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Places to visit in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is the crown jewel of Jammu and Kashmir tourism. It is situated in the Baramulla district, about 49 kilometres from Srinagar, and is one of the most sought-after skiing destinations in India. Nestled in the magnificent Pir Panjal Range at an elevation of 8,690 feet, Gulmarg is home to some of the fascinating natural landmarks in the region. The scenic visuals created by the surrounding beauty attract domestic and international tourists all year round. The literal meaning of “Gulmarg '' translates to “meadows of flowers,” which is justified by the vast landscapes filled with exuberant flowers, like Daiseis, Bluebells, Forget Me Not, etc., found in the region. When visiting Gulmarg, tourists can enjoy the incredible views of the majestic snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, flower-filled valleys, small lakes and the surrounding greenery.

Some of the most iconic Gulmarg attractions include Apharwat Peak, Alpather Lake, Seven Springs, Ningle Nallah, Strawberry Valley, etc. There are also a number of prominent spiritual landmarks spread across the region, including the Maharani Temple, St Mary’s Church and the Baba Reshi Shrine. In addition, Gulmarg offers a fair share of thrilling adventures and fun activities you can consider during your trip, like skiing, horse riding, golfing, trekking, cable car rides, etc.  The town and its surrounding markets are also ideal for souvenir shopping and trying out authentic Kashmiri cuisine. And even though the nightlife in Gulmarg is not massive, there are quite a few places to visit in Gulmarg tourists can visit to spend an enjoyable evening.

Gulmarg Tourist Places

When it comes to sightseeing, there are a lot of popular places to visit in Gulmarg spread across the region. Here’s a detailed list of some of the best Gulmarg places to visit during your trip:

  1. The Maharani Temple

    The Maharani Temple is a significant religious landmark in the region. Located at a 10-minute walking distance from the town centre, it is one of the best places to visit in Gulmarg. The temple was built by Maharaja Hari Singh’s wife, Mohini Bai Sisodia, back in 1915. Dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, this iconic red-roofed temple lies on a small hillock, surrounded by vast green meadows, tall trees and snow-clad mountains.

  2. St. Mary's Church

    Founded in the early 20th century, St. Mary’s Church is one of the best places to visit in Gulmarg. This Victorian-style building is a perfect example of the architectural brilliance of that era. The church still stands tall in pristine condition with its green roof, grey stone walls and intricate woodwork. It is surrounded by vast green meadows, which gives the church a heavenly look, especially after snowfall during the winter.

  3. Shrine of Baba Reshi

    This shrine of baba Reshi is one of the most prominent places to visit in Gulmarg. Located about 13 kilometres from Gulmarg, the Ziarat of Baba Reshi is dedicated to the Sufi saint Baba Payam-Din. This beautiful shrine features an architectural blend of Persian and Mughal styles. It is the same place where Baba Reshi spent his last days following his demise in 1480. Apart from its peaceful atmosphere, the shrine attracts thousands of devotees every year for its religious and historical importance.

  4. Ferozepur Nallah

    The Ferozepur Nallah is an alluring mountain stream that flows through the valleys between Nurpur Pass and China Marg. Located just 5 kilometres from the town centre, it attracts tons of tourists thanks to its tranquil atmosphere and surrounding beauty. The site is perfect for hosting picnics and spending romantic time with your loved one. It is also a great place to visit in Gulmarg for activities like fishing and photography.

  5. Gulmarg Golf Course

    The Gulmarg Golf Course has been a massive attraction since the colonial era. Initially founded by Sir Neville Chamberlain, this 18-hole golf course was formally inaugurated back in 2011 by Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir at that time. It is also popularly regarded as one of the highest green golf courses in the world. You can learn to play golf at this location while the mountains and flower-filled meadows act as the perfect backdrop.

  6. Alpather Lake

    Lying at the foothills of the Apharwat Peak, Alpather Lake is one of the most extraordinary Gulmarg tourist places you can visit. This small lake is located at an elevation of 4,390 metres and offers some of the most impressive views of the surrounding area. The blue water of the snow-fed Alpather Lake remains frozen during the winter, enhancing the scenic delight of the place. 

