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Places to visit in Maharashtra

When you travel to Maharashtra, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Maharashtra, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Maharashtra to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Maharashtra, things to do can include exploring Maharashtra attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Alibaug Beach

If you are seeking a laid-back place with some solitude and peace; then Alibaug is the perfect place for you. This quiet town of Alibaug, located along the Konkan coastline is home to some stunning and unspoilt beauty. One of the most popular weekend getaway spot among all the people from Mumbai and Pune; Alibaug is a quaint town that carries a charm of its own. Away from the busy and crowded city life, Alibaug gives you a sense of peace that you might not find anywhere else.

How to reach Alibaug:

By Air: There are no direct flights to Alibaug from any city, as there is no airport here. However, the closest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, which is around 112-113 km away from the place, in Mumbai. After reaching Mumbai, you can take either a taxi, car rental, or a bus to reach Alibaug.

By Train: The Panvel railway station is the closest railway station to Alibaug. This station is around 45-46 km away from the town and is well-connected to various other cities of the country. There will be at least one regular train that travels to the Panvel station, which is one of the best ways to reach Alibaug. From the station, you can take a cab or a rental car to reach Alibaug.

By Road: There is an ample number of regular buses that ply between different cities and Alibaug. You can comfortably book your tickets online and hop onto a bus to reach Alibaug through its scenic route. Otherwise, you can also rent a car or even hire a taxi to reach Alibaug by road with a large group of family or friends.

The best way to reach Alibaug would be, by the roadway, as you can experience the wonderful lush green vegetations along the roads as you reach the place. It is an amazing experience in itself, and is pretty safe too, as all the roads are constructed neatly and are in good condition. Alibaug is the perfect place to go for a weekend getaway

However, the Alibaug beaches, apart from its lush green vegetation, also offer a sense of familiarity to the place. Here are some of the beaches that you should definitely visit:

1.Alibaug Beach

One of the most popular beaches among them is the Alibaug beach. This stunning coastline gives you a perfect sighting of the Colaba Fort with a perfect beach view. You can also take a brief boat ride from the coast to reach this popular fort which has been occupying a great position in the ancient history. With its clean and clear coastline complemented by the historical touch, the Alibaug beach has been the most visited beach among the tourists and locals alike.

2. Kashid Beach

One of the best-unspoilt shorelines of Alibaug, the Kashid Beach is a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy. This Alibaug beach is a literal treat for both families and couples alike, owing to its amazing setting against the perfect backdrop. With the blue waters that synchronise perfectly with the lush green meadows and the sparkling white sands; the Kashid Beach is one of the paradises that you should not miss! It is one of the most beautiful Alibaug beaches.

3.Rewas Beach

One of the best Alibaug beaches, the Rewas beach is an epitome of silence and tranquillity. The Rewas beach offers some amazing jetty services to its visitors, who can travel between Alibaug and Mumbai. These jetties also allow the visitors to carry a two-wheeler vehicle along with them to ride on the beach. This pleasant coastline in Alibaug is one of the most beautiful shorelines that you will come across the city.

4. Nagaon Beach

Famous among the tourists for its clean sands, the Nagaon Beach is an undeterred coastline that should be visited at least once. It is close to many of the residences within the city and is accessible to most of the crowds. Hence, unlike the other beaches, there is a great chance for a crowd on this beach during the weekends. There are also a number of water sports activities that will take you to a different adventurous world, away from the hustle and bustle of your city life.

5. Kasim Beach

Taking part into the most unexplored places of Alibaug, the Kasim beach carries a charm of its own. This offbeat destination is a perfect place for all the people who are craving for some peace and solace. It spreads down to as far as the eye can see, and offers warm golden sands that are ideal to enjoy a holiday filled with solitude. The Kasim Beach is a favourite among the backpackers and the bohemian travellers, owing to its unique location.

6. Murud Beach

 Located along the coast of the serene Rajapuri, Murud beach is a breath of sigh for all the peace seekers. With an extremely smooth land and sea movements, this beach is the safest to play and swim for both adults and kids alike. There is also scope for various water sports like para-sailing, paragliding, or even just strolling on the warm sands of the beach. You can also take a short ferry ride to the ancient fort of Murud-Zanjira which is a perfect place to capture some memories. All-in-all, the Murud Beach is a perfect place to explore the ancient ruins of Alibaug and also get the best of the Alibaug beaches.


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Kashid Beach

If you wish to go on a weekend getaway that is a combination of both privacy and adventure, then Kashid Beach is a perfect option for you. It is a unique place in the borders of Alibaug that has something to offer for both couples and families. The crystal clear blue waters of the Kashid Beach are a treat for your eyes, offering both calmness and beauty in a single frame!


