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10 Best Treks near Mumbai

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In this day and age when health and fitness are a primary concern, easy treks near Mumbai are no longer a sport but rather a luxury. We are all boggled by the daily hustle and bustle of busy city life and keeping up with our health becomes a challenge with the long workweeks. Therefore, finding the best trekking places in Mumbai allows us to not only work on our health but also to take a break and relax in nature. On top of these mesmerising trekking routes, there are a lot of other things to do and places to visit in Mumbai,  making it an ideal tourist destination in India. You can find more amusing holiday locations, packages, transport options, etc., similar to Mumbai  on our website.

Trekking is all about working up your heart rate while enjoying the picturesque view of Mother Nature all around. I’m heading towards a destination that is bound to make you feel like you are part of a bigger plan. The experience in itself is thrilling but when trekking near Mumbai on one of the most popular trails, the mission becomes a divine path to follow.

Let us take a look at the 10 best trekking places in Mumbai and in its neighbouring regions where you can relax and rejuvenate your mind and body:

Korigad Trek 

These past couple of years have taught us that taking care of ourselves as well as building relations with those who are near and dear to us can be an endearing experience. The Korigad trekking trail is one of the few checking places near Mumbai that is best accomplished with friends or a loved one. 

located approximately 110 kilometres from the city of Mumbai at the scenic hill station of Lonavala, the Korigad trek is a climb of 3050 feet. During this incredible adventure, you will come across two beautiful specimens of the work of Mother Nature in the form of caverns. Each of these caves houses grand ponds in its midst. Couples trekking together love to sit by the water and bond while relaxing in one of nature’s wondrous works. 

Raireshwar Trek 

Monsoons in Mumbai can be very treacherous. If you want to get away for monsoon treks near Mumbai, the Raireshwar trek is the perfect destination. You may have to travel a while up to 260 kilometres from the main city, but the historic trekking ground is worth the trip. 

It is one of the easy treks near Mumbai that takes about a day to accomplish. The scenic view of the mountains and the rolling hills is quite a sight as you trek through the trails on roads much taken by outdoor enthusiasts. while there, consider taking some time to talk to the locals to learn the historical significance of Raireshwar. You will be amazed by what you learn. It truly is a haven in more ways than one. 

Rajmachi Trek 

When looking for places to go trekking in Mumbai it is not a bad idea to also consider a location that offers hikes as well as relaxation. The Rajmachi trek is one of the most popular treks near Mumbai for two very appealing reasons. For one the hillside located along the historically popular trade route features two distinct forts namely the Manoranjan Fort and the Shrivardhan Fort. Traipsing along these historical structures provides a glance into the past that once celebrated art and culture with flair. 

Secondly, the Rajmachi Fort Is in close proximity to several resorts where you can spend time getting pampered after a long hike. It is a true amalgamation of bodily health as well as spiritual rejuvenation. The panoramic view all around the hillside is just the cherry on top of a very relaxing cake. 

Raigad Fort 

Everyone treks during the day when the sun is shining bright, and the path ahead is lit to follow the steps of those who came before us. but trekking is meant to be an adventure. so, what if you could go trekking near Mumbai at night and discover your own way and yourself? 

Raigad fort  Is one of the most popular treks near Mumbai and it is definitely not for everyone. It is far from the easy treks near Mumbai where you just trudge through true nature. The Raigad Fort trek is a personal adventure where you go to find your inner peace and willpower to fight against adversity. People who have conquered the Raigad Fort trek have often mentioned how their perspective of life changed overnight for the better, making it one of the best trekking places in Mumbai. 

Torna Trek 

Nature has a way of surprising us and the Torna Treks near Mumbai do just that. This incredible trail is marked with greenery all around reminding you of life and love as you climb the three stages of the Torna Trek. The natural topography of the trail itself is what makes it more suitable for moderate hikers rather than the easy treks near Mumbai. 