  7. Strawberry Valley

    The iconic Strawberry Valley is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Gulmarg. It is covered by charming meadows, towering trees, and luscious strawberries, just a few minutes away from the town centre. The site has its own unique elegance, especially during the summer season. It is one of the best places to visit Gulmarg to take a calming stroll, have a memorable photoshoot session or host a delightful picnic. 

  8. Seven Springs

    As the name suggests, the Seven Springs is a beautiful stream known for its 7 unique natural water outlets. Lying on a hillock near Kongdori, it offers phenomenal views of the surrounding mountains as well as the Gulmarg and Srinagar Valley. The best way to reach Seven Springs is via a Gondola cable ride from Apharwat mountain’s base.

  9. Apharwat Peak

    Located at an elevation of 4,390 metres, Apharwat Peak is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Gulmarg. The entire region is surrounded by snow-covered meadows and mountains, creating a perfect backdrop for photography. It is one of the most popular peaks of the Pir Panjal mountain range and offers phenomenal views of the nearby mountains. It is also a great spot for winter sports, like snowboarding and skiing.

  10. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

    Also known as the Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary, this biosphere reserve is a protected area spread across 180 square kilometres. It is located on the northeastern side of the iconic Pir Panjal mountain range, about 50 kilometres from Srinagar. Initially declared a game reserve, the site was later upgraded to a sanctuary in 1987. It is home to hundreds of bird species, and you can expect to see wild animals, like leopards, Himalayan Brown Bear, Red Fox, etc., at this location. This Biosphere Reserve is a popular part of the Gulmarg sightseeing aspect.

  11. Khilanmarg

    Khilanmarg is a popular tourist attraction in the region, just 6 kilometres from Gulmarg. This mini valley is a go-to site for skiing and other winter adventure activities. In addition, the place cultivates some of the most picturesque views of the tall Himalayan peaks, making it an ideal location to spend romantic time with your loved one. It is one of the best off-beat places to visit in Gulmarg. 

  12. Gulmarg Children’s Park

    If you are going to Gulmarg on a family vacation with your kids, consider visiting the popular Children’s Park. It is a spectacular site spread across a vast land, surrounded by towering trees, green meadows and beautiful hills. The park has a wide range of fun rides for children, including a Ferris wheel, buggy rides, slides, swings, etc. It is also a great place to go for pony rides in Gulmarg.

  13. Drung Waterfall

    The renowned Drung Waterfall is an iconic site that you should check out during your trip to Gulmarg. It is in Tanmarg, a place on the lower slope of the Pir Panjal mountain range. This cascading waterfall becomes a prominent tourist attraction during the winter season as the lower temperature causes the water to freeze. The frozen waterfall creates giant icicles that offer a completely unique and breathtaking visual delight.

  14. Ningle Nallah

    Located roughly 10 kilometres from Gulmarg, the Ningle Nallah is another popular mountain stream flowing through the region. The melting ice from the Apharwat Peak is the main water source of this stream. At the end of its course, it meets the Jhelum river near Sopore. The picture-perfect view of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery make Ningle Nallah a fantastic picnic spot. 

Activities in Gulmarg

Going on adventure activities in Gulmarg is as famous as the popular sightseeing places in the region. Here are some of the best adventures and activities you can consider in Gulmarg:

  1. Gulmarg Gondola ride

    Going on a Gondola ride is inarguably one of the most popular things to do in Gulmarg. The two-tiered Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest cable car projects on the continent. The whole ride experience is divided into three distinct phases, with Phase I connecting Gulmarg starting point to Kongdori and Phase II connecting Kongdori to Apharwat. Phase III, or the “Chairlift Phase”, connects Kongdori to Mary Shoulder. During the Gulmarg Gondola ride, you can enjoy the incredible views of the surrounding terrain and even catch a glimpse of the Nanga Parbat.

