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Glad to Be a Grad with Thomas Cook

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Don’t worry about forex and outward foreign remittance; focus on adventures that await you

Studying abroad is a dream that not everybody can fulfill. But now that I’ve been accepted into the college of my choice, it is my chance to live that dream. I first checked the international travel guidelines to ensure that I complied with them all. Apart from our visa, passport, and acceptance letter, forex is one thing we should pay attention to. I chose a service with forex outward remittance as well as an inward remittance. You will understand the importance of doing so, later. It’s a matter of security.

I cannot entrust outward foreign remittance to anybody where my course fees are concerned. And what about when I start earning? Whether you want to send money from Canada to India or from Europe, make sure to send the money through a trusted forex inward remittance service for a seamless forex experience. But as a student, I don’t have to worry about foreign inward remittance yet. I will set off on my journey of learning with confidence and exploring new frontiers.

I don’t worry, Thomas Cook has my back

Thomas Cook is a trusted name in forex and offers reliable services in currency exchange, foreign inward remittance, and outward remittance. And with their online services, I didn’t even have to leave home. While the smaller, everyday expenses can easily be handled with one of Thomas Cook’s student forex cards, the bigger expenses such as tuition fees and rental payments need remittance services. In addition to offering inward remittance services, Thomas Cook also has a reliable international money transfer service. It is a simple, four-step process to transfer money internationally.

  1. Select currency

Thomas Cook deals in a wide range of foreign currencies, giving me the flexibility to choose my currency.

  • Fill in the details

This step ensures that only the intended party gets the money, with a few relevant questions such as beneficiary details and the purpose of sending money.

  • Pay online

Pay the money online using a debit card, credit card, or net banking. If it’s inward remittance, I receive the money in my bank account.

  • Receive confirmation

I receive a confirmation once the money reaches its destination.

It pays to use Thomas Cook forex

Forex is an important service for a student who’s abroad. We must keep an eye on our expenses and also ensure that all our fees are paid on time. Thomas Cook helps me stay on track.

  1. It offers me fair and stable currency exchange rates.
  2. I can lock an exchange rate to be safe from currency fluctuations.
  3. All my forex transactions are transparent, and I can check the status online anytime, from the comfort of my home.
  4. Thomas Cook operates through a large network of trusted money transfer service agents all over the world.
  5. Thomas Cook has RBI’s authorisation to handle international money transfers.

Now that I’m all set for a new adventure, I chose the smart option and got #gharpeforex.

Table of contents

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