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Best time to visit Goa



Best Season to Visit Goa

The best time to visit Goa is during summer in the months of April, May and June. You can also visit during the months of December & January. And it depends on two important aspects. One is the weather and the different seasons, and the other would be the timing of various music festivals and related events that are famous on a global scale and have great musicians and artists pouring in from the different corners of the world. So accordingly, the best time to visit Goa is jotted below.

On the basis of seasons

March to June – the hot summer

Temperature: These months experience an average temperature of around 30° to 34° Celsius.

Weather: The temperature does not go very high as it is a city located in the coastal region, but the humidity increases manifold. Exploring the city might feel more tiring than normal. The heat during these months often lead to closing down of many shacks on the beaches and some activities are also shut down.

This is one of the offseason times in Goa.

Why you should Visit now:

The advantage of going to Goa in these months is that you can get very cheap accommodation as well as cheap airfares which may make it possible for you to explore Goa if you have a tight budget.

Summer is a great season to visit Goa if you want to sit on the beach and enjoy the scenic views and just relax. Cheaper rates make this season one of the best times to visit if you do not want to spend much. You can enjoy a cool cocktail by the beach amidst the palm trees and feel completely rejuvenated.Shopping in the summer season can be very satisfying for shopping lovers Anjuna flea market. The stores are less crowded and the shopkeepers are willing to bargain.

Know before you visit: The humidity definitely makes exploring the city a bit more difficult but the less crowded beaches and shopping areas are also a lot of fun. While a majority of the activities are shut during this time but you can go parasailing and enjoy. You can even go boating and spend some quiet and quality time with your loved ones.]

Festivals in summers: Goa Food and Music Festival is spread over a span of a week and includes performances of great musicians and DJs which is followed by an evening full of good food and entertainment. This cultural festival takes part in the summer month of June.

July to September –the Wet Monsoon

Temperature: The average temperature ranges from 24° to 26° Celsius in the monsoon season.

Weather: These months experience a lot of rainfall. The weather is moderate but the rain makes the beaches a bit risky and dirty.

Why you should visit now: You can enjoy the low prices for all activities, accommodation and flight fares during these months.

Know before you visit: The rain attracts a lot of insects and mosquitoes that make having fun both a bit dangerous and uncomfortable.

The weather makes all the beaches a bit damp and one cannot enjoy most of the activities like Jet Ski, banana boat ride, river rafting and so on. However one can go on treks to the Dhudhsagar Falls which is a beautiful site during these months. Other activities like hiking, camping and adventure sports are open during these months.

October to March – the Perfect Winter

Temperature: The average temperature ranges from 23° to 25° Celsius.

Weather: The weather during these months is moderate which means that it is not too cold or hot. You can simply out on a normal jacket and be comfortable. The weather is what makes these months the ideal time to visit Goa. This is one of the best seasons to visit Goa in. All the activities are open during these months and you will find the famous beaches to be very crowded.

Why you should visit now: Since the weather is Constant and does not change during these months, activities like Jet Skiing, Paragliding, Banana boat, River rafting, scuba diving, snorkelling and the like are all available. You can witness the wildlife in the national parks and spot some unique animals which are otherwise difficult to spot in other months. All in all, in the winter season everything about Goa sets the perfect mood and vibe for a vacation. If you visit Goa during these months you will definitely have a memorable experience.

With festivals like Christmas and New Year’s, the winter season is when Goa is at its peak. There are shacks everywhere on the beach, music being played almost everywhere and the entire atmosphere becomes party-like. Since a majority of the people is a Christian in Goa, Christmas is celebrated in a huge and grand manner. Experiencing Christmas in Goa can give you a great cultural experience.

Know before you visit: During these months the airfares are very high and you might find it difficult to get accommodation if you have not done the prior booking. You can enjoy yourself thoroughly as this is the time when Goa is prepared to welcome tourists. Exploring the city becomes easier and more fun.

Festivals in winter: The Grape Escapade is one of the largest wine and grape festival celebrated in India and you can witness it in the month of January every year.

Sunburn is the greatest EDM music festival in India and it is hosted every year in Goa in December. It is spread over a span of four days and occurs during the week of Christmas and New Year. This is definitely the best time to visit Goa. Some of the greatest DJs of the world come together to put up a performance in Goa during these days which makes this a popular time to visit Goa. Goa Carnival is filled with parades and different events that include music and dance. If you visit Goa in the month of February you will have a great time as you can see all the people of Goa indulging in this Carnival.

Besides these festivals, visiting Goa in December is a lot of fun as you can experience Christmas and New Years in the party capital of India. The beaches are filled with people and the entire city has a great vibe of partying. This is the time when everyone leaves aside their work and breaks the monotony of daily life.

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