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A Quick Guide on How to Find A job in Australia as an International Student

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Apart from its lovely nature, Australia is also known for its strong economic system that expands all over the world. So, working in Australia as an international student is a great opportunity that can be beneficial to your future career abroad in many ways. If you are thinking of getting a job while studying in Australia, then you are in the right place because Thomas Cook is here with all the information required. We can help you to find a job that is financially beneficial yet not a hindrance to your abroad education.

We, at Thomas Cook, have prioritized our Students Forex products to ensure students interested in studying abroad get all the facilities required. It is our aim to help students achieve their academic goals without any financial burden. Thus, next, we have jotted down all the necessary information that you as an international student might need to find one of the best jobs in Australia. So, do read on to know more.

Is it easy to be employed in Australia as an International student?

Most foreigners can get jobs in Australia in several sectors such as Hospitality, Construction, Education, etc. However, the job market in Australia is quite competitive for international students. The following tips can help you to land a desirable job with ease:

  • Getting Visa in advance with Thomas Cook

You have to wait until your course in an Australian educational institution starts as you cannot work before that. Per fortnight, you are allowed to work up to 40 hours once your educational course starts and remains in session. When your program is not in session, then you can work for unrestricted hours.

You should not delay the visa approval process as it takes time, and you do not want to wait till your schooling and job are confirmed. Try out the Thomas Cook Australia e-Visa Application process for quicker visa approval in just a few simple steps. Our Student visa application services are straightforward, cost-effective, quick, and efficient.

  • Becoming fluent in the language

Even though the majority of people speak English in Australia, the pronunciation and way of speaking certain words are different. Learn the differences and try to adapt the way a true Aussie speaks as it will help you to understand your colleagues. You will be able to communicate better with them as well. 

  • Visiting relevant online job portals for Australian Jobs

Finding a job in another country can be difficult if you are not using the correct method for job hunting. Choose online job portals as it provides you the option to search and research from any location at any time. Always consider those job portals that boast of having extensive Australian job options or are designed specifically for Australian jobs meant for international students.

The Job Search Engines in Australia

If you are hunting for jobs in Australia as a foreigner, then you should only consider such job search engines that can provide you with relevant and suitable options. We, at Thomas Cook, have listed some popular job search engines that you should know about:

  • Seek: This is the largest marketplace in Australia to get jobs. So, create your Seek account to get your desired job while studying there.
  • Adzuna: To be employed in Australia, you need to know the best Australian search engine, and Adzuna has all the features that can make your job hunting process seamless.

How to hunt for part time jobs in Australia for international students?

This is a frequent question that most international student job seekers ask in Australia. So, here’s how to find the most suitable part time jobs in Australia for international students.

Surveying the Job Market:

Yes, an online search will get the ball rolling. However, to really figure out which job is right for you, fieldwork is highly advisable. So, you need to visit some companies physically to ask questions or drop off your resume or give walk-in interviews. As a hefty cost is involved in this process, many students avoid this and consider only searching online. If you choose Thomas Cook and consider our Student Forex Cards and Currency Notes, then conducting on-field research will not be an expensive affair.

Student Forex card of Thomas Cook:

A Student Forex card is something that can solve all your problems while you are in a foreign country. Thomas Cook is offering student forex cards to make your transaction flexible and easy. If you have a forex card, you can take care of all your expenses like electricity bills, house rent, university tuition fees, etc. As they are prepaid cards, you have the option to lock in the exchange rate. The exchange rate on the day of loading the card is only considered. So, you are free from fluctuating exchange rates. This will help you to budget your finance better. With your extra savings, you can conduct your job search and research effectively.

The minor expenses that you have to incur while job hunting like transportation costs, shopping for formal attire, grooming session, refreshments and/or food expenses, can be handled via our Student Forex Cards and Forex Currency Notes. So, check out our Student Forex products to see in what other ways Thomas Cook has to ease the process of studying abroad while job hunting.

Popular cities to work in Australia

If you are determined to try your luck and move to Australia for further studies and work, then you have to know the popular Australian cities to work in. The following places provide ample job opportunities for international students:

  • Sydney

Sydney is a popular city in Australia with a strong economic interest. Sydney is known as the home of many multinational companies. Theis city is very friendly and welcoming to foreigners as employees.

  • Melbourne

Melbourne is another significant financial centre in Australia. Many headquarters of large corporations and small businesses offer different jobs that are specifically made for international and local students.

  • Perth

Don’t forget this city if you are looking for jobs in Australia. Students can find many part time jobs here that can hone their skills for better opportunities.

Some well-known companies in Australia that hire international students

Many different companies are hiring in different sectors including business, finance, hospitality, information technology, customer service, etc. Some well-recognized ones are:

  • TGI Fridays
  • Starbucks
  • Google Australia
  • Herbert Smith Freehills
  • Goldman Sachs

Other job opportunities available for international students in Australia are:

  • Tourism industries like as a dive instructor, deckhand, or surf instructor
  • Aupairing and childcare
  • Hospitality industries like bartending or waitering

The salary that the Companies provide in Australia

Salaries for international students vary and depend on the job position. Companies in Australia provide the salary in AUD or Australian Dollars to international students. So, it can be quite tough to convert the Australian dollar to rupee. But with our Forex card, you don’t need to worry about any high or unreasonable exchange or conversation rate.

To Conclude

Finding a job in a foreign country is difficult but not impossible if you follow our instructions and consider our guidance. 

One of the crucial matters that you must remember before flying abroad is choosing a transaction method that is easy and profitable for you. A Thomas Cook Student Forex Card can be your saviour when studying, working, and converting the Australian dollar to rupee. So, contact us to know more.

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