Places to visit in Diu

When you travel to Diu, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Diu, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Diu to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Diu things to do can include exploring Diu attractions and visiting the places of interest.

A grandiose stone structure built in the midst of the sea, the Fortim-do-Mar also called The Fortress of Panikotha, lies one nautical mile from the jetty of Diu and is constructed right at the mouth of the creek. Devoted to Our Lady of the Sea, a small chapel and a light house are present there. It has a beautiful view, no matter where you see it from, be it the Fort, the jetty, Diu proper or from the village of Ghogla. One would be mesmerized by the extraordinary light effects during the night hours. Tourist boats are available to reach Panikotha.

Located on the coast of the island, the Fort of Diu is a massive and imposing structure and holds a prominent position amongst the places of tourist importance. The fort is surrounded by the sea on three sides and hence one gets a splendid view of the sea. A giant light house stands on the fort. A breathtaking view is seen at night when the fort is illuminated creatively. The fort of Diu acts as a guard on the coast. Once you go inside, you are overpowered by the haggard majesty of the old stone work transporting you to a quondam era.

Devoted to the Lady of Immaculate Conception, the St. Paul’s Church took nine years to complete. It is one of the most elaborate amongst all the Portuguese churches of India. Flood lights illuminate the veneer of the church. The church is decorated with spiral and shell like motifs and elaborate carvings on wood which is considered as the best in church craftsmanship. 

Constructed in 1593, it is the Abbey of the Franciscans. It has been transformed into a hospital, though the church is still in use.


The ganeshwar temple is located in Fudam village at a distance of 3km from Diu. In the midst of the sea are located 5 shiv-lings which are washed by the waves of the sea. It is said that the five Pandavas worshipped Lord Shiva here during their exile.The gentle sea waves offer their salutation to the stone made "Shiva Lingas" and have a spiritual aura around them.

Transformed into a museum – an archaeological treasure house, the ancient St. Thomas Church, built in 1598 by the principles of Gothic architecture, contains idols, wooden carvings, antique statues and various stone intricate inscriptions of the olden rulers.Fascinating programmes of special lighting and multicoloured fountains are held in the evening. 

Situated near the Nagoa hamlet in the village of Bucharwada, this beach is phenomenal and extremely calm, serene and gorgeous.Several adventurous water sports accommodations are available in this horse-shoe shaped beach. 

This golden sandy beach is the gentlest and largest beach of Diu. Basic amenities to travellers are provided here by a tourist complex nearby. This beach overlooks the Arabian Sea and one can indulge in water sports such as parasailing, water surfing. Once can also sun bathe and swim here. 

Situated on a hillock close to the beach, the Jallandhar Shrine is a small one with a dome, housing a stone structure of a mythological demon, Jallandhar, who was killed by Lord Krishna. A temple of Goddess Chandrika is also located close to this. The beach is at a distance of 1km from the main town of Diu.


There are people from different religions and castes in the dynamic city of Diu. The natural beaches near Diu like Nagoa beach, Ghogla beach and Jallandhar beach make it a popular tourist attraction along with the Diu city area located on the beach. It is a city which mixes modernity with tradition at its best and this blend can be seen impeccably in its various historical structures and monuments and architecture. Hospitality, peacefulness, friendliness and warmth are the highlights of the people native to Diu. People of Diu are inclined towards nightlife as they enjoy all seasons with eagerness and are fun loving.

Some of the outdoor activities in Diu that you can enjoy at Nagoa beach are swimming, sun bathing,para-sailing,surfing and diving.Gomtimata Beach is another beautiful beach which is located to the west of Nagoa. Other beaches include Chakratirth,Jallandhar, and Sunset point. A traveller has plenty of things to do in Diu because of its unspoiled natural beauty, golden sands, and many places of attraction including beaches, churches, and forts. The Nagoa beach, the Diu Fort, and the Sunset Point along with the churches of Portuguese architecture are worth a visit. One can shop for trinkets and handmade goods in Diu. One can relax at the beaches or enjoy outdoor activities like surfing, diving, para-sailing and wind-surfing. Diu comes alive during the festive season of Navratri and Christmas, where dancing forms the major part of merriment.

Nagoa and Ghogla Beach appeal to the masses for the water sports like parasailing, boat sailing, water scooter riding, that one can enjoy there. Evening Boat cruise facilities are available at Diu Bunder which is managed by the Diu Administration. In addition to these facilities, Evening Boat Cruise facilities are available at Diu Bunder. This starts at about 7:30 pm and continues for about an hour, with light refreshments and music.

Being an island, fish forms an integral part of the cuisine and food in Diu. The Gujarati style of cooking is widely used but with touches of Goa and Portugal so the dishes have subtle flavours.

One can shop for electronic items and latest gadgets which are available at extremely reasonable prices. The vendors at the beach sell trinkets and handmade items made of pearls and seashells which are a nice buy.Handicrafts made of straw and leather slippers are other interesting local things which can be bought in this small island. The main shopping markets here are the Princess Park and the Maharaja super market.


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