood red carpet.

3. Seoul

If you suffer from serious shopping addiction then this is where you can whet your appetite for designer labels. This is one place where luxury commodities tend to hefty mark up and local boutiques thus giving them a cheap yet chic makeover.

4. Bond Street, London

The busiest boulevard of Europe extends from Piccadilly to Oxford Street. Bond Street nestles the most expensive shops in the continent. But don’t worry if you can’t afford them, because indulging yourself in window shopping can be a heartwarming experience as well. Do not miss visiting Bond Street at least ones during your London tours.

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Bas Relief Carving on Avenue Montaigne Paris, France

5. Avenue Montaigne, Paris

The kingdom of most luxurious boutiques in Paris, this avenue is festooned with elegant buildings. It is a paradise for every person who can splurge to their heart’s content on high fashion and Victorian jewelries.

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Table of contents

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