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Places to visit in Dwarka


Attractions in dwarka


The Jagat temple constructed in the 16th century is famous by the name of DwaarkadheeshTemple. The temple has five storeys and is built with limestone and sand. It has a platform area of 1800 square feet and a 70.5 metres high steeple. Within the temple is enclosed a sanctum which has a 24m tall multi-colored flag on the arch of the temple. The flag has the symbol of the moon and the sun


Located on the periphery of Dwarka the Nagnath temple is commonly called the TheNageshwaraJyotirlinga Temple.  The Shiva Purana mentions 12 Jyotirlingas in India and this temple is popular for one of them and hence is an acclaimed Lord Shiva Shrine. The lingam is dedicated to NageshwaraMahadeva who is supposed to guard one form of all types of poison. The humongous image of NageshwaraMahadev Shiva Lingam is the prominent feature. TheGomugam facing east and the Shiva Lingam facing south is the exclusive characteristic of the temple. Thousands of devotees attend the Shivaratri festival held here which is celebrated in a magnificent way.


Located in the sea on a hillock, in the west of Dwaraka, the BhadkeshwarMahadevMandir is a revered temple behind the Geeta Mandir. Found at the confluence of Gomati, Ganga and the Arabian Sea, Chandra Mouliswar Shiva presides as the deity at the temple core. This temple gets completely surrounded by water during high tide, but reaching here is very easy during ebb.


Amongst Lord Shiva’s twelve jyotirlingas, one is present in The Somnath Temple which is referred to as the protector of the Moon God. Located near Veraval, in the PrabhasKshetra, this temple has been demolished and re-established six times and hence is known by the name of ‘The Shrine Eternal’


Situated at a distance of about 30km from Dwarka, The island of BeytDwarka has a lot of temples, coral reefs and white sand beach. The main temple belongs to Lord Krishna and is said to be built where Lord Krishna resided with his family by Sri Vallabhacharya and is considered to be 500 years old. The temple streets are crowded with shop vendors who sell local crafts and idols. One can enjoy themselves at the beach which is popular for its water sports, marine life and sea excursions. The children can also enjoy the place having picnics and camps.


It is the location where Lord Krishna, wearing a deerskin was mistaken for a deer and in his sleep, was struck by an arrow. Closeby lies Somnath with its shrine built by Soma, the Moon God. The Majestic monument, as it stands today, is a recent replication of the earlier construction. Relics of the old Somnath shrine have been preserved in a museum housed in a temple. An interesting SunTemple is also located in Somnath. Somnath is amongst the 12 Jyotirlingas or Shiva shrines in India.


Other places that could be visited include:

  • SamudraNarayanaTemple, situated at the GomtiSangamGhat, behind the main DwarakadheeshTemple.

  • ShardhaPeeth, among the four peeths, is the first peeth established by Adi Shankaracharya, is more than 250 years old. It is visited by pilgrims from all parts of the country.

  • DunnyPoinyt, situated at BeytDwaraka is cradled by sea and coral islands.

  • Brahma Kund, believed to be a holy bath is also frequently visited by worshippers.

  • Panchkula also referred to as Panchard, is the location of a famous Lakshmi-Narayan temple.

  • Sindhu Sadan also houses sever other temples. This places features a beautiful sunset point.


Okha is a small town located on the coast near Jamnagar at a distance of 65km from Dwarka. It is encircled by the sea and has a beautiful beach. The town is known for "BeytDwarka", Lord Krishna’s residence. 


Located on the Koyla hill at a distance of 65km from Dwarka and with 300 steps, the HarsiddhiMandir is devoted to Jagdamba Mata. History says that this temple was constructed by Lord Krishna himself for Ambe Mata because it was with her blessings that he had defeated the demons


Porbander, famous for the birth of Mahatma Gandhi is situated at a distance of 120km from Dwarka. It is a seaport and also called the ‘White city’ as the major construction here is of white stone. It is also a beach with pleasant beach villas. 


Jamnagar also known as the Jewel of Kathiawar is 131km away from Dwarka. It is located on the Gulf of Kutch and is famous for its industries. It is filled with palaces, unspoiled islands and beaches, temples, hills, and forest, fantastic bird life.

Food in dwarka


Some popular eating places are Drool kitchen, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, ChappanBhog, Meera, and Radhika.


Gujarat has distinctive flavours which are reflected in its cuisine.Poha, khichdi, LasaniyaMamra, Fansi nu Shak, MethinaGota, Ladwa are the more famous dishes of Gujarat. Dry snacks like Khakra, Thepla, Ganthiyaare ideal to be carried when touring.

Shopping in dwarka


The traveller will surely get to shop once done with the visits to all the places of interest. At a point of a dilemma as to what to buy in Dwarka and what not to buy, the traveller needs to go to the right places an pick the right items as mementos. A city where spring is almost a permanent settler throughout the year in the form of its colourful touch in most of its products, shopping in Dwarka as well has to be replete with colour and vividness.

Beautiful Patola sarees are a must buy while shopping in Dwarka. Exuding the essence of rich Gujarati folk culture, the Bandhni form of embroidery is a treat to the eye. Bandhni works in saris, Ghagra cholis, dress materials, handicraft items, showpieces and accessories in a rich demonstration of life and liveliness. The mirror works coupled with a dazzle of sequins shells and beads in fabrics, footwear and home accessories like bed covers and home linen, add a new dimension to the shoppers' list. Ornaments or any showpieces made out of silver are another interesting buy in Dwarka.

The outside premises of the temples or tourist spots or the following shopping malls can bring a relief to the average traveller from the confusion of the fact as to what to buy in Dwarka. A Dwarka shopper must shop for works of Bandhni folk on fabrics, embroidered handicraft items, wedding trousseau, Patola silk saris and embellished footwear. Saris, ghagra cholis and dress materials beautifully adorned in sequins and mirror pieces and colourful threads which are the staple of Gujarati folk art, are extremely alluring to any shop hopper. This place is a hub for shoppers who love to indulge in ethnic items. You can shop for lovelyPatola silk saris, handicraft items, a wonderful display of Bandhni folk art on fabrics, as well as colourful footwear with embellishments.

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