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Cities that are Street Food Heaven!

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Some cities are known for their landscape and some for their architecture. Then there are cities known for their street food. Food that can only be described as something the Gods would feast on. Such is the fare available on the streets of the cities that have been listed below. Keep reading and we’ll take you on a culinary journey across cities that are Street Food Heaven!

Best Cities for Street Food

Bangkok, Thailand:

As night falls over this city, Bangkok is transformed from a business centre into a food haven. No matter where you go, you will be treated to some of the best street food from around the globe. Tom Yum soup, mango rice and a hearty sitting of Pad Thai noodles are just the beginning of what this city’s streets have to offer. Whether you crave veggies or are a meat-lover, Bangkok packages everything on a platter for you, making it a paradise for foodies and explorers.

Bangkok, Thailand - Street Food


Singapore is another city on this list that has delicacies on its menu that every foodie will want to indulge in. Right from the people’s favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice to Peranakan Noodles, the city’s street food will give you countless reasons to keep trying another dish. Finding influence from Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines, street food in the city is a mouth-watering combination of all things delicious and succulent. Be it the sweet, sour or savoury, Singapore will surely add some interesting flavours to your palate.

Singapore - Street Food

Marrakech, Morocco:

If you’re a gourmand making your way through the colourful and vibrant city of Marrakech, make sure to head to the city’s square. The square is home to many stalls that serve everything from standard Moroccan dishes that include everything from roasted lamb to exotic delicacies such as escargots. The square serves visitors with breakfast and juices in the morning, kebabs and brochettes in the afternoon and dishes like shawarma, lamb, skewers of meat and various other exotic cuts of meat in the evening. What makes eating here all the more exciting are the traditional wooden tables and chairs that give an authentic Moroccan dining experience.

Marrakech, Morocco - Street Food

Palermo, Italy:

When you think of dining in Italy, you immediately picture a chandelier-lit restaurant, fine gourmet food, formally dressed guests and a candle-light setting, but hit the streets of Palermo and you’ll be treated to local delicacies such as arancini, crocche, panelled and cardoni. Every single dish on the menu is cooked with traditional recipes, ingredients and Italian goodness, giving you a truly authentic and mesmerising street dining experience.

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Palermo, Italy - Street Food

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

Head off to Ho Chi Minh City for an unexpected and equally delightful combination of French cooking techniques and Vietnamese spices and ingredients. Right from dishes like Bo La Lot (beef rolled in a leaf) to com tam (broken rice with a fried egg), each stall has its own preparatory style. So if you want to try different variations of the same dish, you’ll be treated to many iterations on the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Street Food

Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul is a city that treats its food with a lot of love and dedication. The street food in the city heavily relies on its meats (all possible kinds) to give you a delightful serving of Turkish delights. Foodies can spend an entire day feasting on the local delicacies. You could start your day with warm and crisp simits, have some midye dolma (stuffed succulent mussles) for lunch and cap off the day with a hearty serving of lamb kebabs. One thing is for sure, the streets of Istanbul will keep you at peace all through the day.

Istanbul, Turkey - Street Food

Mumbai, India:

Among the tourist places in India if there is one city that can take any cuisine and add its own flair to it, it’s Mumbai. Places such as Khau Galli and Mohd. Ali Road are bustling hotspots for street food in the city. With everything from chaat to veg. sandwiches available on almost every street corner in the city, there is something in store for every palate. Once thing is for sure, you will definitely eat to your heart’s content in this city that never sleeps.

Mumbai, India - Street Food

There are many more cities across the world that are street food heaven, if you have visited any of the mentions in the list above or plan to do so soon, let us know in the comments below. Always remember, ‘the easiest way to a person’s heart is through food, delicious and mouth-watering food.’

Table of contents

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