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Places to visit in Khajjiar

When you travel to Khajjiar, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Khajjiar, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Khajjiar to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Khajjiar things to do can include exploring Khajjiar attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in khajjiar


There is a famous temple in Khajjiar built in the 12th century devoted to Khajji naag. And it is not difficult to understand that the place is named after this Khajji naag. There are life-sized images of Pandavas inside the temple. The sanctum is covered with beautiful wood. As the temple is devoted to Naag devta (serpent god) the idols of some snakes are there in the temple. The place is very sacred to the local people as well as the tourists.


This temple is situated at the center of the golf course and is crafted with a golden dome at its top. It significantly contributes to the scenic appeal of the place.


Regarded as the mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar is more picturesque and idyllic than how they appear on photos. Once you get there, you’ll realize how beautifully it’s nestled between the mountains, with an alluring lake in the center of the landscape. The green spread, horse stables and a private house just before the pine trees make the place resembles the ones you’ve only seen on postcards. Situated in Dalhousie at around 25 kilometers from the prime area, the place also has a board that directs towards Switzerland and reads 6194 kilometers. You can also find activities like zorping and paragliding here.


Location:Khajjiar, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Known for: its picturesque backdrop and scenery, resembling a typical countryside setting in Switzerland

How to Reach: From Dalhousie, you can hire a cab or taxi to reach Khajjiar. It takes close to one hour through sceneries and mountains to reach the place, making the drive absolutely worth it.

Approximate Cost: Free

Operating hours: Though open 24 hours, tourists usually leave by 6 PM as its gets risky to get back to Dalhousie with fog and mists covering the mountains.

Type: Landmark


On a clear and sunny day you will be able to see Mountain Kailash, the adobe of Lord Shiva, from Khajjiar. You can also take a horse ride which is available at a cheaper rate and wander around enjoying the beauty of the scenic place.


This is another attraction in Khajjiar. The root of the tree is one but the base is separated into six portions making it a rare wonder of nature. It is the belief of the local people that the six parts represent the Pandavas, the five brothers and their shared wife Draupadi. Religious people pay their respect to it considering it to be a holy tree.


As Khajjiar is at the foothills of mount Dauladhar the travellers can enjoy a splendid perspective of the scenic mountain from Khajjiar. Also the Dhauladhars consist of glaciers that are very prominent among them, the most famous being the Lam Dal which is the biggest and features a circumference of around 2.5 km. This is a very sacred lake and is considered to be the holy abode of Lord Shiva. Every year the pilgrims visit this to take a holy dip during the month of August and September as the Manimahesh yatra begins.


This is a large golf course with nine golf holes situated at the town. The ground is adorned with far stretched lush green turf which creates a very soothing effect to your eyes. You can take a stroll and even play if you wish to.


The small sanctuary with a golden capped temple at the middle is a popular tourists’ spot in Khajjiar. The sanctuary is the home to a number of wild animals like Brown bear, Leopard, Marten, Giant flying squirrel, Himalayan black bear, Langur, Barking deer etc. and trees like Rhododendron, Deodar, Pine, Oak etc. A grand scenic view of the entire place with exotic landscape can be achieved from this place.


As you would go from Dalhousie to Khajjiar you would find Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary on the way adding to the delight of the beautiful journey. The quietness prevailing in the environment is something very enjoyable for a nature lover. The road also runs through splendid Deodar forests. 

Activities in khajjiar

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It is a kind of adventurous sport that involves scrolling downhill while staying inside an orb that is typically made of see-through plastics. The stiff slopes existing in Khajjiar are very conducive to the adventure of Zorbing.

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There are a number of valleys in Khajjiar which are appropriate for trekking. Some mind-boggling rare views can only be experienced via trekking journeys.

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Riding through the vast stretches of lush green on a horseback in Khajjiar can be another rich experience worth remembering for years.

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The best thing about Khajjiar for many tourists is perhaps walking around the lake and through the beautiful dense forest which are no less than enjoying any other relaxations whatsoever. Even the children also feel relaxed enjoying the liberty of running through the vast carpet of green grass which extends to a large extent.

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One can easily witness the intensity of the natural beauty of the place which is bestowed with the title “Mini Switzerland” even if he has not visited the place. It is indeed superb and spell bounding with lavish greens as far as your eyes can reach.

Food in khajjiar


The nature of Khajjiar is gifted with the rare combination of lakes, forests and meadows in a single place which leaves a deep, long-lasting image in the mind of the visitors. There are other very sacred lakes like the Nag Chattri Dal are a part of this beautiful place. This lake owes its historical story to the Bhagsunag Temple that is considered to be extremely sacred. The lake is dedicated to The Lord King Cobra or the Nag Devta

The other beautiful lakes include The Chanderkup Dal above the Lam Dal and The Kareri Dal situated below the Minkaini Pass, The Dansar Lake situated across the Sari Pass as well as the sacred Kali Kund situated just 150 metres below the Lam Dal is at an elevation of 3900 metres and can be approached from the Minkiani Pass


Sidu is one the popular cuisines of Himachal and is made from wheat, savored along with butter. It is considered as a special delicacy and is usually prepared on auspicious occasions. Patande is also another popular dish of the Sirmour district of the state. Patande is made of wheat and is similar to that of a pancake. Meat is also prepared with a lot of spices like cinnamon, red chilies, cardamom, cloves as well as coriander leaves. It has a tempting aroma that is enough to whet your appetite. Grilled Fishes, Kull Trout and Chicken Anaardana are some of the popular dishes belonging to the non-vegetarian group. The vegetarian tourists can try Guchhi Matta, Kaddu ka Khatta, sepu vadi, some of which are the renowned special delicacies of this state.

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