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20 most festive cities in the world for New Year’s Eve

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New Year is just around the corner. This one evening of the year is a celebration that everyone wants to behold in the most memorable way. As it’s rightly said that all that begins well ends well, that’s the spirit every single soul on the planet observes when celebrating the New year. So here is a list of 20 most festive cities in the world for New Year’s Eve that you could be a part of someday. This list will certainly take you on a fulfilling journey of concluding your next destination to celebrate the New Year.

Popular Cities in the world for New Year’s Eve

1. New York

New York City,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

Image Source: updatebro.com (New York City)

New York City’s New Year bash stands iconic tall, and to some extent, the credit goes to Hollywood movies. You’ll see hordes of people flocking at the Times Square welcoming the New Year amidst fireworks and music.

You’ll get a sight of some famous musicians performing, you can book a boat ride to Liberty Island to enjoy the fireworks over the grand city although from a distance. Of course, the Ball Drop at Times Square deserves a much-needed mention here, something that millions of revelers visit New York for.

New York’s New Year Celebration gives you a chance to put on your dancing shoes and swing to the beats of the legendary Prince’s famous composition at Purple Rain Dance Party. Thanks to the amazing vibe of New York City during this time of the year, it is considered as one of the most breath-taking and happening cities in the world for New Year’s Eve.

2. Rio De Janerio

Rio De Janerio,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

People Dressed-Up In White In Rio De Janerio

Rio De Janerio’s world-renowned Copacabana Beach hosts a New Year Welcome Party that is counted among the wildest party celebrations. On New Year’s Eve, the beach hosts a humungous number of people visiting from different corners of the world.

Copacabana Beach party begins at 8 PM with international DJs and famous Brazilian artists performing throughout the night. What makes the event interesting? The crowds that have gathered for the party are all wearing white!

If this isn’t interesting enough, then let me make you go wild – past midnight, it is mandatory to head to the sea and jump seven times in the honour of the Goddess Lemanja. Rio’s aura during the New Year is pure vibrant and euphoric.

3. London

London,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve


As the clock strikes 12, Big Ben is packed with hordes of patrons flocked by the banks of River Thames to witness the sparkling fireworks. While one conventional way is to purchase tickets to view the fireworks, the other option you can consider is to embark on a city cruise to watch the fireworks lighting up the sky.

If that’s not enough for the adventurous keeda in you, then you can take a thrilling speedboat ride to head to one of the many comedy clubs and laugh your guts out as you bring in the new year.

London is known as the New Year party capital of the world and deservedly so. Your new year in London will commence with annual parades with colourful floats, marching bands, and a procession of the Queen’s horses.

4. Amsterdam – One Of The Best Cities In The World For New Year’s Eve

Amsterdam,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve


The Dutch capital, Amsterdam is filled with random street parties and performances during New Year’s Eve. Courtesy its vibrant nature round the year, Amsterdam stands among the most amazing cities in the world for New Year’s Eve. Following the Dutch traditions, sweet treats like ‘oliebollen’ and ‘appelflappen’ are found in every corner of the city. The locals believe that oliebollen wards of the evil spirits, and is best enjoyed with glasses of champagne.

The parties in Amsterdam range from elegant black-tie affairs to absolute madness driven underground raves. This is one place where you can go hopping from one party to another. It is one of the most happening cities in the world for New Year’s Eve.
So, are you already thinking it’s about time to enjoy some booze, dance, and music in one of the best New Year party cities in the world – Amsterdam! Then book your Amsterdam tour package now!

5. Miami

Miami,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve


When you think of Miami, the first thing that strikes a chord with you is the Miami beach followed by its nightlife. Now, if that sounds crazy enough, you can only imagine how crazier it would get on a New Year’s Eve. The experience just amplifies tenfold with live music, free concerts and you still can’t get enough.

The River Yacht Club, city’s hottest waterfront venue hosts one of the grandest New Year Parties. From signature menu items to jaw-dropping performances, this is the perfect host for welcoming the new year.

Then there’s Copa Room, an all-inclusive nightclub, which opens its doors for the grandest New Year celebration. Aerialists, acrobats and Las Vegas style shows are organized to entertain the patrons with surprise confetti blasts and balloon drops throughout the night.

6. Bahamas

The tranquil Bahamas is well-known for its 24-hour celebration to welcome the New Year. The local events include the street parade, fireworks, music concerts and street performances. You can drink local wine and enjoy amazing local food like shellfish, lobster, gumbo, crab, and conch prepared in plenty during the New Year celebrations.
Junkanoo, a Bahamian festival, takes place on New Year’s Day. Thousands of locals hit the streets in colourful costumes. You will see groups of dancers dancing on melodious tunes while musicians can be seen beating goatskin drums and blowing cow whistles.

7. Paris – One Of The Most Festive Cities In The World For New Year’s Eve

Paris,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

Eiffel Tower – Paris

Maybe you already know that Paris is the romantic capital of the world, and if you want to make it even more romantic then it cannot get any better than you and your beloved watching grand fireworks and lights right from the heat of the Eiffel Tower.
If you are amongst those privacy preferring souls, then take a New Year boat cruise over Seine River to enjoy your privacy. Thanks to its beauty and culture, Paris is regarded among the most romantic cities in the world for New Year’s Eve.

There’s something even for those seeking a cultural experience. Visit Paradis Latin, to attend one of the famous cabarets in the city, and enjoy some classical music concerts in some of the iconic churches. Being a part of such colourful events is a fine way to welcome the new year.

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8. Sydney

Sydney,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve


The good old Sydney’s New Year Celebration is globally known to all thanks to its grandest fireworks show in the entire world. The fireworks show is so intense that the sound can be heard within a radius of 16 km. It commences at as early as 9 PM and then it goes till midnight.
One of the most notable parts of the New Year celebration in Sydney is the waterfront show where acrobats from all around the country participate and display their skills. The popularity of Sydney’s New Year can be known by the fact that it is viewed by more than one million there itself and more than a billion people on television.