  2. Horse riding

    It is a must-try activity you can avail of during your Gulmarg trip. Witnessing the magnificent scenic visuals while covering great distances on horseback is one of the most fun things to do in Gulmarg. Horse riding is available at most nooks and corners of the town, with Khilanmarg being the most prominent location. 

  3. Skiing

    As an iconic winter sports destination, skiing is one of the top things to do in Gulmarg. This thrilling winter adventure needs no new introduction. The best time to go skiing in Gulmarg is during January and February. It is the period when the surrounding area remains covered by a thick blanket of snow, making it ideal for winter sports. Apharwat Peak is a great place for skiing adventures in Gulmarg, and you can get all the necessary equipment on rent from the ski rental shops nearby.

  4. Trekking

    Trekking is a wonderful slow-paced adventure activity you can opt for in Gulmarg. It is a fantastic way to explore the vast green meadows, frozen lakes, rocky terrain and snow-capped mountain peaks. Some of the most famous trekking routes you can go for are the Gulmarg-Khilanmarg trek, the Gulmarg-Alpathar Lake trek and the Gulmarg-Drung Waterfalls trek.

  5. Golfing

    If you are interested in learning how to play golf or want to have a friendly game, Gulmarg is the best place for it in Jammu and Kashmir. It is an ideal activity to do during the summer season. The spectacular 18-hole Gulmarg Golf Course is the go-to site for learning and playing golf in the region.

  6. Bird watching

    It is one of the most fun things to do in Gulmarg. The dazzling range of flora in the region has made it a popular habitat for local wildlife. The most suitable place for observing and taking pictures of birds in the region is the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. Spread across 180 square kilometres, it is home to several bird species, including Kashmir Roller, Blue Rock Pigeon, Koklas, European Hoopoes, etc.  

  7. Picnics

    Another fun thing you can do during your trip to Gulmarg is host picnics with family or fellow travellers. Surrounded by alluring natural landforms, having a picnic amidst Gulmarg can help you relax and enhance your vacation experience. Some of the best picnic places in Gulmarg are Ferozepur Nallah, Ningle Nallah and Strawberry Valley.

Shopping in Gulmarg

When visiting Gulmarg, make sure to go for the shopping experience in the region. There are several street vendors, small shops and local family-run businesses in the town that offer fine quality products at all budget ranges. Here are some of the most popular shops and markets in Gulmarg:

  1. Gulmarg main market

    The main market in Gulmarg is the primary shopping area of the town. It has an array of local shops selling a variety of goods to locals and tourists alike. The main market usually remains open every day of the week, with operating hours from 7 AM to 7 PM. Some of the major shops in this market area are well-known for selling high-quality products like tea, apples, dry fruits, Tibetan handicrafts, etc. It is also a great place to shop for warm clothes, silk carpets and leather goods.

  2. Ladakh Art Palace

    Located on Church road, inside the Highland Park Complex, the Ladakh Art Palace is one of the most famous shopping places in the town. You can find an extensive range of regional craftworks in the form of antique pieces, carpets, jewellery and handicrafts at this location. The products sold here are of high quality and come at a fixed price. Make sure to check out their clothing section for regional dresses.

  3. Faiz Shawls

    As the name suggests, Faiz Shawls is a place to shop for authentic, high-quality shawls in Gulmarg. Located on Church Road, the store has a massive range of shawls and carpets made from genuine silk, wool and linen. With its vast variety of colour options, it is a great store to shop for shawls as gifts for friends and family.

  4. Shahab Textiles

    Shabab Textiles is another prominent place to shop for elegant dresses made from top-quality Kashmiri fabrics. The store has a wide selection of clothing items, ranging from dresses to safari suits. The reasonable price margin at this store makes it quite popular among tourists. It is located on Srinagar-Gulmarg road and remains operational from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

  5. Top Choice

    The Top Choice store in the Gondola Market of Gulmarg is a well-known clothing store. The place sells a variety of items, including apparel, shawls, carpets, sophisticated artefacts, etc. The affordable price range and high-quality products available at this location make it one of the best shopping places in the area.

