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What is a Forex Card?

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A Prepaid Forex Card, in its simplest terms is just a debit card that allows you to access your money in the required regional or national currency. You can add a fixed amount in your home currency in this card and then use the card in a foreign country where it will be debited in the destination country’s currency. Also, these cards can be topped up from time to time as and when you need more money.

How is a Forex Card Better from Normal Credit and Debit Cards?

Your normal Debit & Credit Cards charge very high fees on a foreign exchange transaction. These fees can be high as 3 percent per usage. Moreover, the exchange rates provided on these cards can also be much lower as compared to those on a Forex Card. Read on

  • Highly affordable as compared to Credit and Debit Cards for Foreign Exchange Transactions.
  • The Thomas Cook Forex Card is not linked to your bank account. This means that in case a fraud does occur, your bank account is completely safe.
  • Load only the money you need. No need to risk your entire Credit Card Limit or Bank Balance.
  • Safe, Secure and Easy to Use.
  • Unlike Forex Cards offered by banks, the Thomas Cook Forex Card is available completely free of charge. That’s right. You do not pay anything upfront for the Forex Card. You just submit documents load cash and you are good to go!

Why do I need a Thomas Cook Forex Card? I can always carry Foreign Currency?

When you are carrying foreign currency, it is always possible to run out in urgent situations. Also, there is always a risk of losing your purse or wallet and thus losing the money as well. In addition to this, if you are planning to visit multiple countries in a single trip, you will have to carry different foreign currency for each country. With a Forex Card, all these hassles are taken care of by means of a single card. Here’s how:

  • Thomas Cook Forex Cards are Borderless. This means you can use a single card in multiple countries.
  • No risk of losing your money even if you lose your card as you can easily get it blocked. What’s more, you can even get a duplicate card issued easily irrespective of which country you are in. A new card can be issued in less than 48 hours!
  • A Forex Card will offer you better exchange rates as compared to physical currency.
  • You can easily load money in Forex Card online with the help of Online Payment. This makes the entire affair completely stress-free.
  • You get SMS and email alerts for each transaction you make. Thus, you are always informed.
  • The Forex Card comes with a Chip and PIN for added security.

Okay. Am Interested. What are the different types of Forex Cards?

There are basically two types of Cards:

  • Single Currency Forex Card: As the name suggests, this card only works for a single Foreign Currency. This is ideal if you are travelling to a single country only and need just one foreign currency. This Travel card is immensely helpful when travelling in a single country. Powered by Thomas Cook and MasterCard Worldwide, this card will help you travel across different countries and take care of all the cross currency exchange charges at nominal rates.
  • Borderless Prepaid Forex Card: This Forex Card is a Multi Currency Card that can be used across different countries.
    Link ‘Multi Currency Card’.

All this sounds great. But how do I Apply for a Thomas Cook Forex Card?

Applying for Thomas Cook Forex Cards is very easy. Just submit the FormA2 and all the other required documents pertaining to Forex. Along with that, submit a copy of your passport. Make a payment online for the card and also transfer the funds that you would like loaded on to the card. Once the payment is cleared and the Forex Documents verified, you get your Forex Card. The process is completely hassle-free and fast as well.

All in all, this card has a number of benefits and safety features as compared to Credit Cards, Debit Cards and even carrying foreign currency. What’s more, the application process is also really simple and hassle-free. So the next time you plan to travel abroad, make sure you get a Thomas Cook Forex Card and say goodbye to all the hassles and enjoy a really convenient experience!

Table of contents

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