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International Holidays
6 Nights
7 Days
A majestic view of the buildings in Singapore
Monthly Installment
Rs. 10 250.00 X 12*
Rs.1 22 500.00* Starting Price
Temple roofs in Asia
Monthly Installment
Rs. 12 950.00 X 12*
Rs.1 55 000.00* Starting Price
7 Nights
8 Days
Monthly Installment
Rs. 11 950.00 X 12*
Rs.1 43 000.00* Starting Price
7 Nights
8 Days
Monthly Installment
Rs. 11 500.00 X 12*
Rs.1 37 700.00* Starting Price
6 Nights
7 Days
Buildings in Europe with vehicle traffic on the road
Monthly Installment
Rs. 8 700.00 X 12*
Rs.1 04 000.00* Starting Price
14 Nights
15 Days
Multi Colored buildings in Europe by a lake
Monthly Installment
Rs. 18 350.00 X 12*
Rs.2 20 000.00* Starting Price
7 Nights
8 Days
Buildings in Switzerland by a lake
Monthly Installment
Rs. 13 300.00 X 12*
Rs.1 59 500.00* Starting Price
8 Nights
9 Days
A view of the London clock tower by the lake
Monthly Installment
Rs. 13 700.00X 12*
Rs.1 64 000.00* Starting Price
11 Nights
12 Days
Skyscrapers in America with the statue of liberty in the centre
Monthly Installment
Rs. 26 000.00 X 12*
Rs.3 11 500.00* Starting Price
India Holidays
7 Nights
8 Days
Monthly Installment
Rs. 2 450 .00X 12*
Rs.29 399.00* Starting Price
6 Nights
7 Days
Paro Taktsang Temple
Monthly Installment
Rs. 3 700.00 X 12*
Rs.43 999.00* Starting Price
5 Nights
6 Days
Three scuba divers in ocean
Monthly Installment
Rs. 1 850.00 X 12*
Rs.21 999.00* Starting Price
6 Nights
7 Days
A view of land filled with trees by the lake
Monthly Installment
Rs. 3 750.00 X 12*
Rs.44 999.00* Starting Price
6 Nights
7 Days
A Reflection on buildings
Monthly Installment
Rs. 2 250.00 X 12*
Rs.26 999.00* Starting Price
7 Nights
8 Days
A view of a temple surrounded by snowy mountains in Ladakh
Monthly Installment
Rs. 3 500.00 X 12*
Rs.41 999.00* Starting Price
5 Nights
6 Days
Monthly Installment
Rs. 1 950.00 X 12*
Rs.22 999.00* Starting Price
5 Nights
6 Days
A man riding an elephant on a green filed in Sri Lanka
Monthly Installment
Rs. 3 700.00 X 12*
Rs.44 340.00* Starting Price
Boats docked at a lake in Kashmir
Monthly Installment
Rs. 2 200.00 X 12*
Rs.25 999.00* Starting Price

Holiday Saving Account

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step-Through Holiday Savings Account you can take your first step to Plan your dream vacation.

Thomascook Holiday Savings Account is a smartest and simplest way were you can plan your Holiday Goal while saving per month in Recurring Deposit with one of our Banking Partners for 12 months.

While saving per month You will be also Earning attractive bank interest Plus Thomascook assured discount voucher. After 12th month Travel to your dream holiday worry free.

Assured Discount Voucher
Once you start saving for your holiday package , you will get an assured Discount voucher from Thomas cook, which can be utilized at the time of Final booking. Your voucher value will be based on your total package cost.

