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These Global VIP Experiences Are Not Going To Wait For You For Long

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They say that travel unlocks the best experiences. Well, with a Thomas Cook Forex Card, you’ve got a VIP pass to the rest of the world. How? It’s simple! Thomas Cook and Mastercard partnered to offer one-of-a-kind, exclusive experiences in over 40 cities around the world. Feel the grip of a falcon’s claws before it takes flight. Create your own signature perfume in the most scintillating city in the world – Paris. Enjoy a 5-course meal, prepared by a world-famous chef in Madrid. Slip by the crowded queues as you take a private tour of the Colosseum. This is the lush life, and it’s your chance to live it! Over 40 cities, one forex card, and memories for a lifetime. This is Priceless® Cities brought to you by Mastercard for the first time in India for Thomas Cook forex card holders.

The Priceless® Cities program celebrates different cities across the world. It’s all about taking the best of these cities and crafting experiences to suit your interests. So, whether its movies, music, sports, food, culture, art, photography, history, shopping – you’ll find here.

Thomas Cook - Forex Card

Starting May 2019, this six-month program is accessible to all Thomas Cook Forex card owners. So, check your wallet – if you’ve got a Borderless Prepaid Card or a One Currency Card tucked in there, you can easily unlock these experiences. If not, you can apply for your forex card, here . Simple!

Now that you’ve got the formalities out of the way and your forex card in your hands, let’s give you a taste of what you’ll be experiencing in some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

They say that the world is your oyster. Well we’re going to prove that! Ready?

New York:

New York

Art and food, culture and music, movies and Broadway, food carts and fine dining… New York is the cultural capital of the world. This is not a city you experience in slow sips, but in giant gulps. However, that same flood of experiences can end up feeling overwhelming. With Priceless® Cities, you get to choose from some incredibly New York experiences. Stroll through the archives of the iconic Conde Nast magazine with the photography director of the archive. Walk the path of acclaimed Broadway actors. Plunge into the depths of Greenwich village to sample craft beers at a hidden bar. Make your own music (literally) at a state-of-the-art recording studio.

You can explore more experiences, here .


Paris, France

If New York meant a hearty draught of beer, Paris is all about the slow sips of wine. Slip into a scented paradise at Le Studio des Parfums and build your own signature scent. The best part? You get to build your perfume from over 180 exclusive notes, while sipping on petal infused champagne. Have you ever sung to an imaginary audience in the bathroom using your shampoo as the mike? Well, now its time to move from the shower to the studio, as you get a chance to record your own song with a professional vocal coach and a sound engineer.

You can explore more experiences, here .

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Rome, oftentimes, is described through the past – the Colossuem, Trevi Fountain, the Sistine Chapel. However, the Priceless® Cities program is all about the here and now. Savour those Italian flavours as you explore the culinary experiences, we’ve curated for you. Indulge in a five-course meal, cooked by Riccardo Di Giacinto – one of Italy’s finest chefs, or indulge in a Michelin star worthy breakfast at All’Oro Restaurant. Spend a day at a spa at the Spa Ritz Hotel. Skip the long lines outside the Colosseum and take a guided tour. This is where the past and present mingle to bring you perfection.

You can explore more experiences, here .

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Singapore - Budget vacation

Singapore is a true city of the world. People from all countries, all walks of life and all cultures make their home in this beautiful space. What they bring with them are their own unique flavours – all of which combine to form an incredible melting pot of different cuisines. So, take a deep breath, grab a fork and knife and follow in the footsteps of chef Steve Allen as you take a gastronomic tour of the city. Create your own gin at a masterclass, discover authentic Italian cuisine, and best of all explore Singapore’s local cuisine. Ready, set, eat!

You can explore more experiences, here .

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20 Trendiest Places to Visit In Dubai

Dubai – a city built to indulge, to pamper, to impress. Here you’ll find the tallest building, the breath-taking skyline, the plush malls, the smooth dunes of the dessert. Here, moments are just yours for the taking. So, why not make some incredible memories, by dining at some incredible restaurants like the Dubai Marina, Bice Mare and La Villa? Or you could visit Old Dubai and shop at the spectacular souks, with the expertise of a local guide? Do you want to see the waves and ripples of golden sand flow under you? Then sign up for a hot air balloon ride, 4000 feet over the dessert! Dubai has enough to sate the hungriest appetite…and then some!

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12 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Every step in Madrid is a sun kissed blessing. This warm and welcoming city is home to exquisite cuisine, beautiful architecture and a great nightlife. On top of that, we’ve put together some experiences to take your vacation to the next level. If you’re travelling with a partner, why not spend a romantic weekend at the Hotel InterContinental, where you’ll be greeted with a bottle of cava, chocolate and strawberries when you enter your room? Or you could fall in love over food, when you indulge in a custom menu created by famed chef, Miguel de la Fuente. Love has a new home – find it in Madrid.

You can explore more experiences, here .

Excited? You should be! The Priceless® Cities covers over 40 cities across the world. Each come with their own unique experience, their own unique activities and their own unique charm. So, with a forex card in your hand, and your luggage in the other, get ready to experience a world full of joyful experiences and create everlasting memories to cherish for a lifetime. Remember, each time you swipe your card, you spend a day of your holiday immersed in a new experience. More importantly, though, one swipe can create a memory that is ultimately…priceless.

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