  6. The Attic Snowboard Shop

    Apart from being one of the oldest shops in the region, the Attic Snowboard Shop is a must-visit place to buy adventure gear. Located on Gulmarg road, you can find all kinds of trekking, skiing and winter sports equipment at this location. Some examples of items offered at this store include backpacks, trekking shoes, split boards, pow boards, etc. 

Food in Gulmarg

There are a lot of choices available in Gulmarg if you are interested in trying out delectable Kashmiri cuisine. Here are some of the most well-known restaurants and foods available in the town:


  1. Bakshi Restaurant

    When talking about flavoursome vegetarian food in Gulmarg, the Bakshi Restaurant stands to be a great option. Located near the market region, the restaurant specialises in Jain food and various vegetarian dishes. Resting amidst the snow-capped mountains, it features a warm and cosy ambience, perfect for dining with family. In addition, the place is quite budget-friendly and serves good quality food. When visiting this restaurant, make sure to try their masala tea.

  2. Nedou’s Dining Room

    Nedou’s Dining Room in Gulmarg is another fascinating place to eat in the city. The place is known for its good quality food, classy ambience, and comfortable seating arrangement. The wood-fed fire heater, called Bukhari, also adds to the whole dining experience at this location. Despite being a bit on the expensive side, the multi-cuisine menu of this restaurant deserves a visit. The Mutton Yakhni and Gustava in Nedou’s Dining Room are its must-try dishes.

  3. Cloves Restaurant

    The Cloves Restaurant has one of the most beautiful ambience and seating arrangements in the city. It serves a wide range of food items, making it a perfect place to grab lunch, dinner or some quick snacks. The prompt service and great food quality at this restaurant are worth the price tag. The Wazwan, Pastas and Dimsums are some examples of must-try items at this restaurant.


  1. Yakhni

    Probably the most sought-after delicacy in the region, Yakhni is a curry-based non-veg dish that you can try in Gulmarg. It is prepared with lamb, yoghurt, cardamom, fennel seeds, onion paste, and a series of other ingredients for added flavour. The mouthwatering taste and juicy gravy of Yakhni make it an ideal side dish that goes alongside rice.

  2. Kashmiri Tujji

    During your trip to Gulmarg, make sure to try out the Kashmiri-style mutton kebab, locally called Tujji. It is prepared with finely chopped meat, garnished with a special paste and then slow-cooked over burning coal on skewers. The rich aroma and the delightful taste of these kebabs will rule your tastebuds. 

  3. Rogan Josh

    Rogan Josh is one of the most famous regional delicacies you can try in Gulmarg. It is available at most restaurants in the town and will add a burst of flavour to your lunch or dinner. It is a type of gravy-rich lamb dish, known for its signature taste. It is made with meat and tons of Kashmiri spices and is usually a bit on the chilly side. Rogan Josh is best served alongside naan or rice. 

  4. Sewai

    Among the various regional sweet dishes available in Gulmarg, Sewai is a must-try item. It is a scrumptious dessert made with rice vermicelli, milk, cardamom, and ghee. After it is prepared, toppings of coconut, raisins and almonds are added for more flavour.    

Nightlife in Gulmarg

Alcohol is not freely available in the town. However, a few hotel bars have it in stock. And while the nightlife in Gulmarg is quite limited in terms of options, there are a few places that you can visit to hang out with friends and spend a memorable evening in the town, like:

  1. Hotel Highlands Park

    Gulmarg’s Hotel Highlands Park is one of the best places in the town where you can hang out and spend a memorable evening with friends. The massive lounge area, with its seating arrangement, decor and wall paintings, creates a phenomenal ambience. The place is well-known for its food quality, drinks option and hospitable service. 

  2. Pine Palace Resort

    If you are staying at this resort, you can enjoy delicious Kashmiri cuisine and drinks from the minibar. The elegant ambience and service make it one of the best places in Gulmarg to stay and spend joyous evenings with friends and family. It also comes with other amenities, like free WiFi, TV, a golf facility, etc. 

