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Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is a timeless jewel nestled in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The country is a beautiful fusion of ancient traditions and the modern way of life. On the one hand, you can enjoy the marvels of advanced technology by riding in the famous Japanese bullet trains and on the other hand, you can experience the countries rich traditional heritage by visiting its century-old temples and night markets that offer an array of scrumptious delicacies that have been prepared using recipes that date back many centuries. In fact, there is an abundance of dining options in Japan. Some restaurants serve a thousand type of sushi to restaurants that specialize in just one dish. Japan is a paradise for seafood lovers, and the dishes are prepared with great care and precision. The Japanese cuisine varies from region to region and is seasonal. Hence, you are guaranteed a completely different culinary experience in the summers as suppose to the winters.

There are numerous things to do in Japan such as eating sushi for breakfast or hiking in the Japanese Alps. As well as many places to visit in Japan such as Mount Fuji and the Golden Pavillion among others. Japan is a year around destination indeed, and you are guaranteed a completely different experience each in every season as the topographic is continuously changing and the food items are extremely seasonal. The busiest tourist season is, of course, the spring as it coincides with the cherry blossom season. The quietest tourist season is the winters, but if you are a skiing enthusiast, then you must head to the Japanese Alps that know less in grandeur and beauty to their European counterparts. 

If bug crowds and busy streets are not your kinds of activity, then you can visit during late summer or autumn season and enjoy the breathtaking and equally beautiful foliage season when the maple trees are in full bloom. Japan tourism has flourished in the last decade or so thanks to increased globalization and advents in modern technology. It has quickly become a top tourist destination in the world.

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and among the most populated cities in the world. Although Tokyo wasn't always referred to as Tokyo, before 1868, the city was referred to as Edo. During the 16 the century this was a small castle town which quickly became prominent as Japans political center in 1603 under the leadership of Tokugawa Leyasu. Within a few decades Edo becomes one the most populated cities in the world. It was not until two centuries later in 1868, i.e., after the Meiji Restoration when that the city was remanded Tokyo and replaced the Kyoto as the countries capital city.

But Tokyo's history is also laced with many natural and human disasters, most notable of which is the Great Kanko Earthquake which occurred in 1923 and the air raids in the year 1954, i.e., during the second world war. But Tokyo has come a long way since then and is now among the most famous metropolis if the world. Tokyo offers tourists an unlimited array of choices when it comes to dining, culture, entertainment and most of all shopping. There are also some museums, gardens, and temples that you can visit. Contrary to conventional perspective, Tokyo has numerous green spaces such as parks that you can visit and spend an entirely peaceful day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Attractions: Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park, Cat Café, Nekorobi

Activities: Attend the Cherry Blossom Festival, Go shopping in one of the many shopping districts and visit a bar in Tokyo’s Golden Dai District.

Food: Ramen Jiro, Nakaya, Tenmatsu, Yoshihashi Sukiyaki

Shopping: Ginza District, Shinjuku District etc.

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