Ex- If the package price fall in the( Rs.1 00 000.00 to Rs. 1 49 999.00 )range, you will be entitled to a Rs 5 400.00 assured discount on your Booking. (Below is the discount Grid)

Package Cost Discount voucher (P/M)* Total Discount Voucher
Rs. 25 000.00 - 49 999.00 150 1800
Rs. 50 000.00- 69 999.00 200 2400
Rs. 70 000.00-1 00 000.00 350 4200
Rs. 1 00 001.00-1 49 999.00 450 5400
Rs. 1 50 001.00-1 99 999.00 650 7800
Rs. 2 00 000.00-2 50 000.00 850 10200
Rs. 2 50 001.00-2 99 999.00 1000 12000
Rs. 3,00,000.00- 3,50,000.00 1200 14400

Terms & Conditions applies. Please refer FAQs.

Customer Speak
Welcome to the world of Thomas Cook's Holiday Savings Account
Here are some facts that may help you select your dream holiday.
  1. 1. Can I change the destination / holiday package that I originally booked for?
    One has the leeway to confirm/change their holiday destination. Ideally the departure date will be after 30 days post transfer of funds from respective banks to Thomas Cook or/and submission of necessary documents for Visa processing in case of International holidays, whichever happens last.
    In case of change in the destination where the tour cost is higher than determined earlier at the time of opening an RD, the difference will have to be topped up once the funds are transferred from respective banks to Thomas Cook.
    For example: If a customer opens an RD with an instalment of Rs.4200 and wants to upgrade to a holiday where the RD instalment is Rs.5200, he/she can open an additional RD of Rs. 1000 and once the Rs.4200 maturity happens (he gets Rs. 4200 as top up here) this needs to be transferred to Thomas Cook and we will start planning for his holiday 3 months hence (he can take holiday immediately on transfer of 1k maturity within 3 month).
  2. 2. Will there be fixed departure date for the tours?
    Yes. There will be fixed departure dates. As all the packages are group tours.
  1. How do Recurring Deposits work?
    A monthly deposit of a pre-fixed amount is made in the Recurring Deposit account. On maturity, you get back the amount you deposited, along with interest calculated at the rate applicable at the time of opening your account.
  2. What if I want to continue with the RD but not take the holiday?
    One is allowed to cancel their holiday, and Thomas Cook will not levy any penalties. Once the fund towards the holiday is transferred by the bank, cancellation policies governed by Thomas Cook will be applicable.
  3. What happens if I want to break the RD and wish to travel in between?
    A client can break the RD and travel with Thomas Cook in between unless he pays for the whole package. In this case Thomas Cook? Holiday Savings Account policy will not be applicable and the client will be treated as an Ad Hoc opportunity.
  4. Can I redeem partial amount at maturity and use the remainder to travel. Eg. At maturity I get 80K, I want to redeem 30K and use 50k for travel.
    Yes you can use partial amount for travel but it will be treated as an ad-hoc booking. The original agreement for Holiday Savings Account will be considered void in this instance.
  5. 5. I have opened RD for 3 people but only 2 want to travel on maturity what does our process have to say about this?
    In case of 2 people traveling while 3 have booked, we will honor the same and the difference will be credited to the customer as gift card.
  6. Can my Recurring Deposit be opened in joint names?
    Yes, you can open a Recurring Deposit in a joint name.
  7. Can the first applicant for a Recurring Deposit be a minor?
    The first applicant can be a minor with a major guardian being a signatory.
  8. 8. What if a minor/infant is to become a major/minor in 11 months post opening of the RD account. Will the rates for minors / infants be applicable?
    Rates will be based on the age of an individual at the time of RD maturity. For example: If someone is 12 years old at the time of opening an RD and is to turn 13 in 11 months the rate for a major will be considered. Same is applicable for an infant who is turning 2 years old in 11 months.
  9. Is there a nomination facility?
    Yes, there is a nomination facility on the Recurring Deposit account
  10. Can I withdraw prematurely from my Recurring Deposit?
    Premature withdrawals are allowed, but no partial withdrawal is permitted
  11. What happens in case if an RD EMI bounces?
    The defaulter will be penalized as per prescribed Bank norms.
  12. What if certain RD installments are not paid?