  3. Alpine Ridge

    Individuals staying at the Alpine Ridge Hotel can enjoy the classy bar cum lounge facility offered at this place. With options for delectable Kashmiri cuisine and a variety of drink options, it is a great place to spend the evening in Gulmarg. The availability of comfortable seating, refined ambience and other amenities make it a popular choice among tourists. 

Gulmarg Gondola

The Gulmarg Gondola ride is a widely renowned activity exclusively offered in Gulmarg town in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Known to be the second-highest and the second-longest cable car in the world, it attracts thousands of tourists and thrillseekers throughout the year. It is a two-stage gondola lift that has the potential to ferry approximately 600 individuals per hour from and to Kongdoori Mountain. This brilliant ropeway project is a joint venture of the government of Jammu and Kashmir and a French company named Pomagalski. The first stage of the Gulmarg Gondola was finished in 1998, and the second stage took two years to complete and was opened in 2005. An additional third phase was added to the Gulmarg Gondola back in 2011 for skiing enthusiasts, which features 90 chairlifts connecting Kongdoori to Mary’s Shoulder.

The Gulmarg Gondola ride is a fun recreational activity and is one of the prime highlights of Gulmarg tourism. It has been operational for more than two decades now, offering a unique experience to tourists. Individuals of nearly all ages can participate in this fun activity when they visit Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. In this activity, individuals get to ride a cable car that takes them from Gulmarg to Kungdoor Station and then Kongdoori Mountain to Apharwat Peak. At the stops, visitors can spend time amidst the snow-capped mountains and tall pine trees and grab a hot cup of coffee while soaking in the panoramic scenic views.

Table of Contents

The speciality of Gulmarg Gondola 

A Gulmarg trip is generally considered incomplete without riding the famous Gulmarg Gondola. Besides being one of its main tourist attractions, there are many reasons why one should try it at least once in their lifetime. Here are some examples of why Gulmarg Gondola is special:

  • Phenomenal views- The first and foremost reason why everyone should go for the Gulmarg Gondola ride is for its views. While taking a ride on this revered cable car, you will get some of the most beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding region from a height. Depending on your time of visit, these sights can include vast green fields, rocky terrains, tall green pine trees, snow-capped mountains, snow-covered slopes, etc. In addition, the mesmerising view of the Harmukh Range and the Nanga Parbat from Apharwat Mountain is something you really wouldn’t want to miss. 
  • Ideal for snow lovers and winter sports- Gulmarg is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Jammu and Kashmir. During winter, the whole region gets covered by a thick blanket of snow, making it an ideal spot for snow lovers and winter adventure activities. With the gondola ride, you can reach the perfect skiing slopes in the region and engage in thrilling winter adventures.
  • Memorable journey- The Gondola Ride Gulmarg is a truly unique experience that will claim a permanent place in your memories. From incredible views of the surrounding areas and the availability of fun snow adventures to taking beautiful photographs and drinking a cup of warm tea or coffee amidst the shivering cold, it makes for a fun time. 
  • Simple activity- One of the best parts about the gondola ride is that it is easy and suitable for most individuals. It doesn’t involve anything extensive that may cause a physical strain on your body, except for some minor altitude sickness at Phase II.

Overview of Gondola Ride in Gulmarg

Before booking your tickets for the Gulmarg Gondola ride, make sure to get all the details regarding the activity, like its requirements. Here are some of the prime aspects of the cable car ride in Gulmarg:  

  • Operational time- It stays open from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM,
  • Phase 1 route- Gulmarg to Kongdoori,
  • The time needed for the Phase I ride- Around 9-10 minutes,
  • Phase 2 route- Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak,
  • The time needed for the Phase II ride- Around 12-15 minutes,
  • Chair Lift- Kongdoori to Mary’s Shoulder,
  • Age Requirements- Children below 10 years are not allowed in Phase 3 (Chairlift phase),
  • Time required for the whole activity- 2-3 hours.

