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    Last Updated : 21st September 2020
  • Can Indian travel to the Germany?
  • YES but selectively.

  • Visa and Immigration related updates:
  • Applications accepted in following Visa application centres :Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi & Kolkata. New Delhi Visa application centre is accepting only emergency cases.
    Visa categories accepted: Family Reunification, Employment and Student Visa in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

    Only Long Stay Visa post approval received in July 2020 for Mumbai & New Delhi Mumbai Consulate accepting Transit, Seafarers and Student Visa with full scholarship Kolkata is accepting Seamans, Transit & Scholarship Holders/PhD/Post Doc/Scientists (D Visa) Bangalore & Kochi starting limited C & D categories Visa starting fro 7th & 8th September respectively.

  • Eligibilty
  • Apart from citizens of Germany, holders of Residence permits, Permanent residence permits, Family Reunion Visas (Category D), Long term (Category D) visas for employment in Health and Health research sectors, and Long term (Category D) visas for study purposes are allowed to travel to Germany.
  • Those travelling from any country for reasons like family reunification or for continuing an educational course are also allowed.
  • Indian Nationals holding US Green Cards or Canadian Permanent Residence Status are only permitted on special repatriation flights exiting India, if he/she is a spouse of a US/ Canadian National, whether accompanying or otherwise.

  • Passenger Obligation
  • On arrival, all passengers will need to show a ‘Proof of Eligibility’ at the immigration point in Germany. For example, a copy of the Marriage (registration) Certificate as well as the Passport and Residence Permit of the spouse residing in Germany, confirmation certificate issued by an employer or university confirming that the traveller’s presence is required in Germany can be shown as proof.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mark while travelling to any shop or restaurant in Germany and while using public transport.
  • It is also advisable (though not mandatory) to download the Corona- Warn-App that gives information on where there is a Covid-infected person nearby. Download link.
  • A self-declaration form (2 copies) must be lled by all passengers exiting India. Click here to download.

  • Quarantine Protocol
  • Mandatory quarantine duration for Indians: 14 days.

  • Mandatory Quarantine & Testing Rules
  • Each federal state in Germany has issued its own set of quarantine rules. Updated information can be accessed at https://www.auswaertigesamt. de/en/coronavirus/2317268.
  • Those who have stayed/ transited through a high risk area within the last 14 days before entry into Germany must:Proceed directly to their destination in Germany on entry.
  • Self-isolate at home until a negative test result is issued by competent authorities.