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Why You Should Plan a Heritage Trip to Shimla?

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In Shimla, you can immerse yourself in the enigmatic splendour of the Himalayas. Evergreen forests, rolling valleys, picturesque lakes, a pleasant climate, and an opulent colonial ambience support the aura of this hill station, once the summer capital of India.

Shimla, a beautiful colonial hill station in Himachal Pradesh, is a place that you can visit anytime throughout the year. It is a complete tourist destination with a rich history, amazing culture, and charming people. What’s more, it is a must-visit for history lovers!

Shimla heritage walk is a good way to explore this hill station. Its streets, dotted with vintage shops and cafes, are home to a rich history and beautiful architecture. Nothing can rival the feeling of getting lost in their beauty.

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Must-Visit Places in Shimla

Undoubtedly, the city lives up to its reputation as a place that offers a whole assortment of natural splendours and artificial wonders. Here’s a list of places to visit when on your trip to Shimla.

The Ridge, Shimla

You can call The Ridge Shimla’s heart considering its location and tourist attractions. This Shimla tourist spot is also known as ‘Chalopani Road’ because it goes from east to west along the Mall Road and connects it to the world-famous Scandal Point.

The views of snow-capped mountain ranges rising against the blue skies to meet the fantastic landscapes of the area attracts crowds to it.

The Ridge, surrounded by various retail stores, bars, restaurants, cafés, and other shops, is one of the region’s most popular social hubs. Its rich natural beauty and the Gothic structures signify the beautiful character of the place.

The feeling you experience at this spot is worth your Shimla trip cost.

Jakhoo Hill and Temple

Take a trip to Shimla‘s highest point, Jakhoo Hill. The place, covered in a blanket of alpine trees, offers breathtaking views of the Shivalik range and Sanjauli, Shimla’s sister town. The mysticism and legends of this region entice tourists and devotees alike.

The ancient Hanuman temple of Jakhoo Hill, located at an elevation of 8000 ft. above sea level, is home to the world’s tallest statue of Hanuman. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman visited the spot during his search for the Sanjeevani Booti during the Lanka war.    

Christ Church

During your trip to Shimla, you will find buildings that are excellent examples of neo-Gothic architecture. And the Christ Church on The Ridge is one among them. Dating to 1857, this church is one of Shimla’s most famous landmarks and is the second oldest church in northern India.

It is an unmissable stop on your Shimla heritage walk. You can see its silhouette long before you reach its steps.

The stained glass windows, the brass church bell, and the magnificent towers of this church will present a vision of fantastic art. When illuminated at night, its majestic facade is among the most enchanting sights in the world. The building also houses the largest pipe organ in the world.

Himachal State Museum

Step into this colonial mansion on Mall Road, and you will find yourself in the Himachal State Museum. Explore the museum’s vibrant collection on your trip to Shimla to understand the city’s history and culture.

The museum houses many remnants of the state’s vast cultural heritage. You will discover several treasures of the valley, such as miniature paintings, handicrafts, coins, stone sculptures, dolls, armours, jewellery, and numismatic relics. Admire the extensive collection of bronze idols from ancient Himalayan temples.

Include the museum in your Shimla heritage walk if you love history, art, architecture, and heritage.

Army Heritage Museum

A trip to Shimla allows you to salute India’s brave soldiers. How, you may wonder?

Near The Ridge is the Army Heritage Museum which houses old and rare items belonging to the Indian Army. You will find a vast collection of weapons, ammunition, and other personal items of soldiers.

This museum is also a perfect addition to your heritage walk through Shimla.

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

Are you staying in a hotel on Mall Road?

Then you are likely to notice the Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex when you step outside.

Almost 100 years ago, the British built five beautiful gothic-style buildings consisting of a multipurpose hall, exhibition halls, and theatres. This imposing Victorian-style complex became popular as the Gaiety Complex.

The building now stands partially demolished, but what remains is impressive, making it one of the unique tourist attractions in Shimla.

Music and dance performances and theatre plays are held here every year. Artists and art enthusiasts worldwide visit this world-renowned performing arts centre during their trip to Shimla.


Shimla heritage walk is the best way to know the city.  Visit the Viceregal Lodge, Christ Church, and Gaiety Theatre, which date back to the British Raj. Spend a relaxing afternoon in one of the parks or lakes. Go on a museum trail, shop at the many cute stores, or indulge in tasty food.

Be it history, nature, food, or recreation, Shimla has something for everyone!

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1. When is the best time to go to Shimla?

During summer, pleasant weather is experienced in Shimla, spanning from March to June. There is no better time to visit Shimla than now.

Visit Shimla during winter if you want to enjoy snowfall. This period is generally between November and February.

2. How to reach Shimla?

It is best to take a flight or train to Chandigarh and then drive to Shimla. It takes 4 hours to reach Shimla from Chandigarh. The Kalka Railway Station also has a toy train to Shimla.

3. How can I make the most of my time in Shimla?

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kalka-Shimla is the ideal destination for those who love hill stations. You can enjoy a stroll along the Ridge, dine out along Mall road, and shop at Lakkar Bazaar. You can also participate in trekking, camping, golf, and ice skating.

Don’t miss watching the sunset at Scandal Point, observing wildlife, and taking in views from the Kalka-Shimla tee-pee.

4. Tell me where you like to eat in Shimla?

Shimla has many good eating establishments that you must visit. With its hilltop location, Cafe Simla Times is one of the best restaurants in Shimla. Other good eateries are The Brew Estate, V Cafe Sol, X Eighteen 71, Trishool Bakers, Hideout Cafe, and Honey Hut.

5. Is there anything interesting to see around Shimla?

Do not forget to include Kufri in your Shimla itinerary if you have time.

In this small hill station, visitors can find themselves surrounded by breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains. They can indulge in adventurous winter sports such as ice skating and skiing.

You will likely experience snowfall while visiting Kufri during winters.

Table of contents

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