Things to keep in mind before booking Gondola Ride

The process of the Gulmarg Gondola is pretty straightforward and can be divided into a few sections. The first involves finalising a date and time for your visit. After that, make sure to buy the required tickets a few weeks before through the official website. Then just visit the destination at the allotted time and wait for your turn. Once in the Gondola cable car, you can enjoy the majestic views of the surrounding area and spend some quality time amidst the serene atmosphere at the mid and top stations. Here are some other crucial details you need to know before booking your Gondola ride Gulmarg tickets:

Ideal time for Gulmarg Gondola: 

Depending on your time of visit, you can get different experiences during your Gulmarg Gondola ride. For instance, most people consider the winter season to be the best time to visit Gulmarg Gondola as the whole region remains covered by thick layers of snow. It offers spectacular views of the snow-covered vast fields, pine trees and towering mountain peaks. The winter season also tends to be the best time for skiing, snowboarding and other winter adventures.

However, the Gulmarg Gondola remains operational throughout the year and is an ideal recreational activity at any given time, as long as the present weather conditions allow it. If you are not interested in skiing or don’t fancy the sheer cold, you can go for the Gulmarg Gondola prior to the onset of winter, like in late September or early October. During this time, the temperature remains pleasant, and you can get phenomenal panoramic views of the green meadows, towering trees and the snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance. 

Time taken for the registration:

In order to go on the Gulmarg Gondola ride, individuals are required to book their slots in advance, which takes a few minutes. There is an offline counter at the location, however, booking tickets online is considered the most convenient option. To book tickets, make sure to visit the official site, select the desired route, date and time, enter the required details and proceed with the online payment. After that, individuals should get the confirmation and ticket details within the next few hours, making the whole registration process for Gulmarg Gondola fast and easy.

Options available:

In terms of the availability of options, there are three routes to choose from in the Gulmarg Gondola. The first is Phase 1, which runs from Gulmarg to Kungdoor, the second is Phase 2, which runs from Kongdori to Apharwat Peak and the third is Phase 3 (Chairlift Phase), which runs from Kongdoori to Mary’s Shoulder. Each of these routes costs separately, and it is better to book the slots a few weeks before your visit.  

How the activity is conducted:

The procedure of the Gulmarg Gondola ride is as simple as it gets. First, you will need to reach the main cable car station in Gulmarg, preferably an hour before the allotted time, and stand in the queue. Soon you will pass through the ticket-checking counter and reach the primary hub. There, you will enter the cable car, which is surrounded by transparent glass and seats 6 participants at once, and begin your journey. The first stoppage will be Phase I (Kongdoori), where you can free roam, eat at restaurants, take pictures, and explore any way you prefer. After that, you can approach the next cable car hub in Phase I, which will take you to the final stop, Phase II (Apharwat). Similarly, you can explore Phase II to your heart’s content and follow the same way down to Phase I and then to the main hub for your return.

Locations to do Gulmarg Gondola ride 

The Gulmarg Gondola ride is only offered at a single location within the town. It is operated by Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation and is located just a kilometre from the town centre. The time and prices are all fixed, with the availability of online booking. As one of the main tourist attractions in Gulmarg, it is a must-try recreational activity during your Jammu and Kashmir holidays.

Entry Fees/ Prices of Gulmarg Gondola Ride

The cable car ride is divided into three phases, each having a separate price tag. The Gulmarg Gondola tickets are quite reasonably priced, and you can book them online via the official website to skip the long queues. Here’s everything you need to know about the Gulmarg Gondola ticket price:

  • Gulmarg Gondola Phase I (Gulmarg-Kongdoori) Ticket- INR 740 plus convenience fee per adult 
  • Gulmarg Gondola Phase II (Kongdoori-Apharwat) Ticket- INR 950 plus convenience fee per adult
  • Gulmarg Gondola Phase II Chairlift (Kongdoori-Mary’s Shoulder)- INR 300 plus convenience fee per adult

Also, children above the age of 12 are treated as adults, so keep that in mind when buying tickets for the Gulmarg ropeway cable car ride. 

