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5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Life While Studying Abroad

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So you have an acceptance letter in your inbox? Congratulations! You are now going to embark upon a journey of growth and development. While it is all exciting to think about all the new adventures that are in store, finances are always a worry in every student’s mind.

Advantages of Earning While Learning

As a student, you want to explore the country, you want to keep a track of all your expenses and save as much as you can. From the mode to payment to additional charges, the doubts and worries never seem to end.

Let go of all your worries with Thomas Cook as we provide a solution to all your queries.

5 Tips to make the most of your study abroad experience with Thomas Cook forex:

Using a multi-currency forex card

When you are studying abroad you would want to travel. If you are studying somewhere in Europe, visiting new countries is easier. To travel to different countries you would require the local currency. With Thomas Cook’s multi currency forex card, load your card with US Dollars and make transactions in 25 different currencies. Multi-currency cards are very useful when you wish to travel. Furthermore, it can be very useful for student exchange programs and other activities that your university offers.

You can easily purchase Thomas Cook’s multi-currency forex card through the website. For educational forex cards, we offer perks including free ATM withdrawals and emergency withdrawals.

Keeping some cash handy 24*7

You cannot completely rely on debit, credit or forex cards, even in countries like the US. At times, even cards fail to process transactions and it will be a hard situation to survive with if you lose your card. Keeping enough cash that can help in emergencies is recommended. Keeping some cash with you all the time and some cash at your accommodation is recommended. Use Thomas Cook’s forex to withdraw cash anytime, anywhere

Keep a track of currency exchange rates

While studying abroad, it is imperative to keep a track of the dynamic currency exchange rates. Currency exchange rates fluctuate more frequently than ever and knowing the exact rates can help in keeping a track of your finances better. Checking the exchange rate at least once a day is recommended.

Use card over cash

Most of the popular study overseas countries are growing digital hubs and cards can be used at most places across the country. Saving cash for emergencies and using cards wherever possible is recommended. It is not possible to have the exact amount in hand all the time . Furthermore, it can be a hassle to take out and take in cash every now and then. Keeping cash handy for an unprecedented situation is suggested. 

Keep a track of all your expenses

While studying abroad, keeping a track of all your expenses is important. It helps you stay on track and ensures you do not run out of cash. It is more important to do so when studying abroad because of the ever changing exchange rates. Knowing the exchange rate helps you understand your spending in your home currency and keeping a track of the same ensures you know your exact spending.

Thomas Cook’s forex services

At Thomas Cook, customers can buy forex cards for various purposes including education, travel, business etc. With simple processes, you can load and unload your card with USD easily and make transactions in 25+ currencies easily.

Get Thomas Cook’s forex card in 4 simple steps:

  • Select a currency or domination of your preference
  • Enter your personal details and delivery option
  • Make the payment through the different multi-payment options
  • Get an instant receipt and get your forex card at your doorstep in less than a week’s time

Why Thomas Cook?

Thomas Cook is one of India’s most trusted travel agencies. Thomas Cook’s forex services are utilized by hundreds of students while studying abroad. With simple procedures and friendly staff, it is easy to buy a forex card and load the card with money with Thomas Cook. Furthermore, Thomas Cook’s forex app has been a game changer. With the borderless prepaid forex application in your phone, you can load your card, block your card if it gets lost, change card settings and a lot more! Thomas Cook offers flexibility and ease in study abroad experience

This what our customers say about us

We have served hundreds of customers with our forex services and each experience has been unique. As people enjoy our services, we also get feedback that helps us improve our services. This is what out customers say about us:

Samar’s Experience

“I have been using the card for the last 4 years as a student in the USA. Card reloads have always been timely and have been savior at the times of an emergency. The card has been user friendly all over the country. Thomas Cook’s card also provides a lot of perks including free ATM withdrawals, emergency cash withdrawal etc. I would recommend Thomas Cook to every student who wishes to study abroad”

K Jayasankar’s experience:

“I have been sending money to my son studying in Palmero University for the past 3 years. I have never faced any difficulty and the staff is very helpful. Moreover, the mobile application has been helpful during emergencies.”

Final Words

Studying abroad is a dream of many Indian students and if you are one of those who has realized this dream, congratulations! Finances and managing money plays a significant role in the entire experience and it is better to be ready with the required money and a plan to spend the money effectively. With Thomas Cook, get your forex travel card  and make your life simple with our quick and effective processes. Make the most of your study abroad experience but educationally and financially. If you haven’t ordered Thomas Cook’s forex card yet, what are you waiting for?


Table of contents

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