Novel and Thoughtful Souvenirs

New Zealand can be soothing and action-packed with its alluring landscapes, grasslands, fascinating coastline, sprawling forests, lip-smacking savouries and most importantly, numerous shopping options. Whether you are taking back souvenirs from this treasured land or looking for a gift for a loved one, New Zealand will meet all your gifting requirements. From local markets steeped in culture to high-end shopping malls, New Zealand is heaven for shopaholics.

There is an extensive list of products that one can shop for in this country, but since you probably can’t shop for everything, let’s take a look at some exclusive products that beautifully depict the culture and traditions of New Zealand.

1. Manuka Honey:

Want to taste the most unadulterated and luscious honey? Well, Manuka honey is what you are looking for. Native to the country of New Zealand, this wholesome product is filled with the goodness of antibacterial, antiviral and anti- inflammatory traits. It is also a natural replacement for sugar. Manuka Honey has various skin care properties which makes it an essential part of most cosmetic products. A vial of this healing honey is one of the most beneficial products you can bring back home. 

2. Pounamu:

Pounamu, as the Maoris call it, is a green stone found solely in New Zealand. It is of great importance to Maori culture and history. In ancient times, it was used to embellish weapons and was also an emblem of ascendancy. It is known for its elegance and toughness and yet, it can also be moulded into different designs, shapes and sizes that signify, love, happiness, relationships and other emotions. The stone is gaining popularity for both, its historical significance as well as its aesthetic value, and Pounamu necklace, pendants and sculptures are one of the most sought after souvenirs of New Zealand.

3. New Zealand Wine:

New Zealand has been producing a range of world-class wines for a while now. The country’s chilly and oceanic climate makes it an ideal location for producing wine. The extensive variety of wine depicts the lively spirit of New Zealanders. The best wines include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and popular favourites of reds and whites.   

4. Paua Shell Gifts:

Paua is a dazzling shell which is a blend of vibrant shades of green, blue and purple on the upper surface and shimmering pearl on the inside. The highly polished form of this shell can be reformed and fit into various necklaces, earrings, rings, beautiful ashtrays and different kinds of jewellery, which you can buy as souvenirs or as gifts.

5. Whittaker’s Chocolate:

If you call yourself a chocolate lover, then this is one thing you won't want to miss in New Zealand. Whittaker offers an extensive variety of choices, each unique in flavour and texture.  The palette includes dark, milk, white chocolate and many others. As it is New Zealand’s most famous brand of chocolate, it is available in almost every local store and supermarket. 

6. Merino Wool:

Sheared from the Merino Sheep, Merino wool is a material that is well-known for its extraordinary softness, gleam and breathability. Which is why, these are used to make scarves, gloves, pullovers, sweaters and other garments. Its ultimate furring provides warmth in a chilly climate and the lightweight variants can keep you cool on a sweltering day. One can also procure exquisite sheepskin rugs of different sizes and shapes from local markets. With a wide range of merino wool products and rugs available in New Zealand, the selection can become overwhelming. But this is one thing tourists should not leave New Zealand without.

7. New Zealand Sweets:

Let’s be honest, each and every one of us likes a sweet treat, don’t we? Apart from the Whittaker chocolate, New Zealand offers heavenly, bite-sized sweets that are unique in their own way. Your sweet box can include Pineapple Lumps, Jet Planes and Jaffas. Apart from these, other bonbons like Chocolate Fish, Minties and delightful milkshakes are also there to pamper your sweet tooth. Take home a few as gifts. Your family and friends won’t stop thanking you for it.

New Zealand offers an exciting range of exclusive products. However, it becomes easy for tourists if they know where exactly to find them. Here’s a helpful list:

  • Paua World - Paua Shell Gifts
  • Puriti- Manuka Honey Products
  • The Sheepskin Factory - Sheepskin Rugs
  • Wine Direct - Wine
  • Puawai Jade - Pounamu gifts
  • Morris & James – Ceramics and glassware
  • The Polynesian Spa – Cosmetics
  • The Remarkable Sweet Shop – Sweets 
  • Auckland Museum Gift Store – Pendants and Souvenirs

Leave some place in your suitcase so that you can stack it up with memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

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