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Bali Travel Guide: Here’s How You Can Plan the Perfect Bali Itinerary

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Bali is more than just a scenic holiday destination with its pristine beaches and landscapes. It’s a spiritual experience. Steeped in ethereal fervor, you can feel Bali engulfing you the minute you land in this exotic destination. It’s in the graciousness of the people of Bali, and it’s in the very soul of the Island of a thousand gods.

The beauty of the land and its wonderful history make for another story. And to discover these, you have to open your heart and soul to this beautiful place. To do this, you have to plan the perfect Bali itinerary.

The ideal time to visit Bali

Rains can put a damper on sightseeing. In Bali, the rainy season starts in November and continues till March. This makes the time between April and November ideal for your Bali trip itinerary.

But, rains have a beauty of their own and can transform this idyllic place into a romantic getaway. And, with the rain, there is always a bit of sunshine!

The weather? Well, it’s near the Equator, and that means a hot and humid climate. You can expect the barometer to flirt with 30 degrees C, something that is easy to deal with.

Places to stay when you are in Bali

Basking in luxury? Try the Legian Bali. It’s elegant and classy. Overlooking the Seminyak Beach, this hotel has a panoramic view of the sea, delicious gourmet food, and excellent service. Rs. 20793 per day on twin-sharing basis.

A honeymooner’s  heaven, Kayon Resort by Pramana, is surrounded by lush green forests, and is a 10-minute ride from Ubud. This boutique resort is a wonderful way to get in touch with nature. The cliff-top setting and the meandering stairs are breathtaking but can be hazardous for the elderly and children alike. That is why this adults-only resort does not accommodate seniors and kids. Damages? Rs. 3761 per day. Exciting enough plan a trip to Bali.

The Ini Vie Villa in Legian is a mid-range hotel that seduces with Balinese-design villas. All villas have jacuzzis and private pools, apart from the luxury of a shuttle to Kuta. At Rs. 2831 per night only, you can’t get a better deal.

Travelling on a shoe-string budget? The Natya Hotel Tanah is a great choice. In the vicinity of the Tanah Lot Temple, this hotel offers spacious rooms and a swimming pool. The ambience, the elegance, and the beauty of the hotel are a steal at Rs 1055 per night.

Must-see places in Bali

Bali is a delight, with its rich culture and traditions. And, if you are lucky, you may be able to witness the monster parade before the onset of the Nyepi, the day of silence. Places you should see? Let’s check them out!

1. Mount Batur Volcano

It’s a volcano, and it’s not extinct. And that is enough to send thrills of excitement down your spine. When you decide on your Bali trip plan, this volcano is a must-visit. The track is not difficult, but you may have to start off way before dawn. And the ascent is worth it when you get a glimpse of the panoramic landscape from the top, not to mention the mountains shrouded in mist and mystery. The best part? The caldera below.

The volcano is considered sacred, and is about an hour’s ride from the city of Ubud. If you opt for a guided tour, you may get the benefit of a picnic breakfast with eggs that actually simmer over the active volcano! That alone is worth the trip.

2. The Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot is a temple perched on an island. You can visit it, only when the tide is low. The beauty of the temple and the island are at their best after sunset, when the rays of the setting sun shimmer on the water.

A roasted cob of corn wouldn’t do harm in these settings. You will find what you need from the many vendors dotting the place.

3. Nusa Dua Beach

Bali is famous for its beaches and Nusa Dua Beach doesn’t disappoint. The azure blue sea, lashing the pristine white of the beach is a magical experience. It’s a gated resort, so the intrinsic Bali vibe may be missing.

There are activities like swimming, parasailing, and surfing to bring out the adventurous in you. The downside? You may have to shell out a few bucks if you want to lounge in the chairs that are provided by resorts on the beach.

4. The Nusa Islands

There is something quite magical about taking a boat out to an island, in this case, the Nusa Islands. Nusa Lembongan is by far the most popular. For the adventurous tourist, this is manna from heaven. There are surfing, diving, kayaking, snorkelling and paddleboarding on offer. Other attractions? Dream Beach, Mushroom Bay and Devil’s Tears fascinate.

Devil’s Tears is an outcrop, and the view from its heights is breathtaking.

5. The iconic Pura Tanah Lot

This iconic temple, located northwest of Kuta, is perched on a rocky islet. The beauty of the temple is enhanced by the breathtaking view of the waves breaking on the rocks. Sadly, foreigners are not allowed in the temple itself. But the trip is worth it, to experience the sheer joy of existence. And you get to relish interesting cuisines in the company of friendly civets who lounge about in the area.

Civets are big in Bali and their droppings are used to make the most expensive and exotic coffee in the world. Dare you take a sip?

6. Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest, considered sacred in Bali, is home to more than 700 beautiful grey long-tailed macaques.  The lush nutmeg forest, the ancient temples and the paved paths make for an interesting trip.

A word of advice – avoid long beads or scarves, the monkeys may just snatch what they can lay their hands on in the hope of getting a bite to eat.

There is a lot more to see on this exotic Island, be it the magnificent Tegallalang Rice Terraces, the wildlife safari or the many caves, temples and waterfalls. And chances are you won’t be able to fit all of the Bali tourism in your itinerary. But hey, you can always visit again with some of our Bali tour packages!

Table of contents

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