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Street Side Shopping Escapade in India

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If you want to explore India’s diversity, street side shopping markets will be your best sensory guides. The color, the smell, the extravagantly inviting hawkers to grab your attention and organized chaos, are the most integral aspects of Indian bazaar that makes visiting them an enthralling and overwhelming experience. You do not shop from these street side shopping escapades in India rather you buy a story to cherish for a lifetime. Some of these shops almost appear like carved in a wall teeming with bargain enthusiasts. Apart from this pocket sized shops stuffed with stuffs and fineries there are street vendors as well, fighting for space with vehicles, elephants and horses and God only knows what. Amid such chaos lies the treasure for you to be found and then obtained. These shops or street bazaars definitely create a cacophony of noises creating a kind of music that is exclusive only to Indian street side bazaars.Every city in India has such bazaars which they take pride of.  Following is the list of most famous street side bazaars in India to mention a few:-

Street Side Shopping Markets in India

Johari Bazaar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – Spread around Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Johari Bazaar is like a street paradise for fine fabric and both precious and semi precious jewelry. Hawa Mahal was once erected for the women of royal family, even years after royalty has perished, this place doesn’t fail to attract modern princesses from across the globe. A trip to Jaipur at any point will remain incomplete if you miss touring this amazing flea market. The place is decked with tiny shops that sell brocade, gold zari embroidered skirts, dazzling saris etc. You can find the most gorgeous silver and junk jewelries in street shops of Jaipur as well.

Fashion Streets in Mumbai

Flea markets in Mumbai, Maharashtra – Mumbai is home to not one, but many street flea markets. The most famous among these are Chor Bazaar, Zaveri Bazaar and Fashion Street. Each of these flea markets has a distinct characteristic. While Fashion Street is mostly visited by youngsters because of the availability of contemporary fashion at cheap price, Zaveri bazaar on the other hand entreats the soul of jewelry merchants with its sheer volume of choice in jewel. Household items are available at a pretty cheap price in Chor Bazaar.

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Other popular street shopping escapades in India are located across cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Jodhpur and Goa. Hence next time when you go for Jodhpur or Goa tours do not forget to visit the most famous flea markets in the city.

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Table of contents

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