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Explore the Universe like Never Before at India’s First 3D Planetarium in Mangalore

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Here’s a good news for all stargazers. You can now experience the vérité display of the universe in the first ever 3D Planetarium of India.

Space exploration for enthusiasts just got more exciting with the realistic celestial bodies like sun and moon with their minute details that you can watch in the only 3D planetarium in Karnataka. This has all been made possible at the Swami Vivekananda Nehru Planetarium. A part of the Regional Science Centre, of Pilikula it is situated in Mangalore, Karnataka.

This newly launched planetarium at Dr. Shivaram Karanth Pilikula Nisargadham (SKPN), was inaugurated on 1st of March 2018 and has been set to showcase regular shows, beginning from March 4.

3D Planetarium: The Tech Employed

The only Indian Planetarium with a 3D display technology, it has joined the list of such global planetariums which make use of opt-mechanical systems and 3D digital hybrid technology to provide UHD or Ultra High Definition tour of the planetary and other celestial bodies. It has installed a pioneering optical projector, Megastar IIA. Ohira Tech Japan which has developed this technology, states it to be an LED-based projector that employs 8K ultra-irradiated LED lamps and 32 lenses. Furthermore, they hold that they can together uniformly direct 20 million stars in a coherent and flawless manner over the dome of the observatory’s nano-seam panels which eradicates eschewing projected visuals from overlapping.

Along with stereo 3D glasses for enhanced spatial observation, the planetarium also offers a unique experience of simulated space travel which has been made possible due to its dome that has been tilted to an angle of 15 degrees. The visual display is coupled with 5.1 theatre surround sound system, thereby enhancing the experience multi-folds.

What makes the 3D Planetarium Unique?

This state of the art 3D planetarium is the only 3D planetariums in the country, located at the SKPN premises. The planetarium which is spread in an area of 5,200 sq. ft. and has a dome measuring 18 meters wide in diameter, is also among the handful of its kind around the world. Now, apart from Mangalore, India, only 20 other places in the world including Shanghai, Bristol, Singapore etc. have such facilities. The 3D planetarium auditorium can house 170 audience at a time and is directed with the aim of attracting students from the nearby regions including Kerala and Udupi District.

The foundation stone of the centre was laid back in March 2013 and its cost of the building was estimated to be approximately INR 24 Crores. However, the planetarium which was expected to be completed by the year 2015, came into existence only this year and after a cost escalation amounting to a total of INR 35.60 Crore.

Set up with cutting edge technology, it claims to motivate people of all ages and cadre- stargazers, students or astronomers. Owing to its UHD technology and provision of 3D stereo glasses, the celestial bodies can be seen embodying the most minute attributes and features, rendering an outstanding experience for the onlooker. This will also contribute in augmenting the creative presentation of various astronomical and scientific programmes.

3D Planetarium: Ticket Prices and Timings

The entry fee for a show at the planetarium is priced at approximately INR 60 per adult and INR 25 per child. SKPN will organize six shows daily in different languages including English, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam. In addition to astronomy, the Regional Centre is also set to host shows on other subjects like geography and history, and some special programmes on Karnataka.

Table of contents

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