Water activities to do in Kaikoura

When it comes to New Zealand, the opportunities are overwhelming. Blessed with natural as well as man-made wonders, it is a top priority destination for adventurers, travel enthusiasts, artists and even filmmakers who are often inspired to capture the beautiful backdrops in their famous movies. Soft sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, mesmerising waterfalls, world-renowned wineries, lush green meadows, waters in hues of blue and its Maori culture are a few of the things that make this Island country so special. New Zealand is also very famous for its exotic wildlife and water adventure activities. And if you want to make a splash, New Zealand presents you with the perfect place to do this Kaikoura. This charming coastal town has lots of hidden gems you can discover, be it in blue waters, grassy lands or misty mountains. An easy drive of about 2 hours north of Christchurch will bring you to a hamlet sandwiched between rugged mountains and playful waters. And if the sight of the blue waters urges you to straight away jump in them, wait to find out some water activities which are equally or more adrenaline pumping:


1. Seal Kayaking 

Well, what an amazing sight it is to see these furry animals flapping their flippers, wriggling on their tummies while moving on land or simply sunbathing on the rocks? Get close to these creatures by kayaking. Depending on your level of expertise, you can either hire a kayak to explore the coastline on your own or take a guided tour. It is much more peaceful than taking a cruise and you could also witness these furry creatures playfully swimming around your boat. If you are lucky enough, you might also be able to catch a sight of them hunting or munching on a fish or an octopus. Whether they are taking a nap or a dip or flaunting their cute quotient, every sight is worth soaking in by kayaking. You might also get a chance to take an amazing selfie with these cute creatures. For a truly unique experience, you can also swim with these exotic creatures in the shallow waters of the Kaikoura Peninsula. 


2. Whale-watching

Spot this giant creature, gliding through the deep blue sea with its shining body by hopping on a cruise ship. If you wish to get even closer, you can get on a sailboat for an even amazing view of this enormous creature. Thrilled is what you might feel when you realise it may be passing right under your boat! And if spotting only one or two whales does not suffice, hit the sea during the annual migration process to witness a large number of these beautiful behemoths. If you are lucky enough, you might get to spot some gigantic sperm whales, playful dusky dolphins, beautiful orcas and humpback whales jumping in the blue waters. An experience of a lifetime, you cannot miss this amazing opportunity during your visit to this alluring hamlet of Kaikoura.


3. Swim with the dolphins

Play, splash or simply just adore these mischievous acrobats of the sea. How about making some new friends on your trip to Kaikoura? You might not get to connect with them over a call but maybe you can pay a visit to them again. Home to wild dusky dolphins, Kaikoura will not fail to amaze you with its residents. You can swim with these beautiful creatures or simply awe at their playful nature by snorkelling. If you wish to stay dry, take out your camera to capture moments of these alluring mammals playing hide and seek. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to see them flaunting their entire body, trying to impress the audience. Whether you are in the water with them or watching from the deck of a cruise ship, both the experiences are equally precious and breathtaking. 


4. Catch your own food

Have you ever tried fishing? Or has it just been an unfulfilled wish? Kaikoura will make your dreams of angling a tasty tidbit from the sea come true. And when a place has fish in its name (Kai means food and koura means fish in Maori); you know the fishing’s great! If you are lucky enough, your fishing hook might fetch you a Crayfish which you can season and cook with your own two hands. The clear waters also house fish like Blue Cod, Sea Perch, Blue Nose, Grouper and Tarakihi. Victory is when you are able to catch more than one fish and fun is when you get to flaunt your fishing skills. Even if fishing is not your cup of tea, the pleasure of catching and cooking your own fish on a holiday is an experience that is deeply satisfying. 


5. Surf like a pro

Playing with the waves, balancing precariously on the surfboard is everyone’s tropical dream. What could be better than living this dream? Kaikoura comes with great opportunities and beautiful beaches which witness some powerful waves, which means a perfect surfing occasion. Maybe you are not well-versed when it comes to surfing, but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn. Take a class or two to learn the basics about this thrilling sport. And if you are a quick learner, you may be able to hit the waves like the pros. If you are afraid of standing on a surfboard, you can simply lay on it and paddle through the waves. Float on the blue waters or catch a wave like the surfers do, the choice is yours to pick. Whatever you decide to do, the experience is truly exciting and thrilling. 


When it comes to Kaikoura, you can simply not let these wonderful opportunities slip through your hands. Kaikoura water sports are fun and immensely exciting. Adorned with scenic backdrops, this hamlet is a delight for all adventure enthusiasts. So, next time when you wish to plan a vacation to New Zealand keep this list handy so you don’t miss a thing.

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