Ella In Sri Lanka

Approximately 200 kilometers away from Colombo towards the east rests a land that is so serene and tranquil. From breathtaking views to offering a glimpse of mythology, Ella is considered a lonely planet that has countless waterfalls, hills, unending stretch of greenery and the place to forget everything else and just immerse yourself in nature. With tourism flourishing in Ella, most people head to the city for the best of nature and to see a very, very different face of Sri Lanka.


Attractions: Ravana Falls, Nine Arches Bridge, Dhowa Rock Temple, Ella Rock, Ravana Cave, Little Adam’s Peak, Porawagala


Activities: Trekking, hiking, birds spotting, spelunking, tea estate tours, mountain climbing, cycling


Shopping: T-Sips, Chaplon Tea Shop, VIBE Store, R.M.S Antiques and Brassware, Kandy City Center


Food: Café C Ella, Matey Hut, N2 Restaurant, Ak Ristoro, Art Café Umbrella, Grand 39, Adam’s Breeze, Café Guru, Jade Green, Ellement Hiking Bar


Nightlife: Café One Love, Ella View Restaurant and Bar, Café Guru, Hotel Laura, Ellement Hiking Bar


How to Reach: Being very close to India, Sri Lanka is well connected to major Indian cities by air and sea. Transportation within Sri Lanka is very convenient and you can find different types of commute like trains, buses and cabs to head from one city to another. However, all your journeys in Sri Lanka begin from Colombo, which is the gateway to all locations for tourism in Sri Lanka.

From India, you can either take a flight from a major south Indian city, which is perhaps the best way to reach Sri Lanka, or take a ferry or a cruise ship for a more exotic travel experience. There are several airliners that ply from Indian cities to Colombo on a daily basis and ships operating from prime port-hubs in south India. Depending on your budget, the time of your visit and your experience requirements, you can choose to reach Sri Lanka by one of the modes of commute

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