9. Barcelona

This Spanish city is known for its massive street party that takes place over the places like Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas, and Plaza Reial, with large crowds singing, sipping champagne and counting down to the arrival of the New Year.
On the first day of the New Year, Barcelona organizes 3 Kings Parade where brightly coloured chariots, marching bands, and torchlight processions are taken across the city streets.
One of the most amazing traditions of Barcelona is the eating of 12 grapes on the 12 stokes of midnight. It is said that if you eat 12 pieces in perfect sync with the 12 strokes of the clock then the coming year will bring you luck and joy.

10. Edinburgh

Edinburg,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

Image Source – Flywheel (Edinburg)

The New Year celebrations in Edinburgh last for three days. The festivities start from December 30th when a torch-bearing ceremony opens the fireworks display. This then converges to a massive citywide party.
When the New Year arrives, a massive fireworks display is done over the Edinburgh Castle. Then on the first day of the year, competitions like dog sled race, jumping into ice cold water, a finale parade along with a music and arts festival are organized.
The locals celebrate the ritual of ‘First Footing’ in which a person enters a friend or family member’s home with gifts of black bun, whisky, and shortbread. Another amazing highlight is the torchlight procession on 30th December where thousands of people walk on the streets of Edinburgh with torches in their hand. It is one of the best cities in the world for New Year’s Eve.

11. Hong Kong

Hong Kong,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

New Year’s Celebration In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for the blend of its oriental culture mixed with the modern infrastructure. The fireworks and a pyrotechnic dragon dancing across the sky are the highlights of the celebration. You can either join the crowd at Victoria Harbour and enjoy the parties and oriental street food or take one of the luxury cruises to welcome the New Year in style and opulence.

12. Vienna

Hofburg Palace,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

Image Source- worldwideticketing (Hofburg Palace)

Vienna’s New Year’s charm lies in the beautiful grand ball hosted at Hofburg Palace. Vienna’s New Year festivities are powered by local wine. On the New Year day, a huge crowd gathers outside the City Hall to watch the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s concert on a giant screen.

13. Goa

Goa,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve


It is known for its sandy beaches, pristine islands and cheap booze that makes it the perfect New Year destination. You can either go for a party in one of the many clubs in Calangute and Baga or attend a music festival in Anjuna, Candolim or Arambol.
As the clock strikes 12, a massive firework spectacle is organized on the coast with thousands of people in attendance. Goa’s party scene makes it count among the few Indian destinations that are among the best cities in the world for New Year’s Eve. Book your Goa holiday now and welcome the new year with a bang.

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14. Berlin

Brandeburg Gate,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

Brandeburg Gate

The capital of Germany has a reputation as the party city of the world. The New Year witnesses the Party Mile, a two km stretch of road filled with pubs, bars, food stalls and performances by international artists. Attending New Year’s Eve in Berlin is like going to an international music festival.

15. Las Vegas

Las Vegas,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

Las Vegas

Party never stops when you are in Las Vegas. The New Year festivities include more than three hundred thousand travellers coming to Vegas. On New Year’s Eve, the Las Vegas stretch becomes car-free. This stretch turns into a massive party with live band performances, pyrotechnic shows, and firework display. There are amazing concerts, acrobat shows and dance nights in every club and pub of the city.

16. Bangkok

Bangkok,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve


As an international party city, Bangkok has all the fun and thrill one can enjoy during their overseas trip. A lot of travellers visit the capital of Thailand for nonstop parties, street shows and citywide parades. They finally gather at CentralWorld Square where a spectacular lighting show and concert is organized. For those who want to enjoy their New Year Parties amidst a natural setting, can also skip Bangkok and escape to Phuket or Krabi.

17. Valparaiso

Located near a pristine coastal line of Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso is the cultural capital of Chile. This city hosts one of the longest and the grandest New Year celebrations in the world. Locals follow a lot of interesting New Year Customs to bring good luck that includes wearing yellow underwear and eating a dozen grapes at midnight.

18. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik’s temperature goes below the freezing point during the New Year but that doesn’t stop travellers from coming here. It is probably the time to be her to experience the best of  the New Year. The party starts at 6 PM and continues until midnight with binge drinking, folk songs and people dressed up as elves and trolls.
People of Iceland start their New Year with their families and indulge in a grand gala dinner followed by 10 bonfires lit around the city. Icelanders gather around the bonfires to sing and symbolically burn the old.

19. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World,festive cities in the world for New Year's Eve

Walt Disney World

New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World is like entering a magic land. On this day, you will find people dressed up in mythical creatures costumes from fantastical realms. New Year celebration here is filled with activities like Cirque du Soleil performances, dance parties, live entertainers, and confetti explosions. You can experience a grand light show at Epcot followed by fireworks show at midnight.

20. Shimla

Shimla, Cities in the world for New Year's Eve


Known as the Queen of the Hills in India, Shimla’s New Year celebrations start at 8 PM. As the evening falls, the Mall Road starts to get filled with tourists to witness a grand lighting show. You can see bands performing in the outdoors.

You can visit the ice skating rings for fun. It is the time when the temperature decreases and the chances of snowfall are at peak.

Doesn’t matter who are you going to spend your New Year with, let it be friends, family or your beloved. You need to ensure that you step into the coming year with grandeur and enthusiasm. An amazing New Year experience is the best way to forget the past and prepare for a new beginning. With this list of 20 most festive cities in the world for New Year’s Eve, it’s about sure that you’ll be yearning to go to one of these destinations and begin your new year with a memorable experience.

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