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Most incredible world heritage sites

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When it comes to travelling; tourists usually like to visit beaches, hill stations and places that are renowned for monuments and wonders of the world.  But how many of you have visited world heritage sites? A world heritage site is a place that is marked as culturally, historically or internationally significant and therefore requires special protection. These sites usually feature some of the most wonderful architectural marvels and ancient ruins with breathtaking views. Keep reading and you will come across some of the most incredible world heritage sites that spark wanderlust right away.

List of World Heritage Sites

Acropolis of Athens:

The intellectual center of Greece, Athens is one of the most prized cities in the country. Upon making your way here you will be greeted with lovely people, mouthwatering cuisine and amazing architecture. One marvelous structure standing strong until this day is Acropolis of Athens. With all of Athens visible from the site, the view from the top is truly magnificent. The Acropolis was built in the second half of the 5th Century. So when you do make your way to this scared city, remember, you are standing in the midst of a structure with 1500 years of history.

Acropolis of Athen

Great Barrier Reef:

Imagine you put on a wet suit, go under water and let your sight fall upon colorful fish and a stunning endless reef of corals. This place isn’t a part of someone’s dream; it is the world heritage site, known as the Great Barrier Reef. Right from the clear blue waters to the countless fish that call it home, everything about this place will simply amaze you. Australian tour packages are will give you a chance to experience marine adventures of the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef


Located right in the heart of Karnataka, the ruins of the sacred city of Hampi is another great World Heritage Site. Once you enter this site you will be treated to majestic structures such as temples, palaces and treasury buildings that once stood tall, many years ago. When you are here, you can either visit the various architecture ruins or you could go rock climbing around the site, either way there is a lot to do here. If you love photography, Hampi will leave you with countless subjects that will be the perfect centrepiece to your pictures.


Machu Picchu:

If anyone has ever spoken of a City in the Skies, they were definitely talking about Machu Picchu. Built high up in the Andes Mountain range at an elevation of close to 2500 meters, this World Heritage Site is known primarily for its structures that are built with methods way ahead of their time, and their placement based on astronomical alignments. But that’s not all, once you’ve made your way to this magnificent citadel, you will be treated to scenic views in every direction. Choose to hike up the beautiful Andes or take the 3-4 hour train ride, either way you will be treated to mesmerising views that will take your breath away.

Machu Picchu



From a city in the skies to a city built on a hundred islands, this next World Heritage Site is none other than the splendid city of Venice. Beautiful stone structures fill the city’s landscape, leaving tourists with a view of spectacular architectural marvels. What makes this city all the more amazing is that it has no roads, and the only mode of transport is by foot or a gondola. This makes travelling through the city all the more exciting and romantic, particularly for couples on a vacation or a honeymoon. Of late, Venice tourism has boomed; thanks to tourists flocking to get a glimpse of this wonderful city.


We know there can never be a definitive list of the most incredible world heritage sites in the world. But we’ve done our best to list out a few. Let us know in the comments below which World Heritage Sites you have visited or which you plan on visiting soon. And until the next time you pack your back and head off to explore a place, remember, “It is better to see a place once, than hear or read about it a thousand times.”

Table of contents

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