How to reach the Gulmarg Gondola

If you are unfamiliar with the Gulmarg cable car ride, then make sure to learn as much as you can about it before setting out for the day. It will keep you safe from any likely scams and make your journey smooth sailing. The distance between Srinagar to Gulmarg is about 50 kilometres, and you can opt for a shared cab or a rental car to get there. Once you reach Gulmarg, the Gondola Boarding point is about 15-20 minutes from the taxi stop. Here are some of the best ways to reach the starting point of the Gondola ride from Gulmarg:

  • Taxi- Going by taxi is the most economical, comfortable and quickest way to reach the gondola boarding point. It is also ideal for the elderly and children.
  • Hike- The road leading to the boarding point makes for an interesting hiking trail which you can cover within half an hour. Keep in mind that it is a long way and is not suitable for everyone. 
  • Horse ride- If you are looking for something more adventurous, consider a horse ride from near the Gulmarg parking lot to the Gondola boarding point. However, beware of the scams because some horse owners charge a lot of money and cover longer routes to justify the ride. It can make you lose both money and time.

Rules, tips and things to know before you go for the Gulmarg Gondola ride 

Here are some useful tips, rules and vital details regarding the Gulmarg Gondola cable ride that you should know beforehand:

  • It is best to buy Gulmarg Gondola tickets online to avoid wasting hours standing in long queues or falling for local scams.
  • Phase III (Chairlift Phase) of the Gulmarg Gondola is only open to individuals above the age of 11, so keep that in mind before buying tickets. 
  • The elderly and children may face Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) in Phase II. So make sure to take special care of them and carry small supplemental oxygen canisters along the ride. 
  • If the weather in the region turns bad, it can affect the ride timings and even halt the Gulmarg Gondola service.  
  • You can find restaurants and various food vendors in Phase I. However, Phase II only has one or two vendors selling tea, coffee and Maggi to visitors. 
  • The prices for food and general services charged in the location are around 50% higher than the MRP. 
  • Apart from winter, you can also go for Gulmarg Gondola in summer to get a different perspective on the natural landscapes. 
  • All safety measures are taken during the Gulmarg Gondola ride, so you can refrain from being afraid and enjoy the mesmerising scenic views instead.
  • Each cable car sits six individuals at a time, three on each side. So if you have a large group, consider splitting accordingly and avoid crowding the cable cars for your own safety. 
  • If you are visiting during the winter season, make sure to wear and pack warm clothes as it gets chilly from the point of Phase I and above.

FAQs about Gulmarg Gondola

  1. Is the Gulmarg Gondola cable car ride safe?

    Yes, the Gulmarg cable car ride is safe. All safety measures and precautions are taken to ensure the well-being of the visitors. Also, there are operators available at all corners of the ride to offer assistance when needed.

  2. What is the appropriate time to book slots for the Gulmarg Gondola ride?

    There are mainly three time slots available for the Gulmarg Gondola ride. Slot 1 is from 9 AM to 11 AM, Slot 2 is from 11:15 AM to 01:15 PM, and Slot 3 is from 01:30 to 03:30 PM. Even though you can book the one that seems convenient, try going as early as possible. Also, the Gondola Ride Gulmarg price is the same for every slot.

  3. What is the distance between Gulmarg and the Gondola boarding point?

    The distance between the Gulmarg parking lot to the Gondola boarding point is about 1 kilometre. It can take around 30 mins to reach it by foot or 7-8 minutes by taxi.

  4. What are some things to do in Phase I and Phase II of the Gulmarg Gondola?

    When you land on Phase I, make sure to try out the food there from the restaurants and vendors. The wonderful setting adds to the ambience, making for a memorable time. When at Phase II, make sure to try hot coffee and Kashmiri Kawa and take beautiful pictures with the backdrop of snow-covered mountain peaks.

  5. Are cameras allowed on the Gulmarg Gondola cable car rides?

    Yes, cameras are allowed throughout the Gondola Ropeway Gulmarg cable car ride, and you don’t have to pay additional money for it. So make sure to click as many beautiful photographs as you can.

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