    There is a penalty of Rs 1.50 per Rs 1000 per month which is levied on unpaid installments. If six consecutive installments are unpaid, the Bank reserves the right to close the RD account. The interest rate applicable on such closed accounts will be as per the premature withdrawal policy of the Bank.
  13. Is an overdraft facility allowed?
    Right now there is no overdraft facility for Recurring Deposits.
  14. Can partial Payments be made on Recurring Deposits?
    Partial payments are not possible.
  15. How can I prematurely liquidate my recurring deposit?
    If you wish to prematurely liquidate your Recurring Deposit. We request you to submit your Recurring Deposit advice or written instructions, duly signed by all account holders, at the branch for premature liquidation of your Recurring deposit.
    Alternatively, you can liquidate your Recurring Deposits through NetBanking. This facility will be available for Recurring Deposit held under "Sole Owner (SOW)" relationship only and which are booked from Singly Owned Savings or Current Accounts
  16. Is there a monthly or quarterly interest pay-out option?
    No. Interest is only paid when the Recurring Deposit account is closed, and on maturity.
  17. Can I change the tenure and installment due date, (auto debit date) of my Recurring Deposit?
    No it is not possible to change the tenure and instalment due date, (auto debit date). We request you to open a new Recurring Deposit with the desired due date and tenure.
  18. Can I choose my installment date?
    The date of your monthly RD instalment will depend on the date you opened your RD account.
  19. Can a minor apply for the Holiday Savings Account?
    Yes. Minor between the ages of 7 years to 18 years can apply. However this is subject to a major guardian being a signatory for Rd account opening. Rules vary from bank to bank; Kindly refer RD opening form for details.
  1. Is there a time limit after maturity within which I have to travel?
    The travel date can be anywhere between the 31st day to the 120th day post transfer of funds and submission of all necessary documents.
  2. What do I get from Thomas Cook when I register for HSA?
    Customer will get the terms and conditions booklet and the itinerary details of all destinations covered under Holiday Savings Account.
  3. What is the minimum cooling period after transfer of amount from bank to Thomas Cook, when the customer can travel ? for international and domestic holidays.
    Ideally the departure date will be after 30 days post transfer of funds from respective banks to Thomas Cook or/and submission of necessary documents for Visa processing in case of International holidays, whichever happens last.
  4. Can name change happen? Can additional people go on the same holiday?
    Name change will be allowed till 3rd month post opening an RD account. Additional people can go but they will have to pay the rate prevalent at that time for the package. They will be considered as ADHOC customers. However their inclusion to the holiday is subject to availability of seats and accommodation.
  5. Does the published cost include the ST in it?
    No. The published cost does not include GST. Any change to the tax structure (prescribed by the Government of India) will be charged on a pro rata basis.
  6. How is Interest Rate calculated for premature withdrawal of Recurring Deposit?
    If you choose to close your RD account prematurely, the interest will be paid @adjusted rate. The adjusted interest rate calculation will be as follows: - -
    ? The rate prevailing at the time of booking of the RD applicable for the period for which RD has run will be used as the reference rate
    ? Premature penalty of 1% will be levied on the same as per policy
    ? Reference rate minus the penalty will be the adjusted rate
    ? Interest will be paid on this adjusted rate
  1. How do I receive my Discount Vouchers?
    On every successful RD instalment, one accumulates these discount vouchers monthly via email/SMS from Thomascook
  2. Can I redeem half of my Discount Vouchers?
    No. The entire vouchers will redeem at the time of travel.
  3. What happens if I missed out Instalments?
    For you every missed Rd instalments, you will be not entitled for that month discount voucher.
  4. 4. How does Discount Voucher work?
    On completion on every successful RD paid, you will accumulated monthly Discount voucher at the time of maturity you can use vouchers.
    For example- if your has opened Rd for 5000 per month, every month he is acculmating 450 dicount vouchers at the end of 12 month he have 5400 vouchers. At the time booking he selected package cost of 60000 he will only pay(60000-5400)50600 to thomascook.