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Food delicacies to be explored from different parts of India during Winters!

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Think winter and all you can think of is endless cups of adrak tea and all the delicious winter foods you can ever imagine. Quite honestly, there’s nothing like snuggling up in your blanket, feasting on heartwarming food and chatting like there’s no tomorrow. Step outdoors and immediately, your fingers seek the warmth of your jacket pockets, but then your eyes fall upon a snack shop and you can’t wait to have those hot samosas or jalebis. While foggy mornings and chilly winds may not be your scene, the winter treats surely are. Beat the cold weather blues with these winter delicacies, no matter where you are this holiday season in 2020.

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For The Love of The North


The sight of vibrant, simmering yellow jalebis is a feast for one’s eyes in the cold winter mornings. The sweater weather sends shivers down your spine and you yearn for a bite of this crispy, sweet morsel dipped in milk. Hot sugary syrup drips down your chin and you feel like a carefree child once again. This gooey Indian dessert is usually served with a glass of hot milk or a a dollop of rabri. If you are travelling to Punjab, the hearty land of food this winter – do not forget to nibble on hot moongphalis (groundnuts) that will be your constant companion in the cold. These winter bites are freshly roasted, still in their shells and wrapped in a newspaper to munch on throughout the day. Come evening and you long for some steaming savories with countless hot cups of chai. Bite into crumbly, hot samosas with generous fillings of potatoes, peas and paneer and down them with shots of hot tea! Winter in the north is incomplete without sarson da saag and makke di roti. Dip the spicy Indian flatbread into this thick, creamy spinach paste lathered with white butter and you will sing praises of this hearty cuisine. Have this dish in the middle of the day or right before you fall into a deep slumber, tucked in your blanket. The perfect comfort food for the dreary winters, this dish warms your soul and awakens your taste buds with a burst of spices and a wholesome desi dollop of butter. If you are in the state of Uttar Pradesh this winter season, you can best enjoy the cold with the piping, hot specialty of this state; Singhade ki sabzi. This is a mildly sweet, crunchy chestnut cooked in Indian spices and counts as the perfect dish to have with some roti or independently.

Wintry Treats in The East


While one remains in awe of the lip-smacking dishes that North and South India have to offer, the magic of East Indian cuisine yet remains to be explored. It comprises comfort food from the states of West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Assam. If you are travelling to soulful Sikkim this winter, mouth-watering momos await you. A plate of these hot and savoury snacks feel like a warm embrace in the cold. These delightful dumplings are stuffed with minced chicken or vegetables and served with a tangy mustard or chilli sauce. Be it fried, tandoori or even chocolate momos, these treats are sure to fire every palate. Food for the soul, this dish is heaven in the hills for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. If the cold winds get the better of you, seek comfort in the warmth of thukpa, a soupy noodle soup with cooked vegetables or meat. Even though north-east has an abundance of non-vegetarian dishes, the vegetarians need not worry. Paanch Phoran Tarkari is perfect to feast on during the winter season. This dish satiates the craving for tangy and spicy food that one has during this time of the year. With the heartiness of nutritious vegetables, this dish is cooked with at least five spices. This is best had with steamed rice or roti. If the cold winds send shivers down your spine, do not miss out on laal chai originating in Northeast India. This piping hot red tea is sweet and best had without milk to enjoy its authentic flavour.

Taking a trip to Bengal this winter? Good for you, food is known to be the ultimate ‘Bae’ of Bengal! The rush of mild cold winds and misty mornings suggest the onset of the winter season. This means it’s time to indulge in some comfort food to keep yourself warm. The traditional Khichuri-begun bhaja-chutney makes you feel at home as soon as you take a bite. With subtle spices and nutty lentils, this dish is a winter treat for all. Served with crunchy fritters and finger-licking chutney, khichuri should top every foodie’s winter wish list! If you want to munch on some crispy soul food with that hot cup of tea, do not forget to try Bengal’s alur chop (potato fritter). These are deep fried potatoes in mustard oil, giving it their tangy taste. This snack, with your favourite hot beverage, is perfect to binge on during a winter get together with your friends and family.

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West India’s Winter Wonders, Amongst Best Foodie Getaway

dhokla - Gujarat Food

As winter grips the state of Gujarat, the cold makes you long for heartwarming food. Your sweet tooth constantly tugs at your sleeve; demanding a comforting sweet treat. This is the time to indulge in shakarkand ki rabri, mashed sweet potatoes dipped in milk give you an instant energy boost, acting as an immunity builder and nourishment provider. When winter comes, one can’t miss out on Undhiyo – cooked with nutritious winter veggies in a creamy paste of spinach and best had with roti. This dish is a healthy winter treat for one and all. If you are looking for some snacks to binge on during a gossip session with your friends and family over a cup of chai, go for Surat’s Surti Ponk- mixed with variant of sev to make a bhel- like mixture. Don’t miss out on the quintessential Daal baati choorma loaded with the goodness of ghee, spiced lentils and deep-fried balls of flour. This dish will certainly make you winter ready! If you are looking to savour a light snack, do try dhokla – these fluffy, soft savory cakes are served with a generous drizzle of chutneys and can be had throughout the day. Made from thick fermented gram flour, this dish is cooked in yogurt and given a tangy tadka soon after. Though winter in Maharashtra is mellow and swift, a plate of steaming, hot vada pav is food for the soul. Served with a dash of chilli powder or sweetened chutney, vada prepared from besan, potatoes and green chillies is deep fried and stuffed in bread. This snack is available at every nook and corner of Mumbai. If you are Goa in this winter where just the nights may get merely chilly- find refuge in the warmth and spices of Fish curry. Fish is cooked in a variety of spices, the staple being coconut and served with a steaming, hot plate of fluffy rice.

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