Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu – Call of the Coast

Can you hear the small waves lapping quietly? See the ripple of water rolling to the coast? Feel the wind comb its restless fingers through your hair and the sand worm its way through your toes? Then you’re experiencing a small slice of the Daman and Diu Union Territory. These twin enclaves were previously a Portuguese colony. Daman and Diu still exude traces of their colonial past, reflected in the iconic landmarks, the architecture and traditions seen in the area today. Old forts and churches stand proudly as a test of time. The water calls out to the curious and the adventurous. Quiet gardens contrast with windy beaches. If you’re looking for the perfect vacation – seafood, sun and sports await you at Daman and Diu.

Daman and Diu: A Quick View of the state 
Capital Daman (Headquarters)
Official Language Gujarati
Dial Code 02875
Population 3.14 million (as of 2018)
Currency Indian Rupee (INR)
Time Zone UTC+05:30 (IST)
Area 112 square km

Highlights Of Daman and Diu:


If you’ve missed out on your share of sunrays, then make your way to the beaches of Daman and Diu. If you are an adventure junkie, then the curling waves of Jampore beach provide you with enough thrills and chills. Low tides and calm waters invite swimmers, while the more adventurous can indulge in jet skiing, motor boat rides, parasailing and sand biking. The spectacular sunsets at Devka beach draw in those looking for a romantic stroll along the shore. Ghogla beach offers serenity and quiet for those who only want the waves and wind for company. The horseshoe shaped Nagoa beach is fringed with fluttering palm trees, adding a splash of green to this beachy canvas. It doesn’t end there – Daman and Diu are gifted with a wealth of beaches like Jallandhar Beach, Tithal, Chakratirth, Udvada, Gomatimata and more. Do note that the waters at some beaches might not be safe, make sure to consult with locals and do your due diligence before wading into the waters.


The Portuguese left an indelible stamp on Daman and Diu, as evidenced by the number of heritage buildings found in both enclaves. If you are a history buff, every fort will sing a story of its own. Explore the understated charm of the Nani Daman Fort which boasts of three bastions and 2 gateways. Marvel at the massive statue of St. Jerome, which welcomes visitors to the wide and sea weathered fort. If you are looking for the grand and gorgeous then spend a few hours at the Moti Daman Fort. Built by the Portuguese in 1559 AD, the fort features ten bastions and two incredible gateways. Winding their way through the old battered stone of the fort are fresh tufts of greenery, creating an incredible contrast between the old and new. You can also visit the magical lighthouse near the fort that guides ships and guards the coast. If you’re looking for legends, why not visit Fortim-do-Mar in Diu? It is said that fort was once linked to the land by an undersea tunnel.

Places of worship:

Holy sites and places of worship have graced the enclaves of Daman and Diu for over 2000 years. The motifs, designs and carvings on the older churches speak of the area’s Portuguese past. Here, cathedrals and churches spear the blue skies and can be found in almost every corner. The crisp white St. Paul’s church in Diu will dazzle you. The sandy curves of St. Thomas Church will charm you. The 17th century Se Cathedral in Daman, wrapped in tidy green lawns will soothe you. Visit the once world-renowned seminary in the ancient Daman Monastery. If you are looking for temples, you will find them in spades. Feast your eyes on the ivory lines of the old Jain temple in Daman.


Let the flavours of Indian, European and African cuisines swirl around on your palette when you visit Daman and Diu. Sea food is king in these areas, so you will have plenty of chances to feast on fresh lobster, fish and crabs. Dig into authentic dishes like Cozido (a Portuguese stew made with beef and pork) or indulge in popular pan-Indian dishes like pav bhaji, chaat and the signature Jetty roll (a local take on the katti rolls). Other than the local cuisine, you will be able to eat your heart out at top-rated restaurants that serve everything from Chinese to Parsee to Punjabi food.

Craft and Culture:

Take back a slice of this wonderful region by exploring and buying the local art and crafts. Here you will find beautifully woven mats, stunningly carved ivory and tortoise shell crafts. The festivals of the area will give an insight into this rich stew of Portuguese and Gujarati culture. You’ll get to view local dances like the Mando dance, Veridgao and the Vira dance – all of which form an important part of the festivals in this area. Garba is especially popular here and people from all communities, faiths and ethnicities come together to celebrate.


Interesting facts about Daman and Diu:

  • Daman and Diu – with a combined area of 112 square kilometres – is the smallest federal division of India on land.
  • In 2011, the lowest male-female ratio in India was recorded in Daman and Diu.
  • The Daman Ganga river cuts Daman into two – Moti Daman and Nani Daman.
  • When India was fighting for Daman and Diu, soldiers hid in the famous Naida caves in Diu.


Location of Daman and Diu:

Daman and Diu are together considered as a Union Territory of India. While Daman is a small city perched at the mouth of the Daman Ganga river, Diu is a small jewel-like island which lies off the Gujarat coast. Geographically Daman and Diu are separated by the Gulf of Khambat and are approximately 650 kilometres apart from each other, by road. While Daman is locked in Gujarat’s embrace, the Arabian Sea swirls around the borders of Diu.

Click here to view Daman and Diu on Google Maps.


