Saras Baug

Saras Baug is a spectacular garden that is spread over 25 acres of land in the beautiful city of Pune, Maharashtra. Described by many as a heaven for nature lovers, the garden is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike. 

The area where Saras Baug stands today was once a small lake, which dried up and was converted into the picturesque garden that it is today. Saras Baug’s main attraction is the Talyatla Ganpati Temple, built by the Peshwas in the middle of the lake in the year 1750. In addition to the temple, the beautifully manicured lawns with lush green plantations and gorgeous flowers make this place a great picnic spot for families. 

Interesting facts about Saras Baug-

  • The area used to have a zoo known as the Peshwa Park, but all the animals from the zoo have now been relocated.
  • The gates of the park are topped with white minarets makin it look magnificient..
  • It is believed that if someone returns to the temple here for 21 days in a row their prayers will be answered.
  • Talyatla Ganpati temple was used by the Peshwas for military strategy discussions when trying to defend against first the Nizam and then the British empires in 18th and 19th century.
  • Saras cranes were very prominent in the gardens and this is the reason this park is called as Saras Baug.

About Saras Baug-

Talyatla Ganpati temple, the most prominent attraction of the area now known as Saras Baug, was built by the Peshwas, with the construction beginning in the year 1750 and finishing in 1784. The temple was built in the middle of the lake, and hence got its name, which literally translates to 'Ganpati of the lake'. The park and the temple have seen numerous renovations over the years, with the lake eventually drying up and the garden being constructed over it. In the year 1995, a small museum was built in the temple area. The museum today displays over a hundred idols of Lord Ganesha.

Apart from the tourists, Saras Baug is also known to be an attraction for migratory birds in winter months. During the development of the park, it was frequented by the Saras crane and the park is believed to have got its name from these birds. 

Saras Baug is a renowned tourist place in Pune and sees a lot of foot traffic throughout the year. The garden consists of a huge pond with marvellous fountains, beautiful trees and flowering plants and a nice jogging track where locals can be spotted on their morning or evening walks.

How To get to Saras Baug -

There is a good connectivity of public transport in Pune and one can take a bus or a three-wheeler to reach Saras Baug.

Pune railway station is just 6kms away from Saras Baug and one can reach there within ten minutes.

Best Time to Visit in Saras Baug -

One can visit Saras Baug at any time as Pune has great weather conditions throughout the year. However, the months of June to September can get quite rainy and hence should be avoided if possible. 

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