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Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Immigrating to Canada from India

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Are you fed up with the situation which has taken a hold of your country? Or, are you simply looking for a new start where you can have a brighter future? No matter what the reason is, immigrating to Canada is a good decision that can open up many doors for you.

Thomas Cook for years now has been helping Indians to have a hassle-free immigration experience. We have learned there are certain things that most people fail to take into consideration, and this negatively affects their move to Canada. If you are migrating to Canada, then we have got you covered.

Next, we have mentioned some things that you need to keep in mind when immigrating to Canada from India. They can help you to truly have a safe and memorable move to this new place that you will call home.

1. Canada’s Visa and Immigration Programs

Each country has its own set of rules, regulations, and conditions for the immigration process. So, Canada has its own, and the best thing about Canada is that it welcomes immigration. In fact, there are plans by the Canadian government to facilitate the immigration of more than 1.2 million people by the end of 2024. For this reason, you can find that Canada has many different visa and immigration programs to ensure everyone can become a permanent resident of Canada with ease.

To ensure you have an effective and seamless immigration process, you need to find out which immigration path is right for you. The primary immigration paths of this country are:

  • Immigration Pilots
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • The Express Entry System

You also need to consider choosing an effective immigration visa approval process as well. You have to apply for a visa as per your purpose and requirement for the move. Some options that you can choose from are:

  • Work Visas
  • Business Immigrant Visas
  • Permanent Residence Visas

Thomas Cook understands that selection of the right visa and immigration program is vital. Thus, we are here with the easiest immigration to Canada from India process. From guidance for choosing the right immigration path to providing a quick visa application process, Thomas Cook is your one-stop solution!

2. Learning the local custom

If you are aware of Canadian customs and languages before moving there, then your immigration experience will be better. For example, you must have seen many TV shows and movies that suggest that Canadians like to say sorry more often than other countries. This is actually true; it is in their culture to say I’m sorry, Please, Excuse me, and Thank you. So, if you practice and maintain this, then settling in and making friends at work will become much easier for you.

3. Understanding the Canadian foreign exchange rate

Most people who are about to move to Canada often do not anticipate how costly living in Canada can be for someone who just moved there. Yes, Canada indeed has a low cost of living, but the first couple of months can be stressful and financially draining as you will be settling in a new place and it is subject to some unavoidable hefty expenses. To ensure you are budgeting yourself well during these crucial first few months, you should have a proper understanding of the Canadian dollar exchange rate.

If it is very difficult to keep up with the flatulating foreign exchange market and you can never tell what will be the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar from one moment to the next. We, at Thomas Cook, understand this problem, and thus, we have come up with our immigration forex products to help you when you are moving to Canada.

If you choose our forex card when migrating to Canada, then you can actively avoid Canadian dollar fluctuations as you will be able to lock in the exchange rate. Our forex cards are prepaid cards that can be loaded beforehand. The exchange rate on the day of the loading will be taken into consideration until your next date of re-loading. Besides, it can also provide emergency cash (up to your card balance available) to use when required.

4. Importance of Credit score

You have to find out your credit score from an acceptable source and bring it with you when moving to Canada. This is because credit score is of much importance in this country. When you have to visit a Canadian bank to open a bank account, the bank will ask for your credit score in your home country. They use your home country’s credit score to determine your starting credit score in Canada. The right credit score will help you to take out a loan which can help you out a lot in many cases.

5. Effective method to make transactions in Canada

Besides the currency exchange rate, there is also another thing that you need to consider as well. Many people immigrating to Canada often think that using their bank cards like International Debit and Credit cards is the best way to make transactions in Canada after just moving there. Yes, bank cards are convenient, but they are subjected to hefty charges. Besides, withdrawing money with the help of an ATM or Debit/Credit card is also subjected to certain charges.

Your best option is Thomas Cook’s forex currency notes (for minor transactions like transport fares) and forex cards for your day-to-day expenses.

Besides locking in the money exchange rate of the Canadian dollar, our forex cards can be used to withdraw money. With benefits like no surcharge at ATMs across AllPoint Network to the option to withdraw from both MasterCard and Visa ATMs worldwide, making transactions abroad with a Thomas Cook forex card is a more convenient and budget-friendly option than using international bank cards.

6. Get familiar with the local cuisine

From the world-famous Maple syrup to every foodie’s favorite Poutine, Canada’s local offerings are one-of-a-kind. However, adjusting to the local food scene can be difficult. Most people who moved to Canada recently tend to seek their home cuisine. However, this can be an expensive affair as in Canada, only the local cuisine can be found at an affordable price. So, before migrating to Canada, take your time to research the local food. This will help you to find out which Canadian dishes will suit your taste buds and food preferences.

7. Job opportunity available and acquiring a work permit

If you are immigrating to Canada as you found a job there or hoping to find one after the move, then there are some things that you need to take into consideration. The truth is most immigrants have to start a little lower than the position they held on the professional ladder in their home country. However, there are many job opportunities available and the scope to climb up the professional ladder faster is common in Canada. Do check out Indeed, Canada Bank Job, and other such platforms that can help you to get a suitable position in Canada. You are required to have a TFWP (Temporary Foreign Work Permit) before you can legally start your work life in Canada. So, make sure you apply for this before or immediately after moving there. If you work without a work permit, your work will not be counted in your favor when you will apply for permanent residence and you can even get deported.

There you have it; these were the things that you have to think about before your immigration to Canada. Consider Thomas Cook when you are ready for the move. From visa application help to providing you with the best immigration forex products, we are here to make your move to Canada seamless and effective.

Table of contents

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