Best time to visit Daman and Diu:

The sun-kissed and sea-bathed lands of Daman and Diu welcome visitors throughout the year because of the pleasant climate in the region. Although temperatures spike to as high as 37 degrees Celsius in summer and drop to as low as 18 degrees Celsius during monsoons, winter is the ideal time to visit. The weather stays cool, dropping down to 10 degrees Celsius. Sea breeze and sun rays – the ideal combination for a relaxed vacation.


How to get there: Doors to Daman and Diu

By Air

About 193 kms away from Daman and Diu territory are the international and domestic airports in Mumbai – all major international and national airlines ply to these airports. Daman and Diu are also accessible through the Bhavnagar and Porbandar airports in Gujarat. From these airports, local taxis and buses are available and you can choose one of them to complete the journey to these enclaves.

By Road

Daman and Diu are well connected through the roads. You can take the National Highway 8 and drive to Daman from Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Vadodara.

By Rail

The closest station to Daman is Vapi, which is a mere 12 kms away. If you are looking to access Diu, then Delwada railway station is your best bet. Bigger stations like Ahmedabad and Mumbai, which have a greater number of trains passing through them, are also close enough to Daman and Diu. You will need to complete the rest of the journey from these 2 stations by road.


History Of Daman and Diu: 

For 450 years, Daman and Diu belonged to the Portuguese India (a state of the larger Portuguese Empire), along with Goa and Dadra Nagar Haveli. In 1961, Goa, Daman and Diu were folded back into the Republic of India through military conquest. However, the Portuguese refused to consider the annexure of these territories until the Carnation Revolution (a military coup in Lisbon, where the authoritarian regime of the area was overthrown) in 1974. While Goa was granted statehood, Daman and Diu were designated as a Union Territory.

Daman and Diu now reflect two strong influences in their architecture, their heritage and their culture. Let’s explore the delightful meld of the Portuguese past and the present India at Daman and Diu.

Language Spoken

Hindi, English

Currency used:

Indian rupee (INR)


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Daman and Diu Tourism Guide

The second smallest union territory, Daman & Diu is the perfect place to experience nature to its fullest. Fascinating land, silver sand, golden sun, peace, and serenity are synonymous with Daman & Diu tourism. Once a part of Portuguese India, this union territory hosts Portuguese influence in its historical monuments. With new Daman & Diu tourism packages, you can explore this amazing place and make it your lifetime memory.

Out of many exciting things to do in Daman & Diu, exploring its forts and churches is a very interesting thing. Moti Daman Fort, Devka Beach, Jampore Beach, Diu Fort, along with many others, is the must-visit places. You can also have a mesmerizing view of the sunset near the Chakratirth Beach in Diu as it illuminates the landscape very beautifully.

This union territory offers many picturesque views to experience Daman & Diu tourism with its majestic beaches, fishing cottages, and its monuments that speak of Portuguese history. You can go for water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, and many other water activities on this territory to take most out of the Daman & Diu tour packages.

It is a year-round destination that you can visit with Daman & Diu tourism packages. However, it is the months from November to March that is considered the Best time to visit Daman & Dui. During winter months, the place attracts more tourists than other months due to its blue skies and beautiful beach weather. If you are a shopaholic, then you can also go for shopping in this territory and shop for bamboo and leather products. This would be the best way to take the influence of Daman & Diu tourism home.


You can get the real essence of Daman & Diu tourism with Thomas Cook by your side. We, here provide you with attractive Daman And Diu tour packages. Along with this, we also do the Visa application process and foreign exchange, in case you are travelling from abroad.

With its picturesque sun-bathed beaches, colonial forts and renowned churches, Daman and Diu are union territories which are now a major tourist attraction. The rich heritage and culture of Daman and Diu which offers very lively festive days and a bustling nightlife, makes it one of the most loved tourist attractions in India. From lazing around on the serene Jampore beach amid palm trees and indulging in the water sports to savouring delicious sea food, Daman will keep you captivated throughout yours stays. With Thomas cook’s Daman and Diu tour packages, you can explore these hidden gems without any hassles.

Formerly a Portuguese territory, Daman and Diu is now a land of fascinating silver sands that is yet to explore. Almost untouched by human feet, Daman and Diu Tourism takes you on an unexplored journey. The mesmerising view of the sunset near the Chakritirath Beach in Diu is one of the most amazing views. The best places to visit in Daman and Diu are Moti Daman Fort, Diu Fort, Dominican Monastery, Mirasol water Park, Devka beach and Church of Bom Jesus.

To make the most out of your Daman and Diu tour packages, go for skiing, water surfing, parasailing, and windsurfing. Although, Daman and Diu is a year-round destination, still the months from November to March are considered as the best time to visit this place. During these months, the blue skies and tempting beach weather give a magical feel about the place to the tourists.

Moreover, if you are a shopping freak, you can go for shopping in Foreign Market, Maharaja Super Market, Princess Park on Devka Beach, and Vikas Arcade Shopping Centre. Bamboo baskets, seashell and oyster items, and electronic gadgets are some popular items you can purchase in your Daman and Diu tours.

Thomas Cook can help you in planning exotic Daman and Diu tours by offering affordable Daman and Diu tour packages, and other services. We strive to make your Daman and Diu tours convenient and memorable. From affordable packages and visa application process to flight booking, we excel in every service we provide. Along with this, to make your trip hassle-free, we also provide you with forex services. We can also convert your currency into INR. Visit us shortly and avail the attractive deals.

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