This beach town in the state of Maharashtra is located on the stunning shores of the Arabian Sea towards the North Konkan region.

Address: Kashid Beach, Alibag-Murud Road, Maharashtra.

Hours: It is open 24/7



Winters in Kashid are every bit of pleasant, and they make it the best time to visit Kashid. The pleasant weather allows you to indulge in several activities on the beach like banana boat rides, swimming, and many other fun activities. 


  • It is a spotless and neat beach which also allows the visitors to go for free parking of their vehicles.
  • It has a wide range of water sports activities and some horse riding for the adrenaline junkies.
  • Clear waters complimented by white sand amidst lush green mountains and trees.
  • The best place to watch Sunset in the area between Alibaug and Murud.
  • Some beach shacks are available for you to buy some refreshments. 

Places to Visit near Kashid Beach

Name of the Place

Distance from Kashid Beach

Approximate cost per person

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

12-13 km approximately

INR 15-30 approximately

Korlai Fort

14-15 km approximately

No entry fee

Murud Janjira Fort

19-20 km approximately

INR 20-50 and INR 100-300 approximately


1. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary: Spread over a large area of about 6979     hectares of land, the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is meant primarily for     the preservation of the coastal woodland. It is a perfect getaway for all     the wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts, with four major trails that         exhibit varied wildlife.

2. Korlai Fort: On your way to the Revdanda Creek, falls this historical  wonder built by the Portuguese, back in 1521. It has 11 gates in total, each of which is named after the saints of Portugal. The Korlai Fort is the best place to get a scenic view of the surrounding village and the stunning coastline. 

3. Murud Janjira Fort: Located off the coast of the Murud Village, the Murud Janjira Fort is a strong structure that can be reached by using boats. This marine fort is surrounded by 26 rounded bastions, each of which is still strong and intact!

Recommended for

The Kashid Beach is mostly recommended for people who love beaches, and are longing for a place filled with solitude and peace. However, people from all age groups are sure to enjoy a fun-filled vacation at the Kashid Beach. 

How to get to Kashid Beach

This lesser-known paradise, which is situated about 125 km away from Mumbai, is an easy place to reach to. If you’re travelling either from Pune or Mumbai, then the roadways are the best way to reach, as the roads are very well constructed with scenic views that will capture your heart. 

Pune is relatively closer to Kashid Beach than Mumbai. From Pune, it will take you approximately 4 hours to reach, whereas from Mumbai it would take you approximately 4- 4.5 hours to reach.

By Air: The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is the closest to Kashid Beach. The distance between the airport to Kashid Beach is about 135-136 km, and this airport is connected to almost all the major cities in the country and also worldwide.

By Rail: Located at a distance of about 50 km from Kashid Beach, the Roha Railway Station is the closest to the destination. This railway station is particularly well connected with the Konkan line, which is connected to almost all the cities in the country.

By Road: Road trips to Kashid are just as much fun as they are beautiful. This scenic route from the cities to Kashid is a literal feast for eyes. There are both hill and coastal routes from various cities that will help you reach Kashid. You can either opt for cars or buses to reach the place. If you are taking a bus, then, it is suggested for you to find a bus to Alibaug and after reaching Alibaug, you can hire either a taxi or an auto to reach the charming Kashid Beach. 

About Kashid Beach

Famous for its clear blue waters and the lovely white colour sand which is a scene made of dreams; the Kashid Beach is a quiet place to enjoy solitude. Located about 30 km away from the stunning Alibaug, Kashid Beach is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxed weekend cum beach holiday. This lovely coastline stretches across a couple km and is surrounded by lush green trees and shrubs which are known as the Casuarina. Generally, the perfect haven for all the nature lovers; Kashid Beach is a beautiful beach with the lush green charm that attracts people from across the country. 

This ideal weekend getaway spot is the perfect place to relax if you wish to escape from the busy city life. There are a vast number of exciting things to do at the Kashid Beach which make it a favourite spot for all the adventure seekers. The gorgeous landscapes of Kashid are adorned with a stunning shoreline alongside charming white sand, making it a perfect place to go on peaceful evening walks. Apart from the beach, there are a number of Buddhist caves and some rocky peaks that are the jewels of the Konkan stretch. However, if you wish to visit the Kashid Beach, make sure you go on a weekday, as the weekends are pretty crowded with people come over from various places across the country. 

Interesting facts about Kashid Beach

  • Kashid beach is a stunning place for all the water-sport enthusiasts.
  • You can skin through the frothy clear waters of the Arabian Sea by jet skiing your way through these waters.
  • You can also enjoy a calm boat ride with your family on the same clear waters, witnessing the best sunset you have seen in ages.
  • You can also go on parasailing to get a bird’s eye view of the beach, or you can also opt for a hot air balloon ride for the same.

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