Plan a proposal at these Romantic Locations

A perfect partner deserves the perfect proposal. The memory of which seems like a happy song that they just can’t seem to get out of their heads. A memory that takes them back in time, back to that moment all over again.  A proposal isn’t just a proposal, but the promise of a lifetime, that stays with you forever. Wondering where and how to propose? Thomas Cook India will help you make an offer that nobody can refuse! Check out these magical destinations and ideas in New Zealand for the perfect magical proposal.

1. Auckland:

While love at first sight is not unheard of, love at first bite is certainly something different. Pamper your sweetheart with syrupy bites and melt in the mouth treats. Surprise the love of your life by buying them a delicious ice cream shaped like the half of a chocolate heart. This is when you ask him/her to complete you, by being your better half! Like this idea? Head to Giapo, that serves frozen sweet treats as works of art and ask for the ‘Two become one’ ice cream! Or simply ask them to write ‘Marry Me’ in edible letters on your partner’s preferred choice of ice cream for a sweet proposal. Up above the world so high…no, we are not suggesting you sing a lullaby to your loved one but take them on a hot air balloon ride instead! A private spectacle indeed, where even though you can see what seems like the entire world beneath you, you are just a dot to the same. Away from the rest of the world. Propose to your favourite human being amidst sailing clouds and endless oceans of blue and watch them turn speechless for a fleeting moment. Too good to be true, isn’t it? 

2. Rotorua:

Pop the question amidst pitch darkness as you embark on an underground boat ride at the Waitomo Glowworm caves. Listen to your beloved gasp in surprise and watch the curve of their smile glisten as the light of glittering glowworms falls on their face. Never will you be more aware of each other’s presence than in the quiet, luminous caves half engulfed in darkness. Listen to the sound of your own heartbeat quicken, that follows the pin drop silence after you pop the question. Faint sounds are overpowered by feelings that ring loud and clear in your ears. Go forth, for this romantic setting will certainly not let you down. Now, want to match the adrenalin rush that comes along with rafting at the roaring Kaituna River or rappelling off steep-edged cliffs? Why not ask for your dear one’s hand in marriage as they clutch your arm, splashing your way through the water? We are sure both you and your partner will experience an adrenalin rush like never before after dropping the big question. If you would rather subtly slide in the question in the middle of a gooey, warm and bubbling mud bath with your loved one, when relaxation is at it peak, who could ever say no? It’s almost not fair! 

3. Queenstown:

Get down on one knee at the city of love, a new Paris awaits you. Ride into the sunset in gorgeous Gondola rides followed by a lip-smacking and wholesome buffet meal.  And as you rise 450 metres high above the ground, think out loud, “What a view,” as you lovingly gaze at your partner. Watch the sky break into shades of orange, yellow and golden as the sun bids goodbye. Say hello to your new life as you finally ask your love to marry you.  Be it summer’s balmy nights, autumn’s crisp air or winter’s misty mornings; Queenstown is every romantic’s favourite haunt. Which is why you should start your new journey here. Ever wanted to simply hold hands and gaze at the wondrous ripples formed on the lake together? Head to the Moke Lake that reflects snow clad mountains and clear blue azure skies. And break through the deafening silence to ask a question that will change your life forever, “Will you marry me?” Or embark on a helicopter ride to a secluded and isolated mountain that waits just for you. No human interruptions, no manmade disturbances. It is just you and the love of your life. 

4. Dunedin:

If a fairytale like proposal is what your partner is longing for, this idyllic South Island is the place to be! Talking about fairytales, how about an unforgettable proposal in a castle? Walk amidst the glorious gardens of Larnach Castle as you steal kisses from your sweetheart. And as you dance around in the exquisite gardens, make your soon to be’s heart sway as you ask her/ him to marry you. Travel back in time as you step into the intricate Victorian interiors of this castle. With magnificent tower views and walls that hold within them tales of romance and despair, this spot is indeed the epitome of love. If quiet proposals aren’t your thing, declare your love for your partner atop the Signal Hill as you overlook an array of twinkling city lights of Dunedin. Drive up to the top or embark on a walk instead, the view looking over the harbour and peninsula will be rewarding either way! If you visit during the day, views of the glistening Pacific Ocean coastline and historical landmarks will leave you smitten. Note that if you are walking to this spot, it will take around two hours to get here. 

5. Stewart Island:

Careless whispers in your loved one’s ears as the sky comes alive with beams of pink, green and red lights. The ominous spread of shining stars amidst swirls of pink and purple will instantly make you fall in love with everything around you. Watch these wandering ribbons of light form rainbows in the sky as you finally declare your infinite love to your beloved. Strokes of psychedelic green, red and orange ornaments the virtual darkness of this polar region in the southern hemisphere. The magic of Southern lights puts you in a spell. This proves true when the spectacular Southern Lights sunset mesmerizes you. As the sun goes down and the stars come out, dancing lights create a scene while a thick ray of high energy particles puts you under the spotlight. The only audience is your partner. Shine on. Could the setting be any more romantic? 

Can’t wait to visit these romantic destinations and plan the perfect proposal for your partner? A perfect partner and perfect proposal should never be kept waiting. Visit the Thomas Cook website to check out our New Zealand packages and book your tickets right away! 

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