The Torna trek is divided into three parts, and you can choose as far as you want to climb. First, you must conquer the hill which certainly provides an incredible view of the surroundings. Next is a small plateau which may seem like an easier climb than the hill. Lastly, if you really wish to conquer the Torna treks in Mumbai, the rock patch on the hilt is the ultimate climb. While planning your trek, you can also check out the available Mumbai package tour options with included transport, sightseeing, accommodations, etc., for a more smooth sailing trip experience.

Prabalgad Fort Trek 

There are numerous easy treks near Mumbai that you can try and accomplish without breaking much of a sweat. However, if you really want to challenge yourself, try the Prabalgad Fort  trekking trails. located at 2300 feet above sea level atop a plateau in the infamous western ghats, it is one of the toughest trekking experiences, especially for newbies. Although, if you are an experienced outdoorsman, you may still find the climb moderately difficult. 

What makes it one of the most challenging trekking places in Mumbai is its lack of sufficient water bodies. You need to carry what you require till you reach the top of the Fort to enjoy the incredible view around. The trail itself is rugged and requires true willpower, which is a welcome trial for nature lovers and those who love overcoming challenges. 

Vasota Trek 

While on a journey to discover your love for the outdoors, you can venture into Vasota trek, one of the renowned trekking places near Mumbai approximately 280 kilometres from the main city. The natural beauty of the hills that is home to the Koyna wildlife sanctuary is a reprise from the busy metropolitan. 

The lakes that lie in the lap of the hills are amazing finds when you trek through the forest alone, discovering new possibilities. It is one of the most difficult trekking places in Mumbai, but the experience will enrich your life in more than one way. 

Garbett Point 

Monsoon treks near Mumbai are becoming increasingly popular and what better way to indulge than at Garbett point, which is also popularly referred to as Garbutt Point! It is one of the more difficult trekking places in Mumbai better suited for experienced hikers and trekkers with a penchant for discovery. 

Garbett point Is a serene location of solitary reflection with scenic views all around. Trudging the less frequented treks near Mumbai, when you ultimately reach your destination, you can enjoy the panoramic view of dense forestry on one side while an exquisite valley lies on the other. The mesmerising view uplifts your spirit after the rejuvenating exercise of trekking up to Garbett point. 

Mahuli Fort Trek 

The Sahyadri peaks are one of the major attractions when travelling around Mumbai, especially En route to Pune. The Mahuli Fort trek is a unique opportunity to climb the mountain range and take a view of what lies all around. 

The Mahuli Fort is built on the western side of the hills, away from the bustling highway to provide a solitary moment of tranquillity. It is what makes Mahuli fort one of the most favoured trekking places near Mumbai. The ingenious design of the Fort itself is astounding, but it is the lake that the Fort overlooks that is the epitome of serenity. trekking up the hill to reach this secluded destination for some rest and recreation is just what you need to revive yourself. 

Tikona Fort 

The Tikona fort trek is one of the easy treks near Mumbai Located 125 kilometres away from the bustling city. The entire trek takes a whole day to cover wherein you can explore nature as you hike up to the Fort itself to witness the remains of exquisite architecture from an era long past. 

The Tikona Fort is located on top of a hill which provides the perfect opportunity to hike and improve your cardio rhythm. It is rated one of the best trekking places in Mumbai due to the amazing find at the end of your journey. to marvel at the design genius of the red bricks that line the walls of the Fort while having accomplished the climb up the hill makes it a satisfying experience. 

When the busy city life overwhelms you, now you know where you can go and enjoy some time in the bosom of nature. These trekking places near Mumbai are popular for their mystical essence of reviving the body while providing scenic treats for the eyes. You can take a weekend trip to one of the best trekking places in Mumbai to enjoy some time alone from city life with your loved one or in solitary.  

If you choose one of the trekking places in Mumbai which also facilitate resorts and spas, you are bound to come back with a fresh new light in your step as you take on the challenges of your busy life with gumption. If you are not very fond of the outdoors, you may want to start with the easy treks near Mumbai and work your way up to the more difficult ones. Either way, you will have fun and your body will thank you in the long run. Besides famous trekking routes, this city also features an array of tourist attractions and historic sites, and you get more information on it in this detailed Mumbai tourism guide.

Table of contents

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